Kids aren't always sweet little angels. They can be real devils when they want to be, as these teachers can attest to. Hopefully, these kids and teens got the help they so desperately needed before they were unleashed on the world.

Her Favorite Bullying Target Was A Special Needs Girl

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Her Favorite Bullying Target Was A Special Needs Girl

"A girl, who came from a lovely family and had the best siblings (both younger and older), would bully an intellectually disabled girl. Just mercilessly. This girl with the disability was sweet, she had a twin brother who was normal. She would carry a small doll with her. It was just a small toy that comforted her.

It was fairly well known in the school that the girl with the ID was kind and harmless, so everyone treated her very well. The girl was two years above her bully and generally stayed in a separate area for upper-class students. So the bully had to intentionally seek her out to bully her.

In one horrific bullying incident, the little devil BROKE THE DOLL. She went into the senior class area with the express purpose of breaking this intellectually disabled girl's doll.

Whenever I hear about a girl the same age as this bully in the news for doing something horrible, I check to see if it was the bully."

She Almost Caused Another Student To Kill Themselves

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She Almost Caused Another Student To Kill Themselves

"She drove a fellow student to attempt to kill herself. When she was eight. We'll call her 'Ruby.' She would tease the sweetest kids, for no reason, kids who had tried to be friends with her. Yes, I know it was probably a coping mechanism but come on.

She'd pick on the dyslexic kids by writing them insulting notes in curly cursive that they couldn't read. She'd pretend to be friends with lonely kids who had trouble socializing, get them to open up to her about their secrets, fears, and problems, then turn on them and tell everyone.

The worst was a girl who was severely burned in a gas tank explosion. She started the year a couple months late and was disfigured. Ruby would tell her things like, 'Nobody will ever love you again. You're an embarrassment. Your family wishes you'd died in that fire. Your friends are scared to look at you. No boy will ever fall in love with you just cause they like you, they'll feel like they're doing you a favor. Even your boyfriend will pat himself on the back for dating you. You'll never make anyone happy again.' The burn victim tried to kill herself the night after a big fight with Ruby.

That's what I finally used to get her moved to special ed classes. She was back by the end of the year, though.

Obviously I intervened wherever possible, but I didn't have enough support within the school system to really do anything serious. And I know the insults are a bit sophisticated, I'm convinced she got some of it from her older sister, who was almost as maniacal as she."

His Bigotry Was Bad Enough, But The Way He Acted Around His Mother Is Chilling

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His Bigotry Was Bad Enough, But The Way He Acted Around His Mother Is Chilling

"He was a dangerous, skin-head, paranoid schizophrenic.

He was held back twice earlier in his schooling, so he walked into my 8th-grade class six feet tall and buff. Dad was deployed to Korea, Mom was a train-wreck. He used derogatory terms against both Jewish and African American people incessantly. Our team's history teacher had the pleasure of reading his revisionist history of WWII.

He was suspended multiple times for fighting. Complained of hearing voices. Many teachers, including myself, felt unsafe around him. Kids were terrified of him. He was caught breaking into lockers and stealing electronics. When his locker was searched, along with the stolen items, administrators found his dad's Bowie knife and a roll of duct tape.

At parent meetings, I was never as creeped out as watching him and his mother, who defended him at every turn. He would sit right next to her at meetings, gently stroke her arm, call her his wife, and say things like, 'I can't wait to get home.' Mom would just giggle and push his hand away. In case I haven't made this clear enough, we were pretty sure they were sleeping together.

We begged admins to get police involved, not because of his personal life, but because he was a legitimate threat to others.

He made the news a year later after he'd moved on to high school and brought a weapon in his backpack. Fortunately, he bragged about it to someone before the voices told him to do something. Last I heard, he was shipped off to Texas to live with relatives. I still keep half an eye out on the news to see if he's been convicted of murder."

Jach's Parents Wouldn't Send Him To Therapy...But He Desperately Needed It


Jach's Parents Wouldn't Send Him To Therapy...But He Desperately Needed It

"My mother is a teacher and she would share her experiences with me, as a mother does. This kid, Jach, was... a special child. His parents were the typical 'Yeah, whatever dude, it's not my problem. He's an angel of the Lord,' parents, when this child was most certainly not an angel of the Lord. This child had some really, really violent tendencies. My mother had a couple of gerbils at this time as a class pet, the kids loved them once they stopped thinking they were rats. She'd let them take them home for a weekend on a rotation, providing food, water, and a cage, provided that the parents signed off on it. A great way to get kids accustomed to pets without all the hassle of actually training your kid to have a pet? Sounds great!

Not for Jach. No, his parents were afraid that he'd put the gerbils in the blender. Why, you ask? Well, because he'd done it before to other small animals of course! He'd also grown addicted to shooting squirrels and sometimes birds with his pellet gun multiple times at point blank, long after he had injured or even killed the animal. He screamed in class, too, because what child psychopath wouldn't? You think the Zodiac Killer sat quietly in class, plotting his future presidential campaign? No, he was loud as all get out. And so it was with Jach. In addition to his violent tendencies, he exhibited all the behaviors of a Type-A class jerk. Stealing, destruction, continued harassment, screaming, refusal to acknowledge authority or care about punishment.

On the upside, if you could call it that, one of his favorite things to say was, 'Booty booty, butt butt booty, butt butt booty,' so that was kind of entertaining to me, as someone who was only there to demonstrate instruments for the kids twice a year and not actually teach them year-round."

Michael Was Suspended Over Twenty Times Between Middle School And Graduation


Michael Was Suspended Over Twenty Times Between Middle School And Graduation

"The worst student I ever had behavioral wise was a senior name Michael. While not actually a bad student academically, I have never met a more sociopathic person, and him and his group of friends were the only students ever I could genuinely say scared me. These are the type of kids to cause some introverted kid to snap and shoot up the school. Some of the reasons why include:

-He was unquestionably on steroids (mood swings were common and he was one of the biggest high schoolers, muscle-wise, I had ever seen) and had a huge bully. He sent a kid to the hospital his junior year during a lunchroom fight after bashing his head into a cafeteria table. He was suspended for several weeks and was almost charged with assault, however, the charges were eventually dropped when video came out he didn't 'physically' initiate it, though he was verbally the aggressor.

-He hung out with several other screwed up kids who everybody knew were dealers. While never caught, there were times he came in unquestionably high off uppers, and often would count several hundred dollars out of boredom/to show off. He would also snap when clearly coming down. I didn't mind when he came in high off other stuff, though, as he was much more mellow and occasionally funny. Still a total jerk, though.

-At one point, the local police department asked teachers for input, as they thought him and his group of friends killed a homeless person, but nothing ever came of it. The fact that it was taken seriously by pretty much everybody is a testament of the type of guy we're dealing with.

-He dated one of the 'popular' girls who had her own problems. There is no doubt in my mind he beat her or at the very least, emotionally manipulated her. He preyed on people.

-In his junior year, a student kept pooping on the floor, while leaving typed out letters mocking the janitors. While there was never any proof, several people claim they overheard him laughing about it, saying he did it in retaliation to a janitor reprimanding him.

-He had an argument with a girl in the hall and a coworker and good friend of mine tried to settle the situation down. He, almost verbatim, called her an incredibly nasty word and told her to, 'Shut the eff up before I slap the crap out of you.' She was a teacher in her 50s.

There's so much more I could tell you about this kid. The worst part of it, though, is the fact that his dad was very wealthy and donated close to a $100,000 to the district, and he actually wasn't that bad of a student academically, so he NEVER had real consequences. Somehow after all that, the current principal at the time, a professional I often times agreed with, somehow never thought to punish him permanently. What made it more infuriating was kids who had done 1/5th of what he had were treated worse, or sometimes even expelled. This was a kid with over 20 suspensions (not an exaggeration) throughout middle school to graduation, and somehow he was able to graduate, go to college, and now according to his Linkedin, has a fairly good career. There are some students I am glad turned out ok after their troubled teens. He isn't one of them, and I fully expect him to cause pain to most people who ever have the misfortune of meeting him. I would not be surprised at all if one day he ends up on the news for a violent crime.

I would also like to add I had his sister who was a total sweetheart and excellent student, and his parents were nice people from my limited exposure to them. The kid was just a piece of crap at birth."

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"Her Parents Let Her Get Away With Everything"

"I worked as an assistant pre-K teacher for two years. This one little girl was pretty much the spawn of Satan. She was completely spoiled rotten and her parents let her get away with everything. She had daily tantrums about every. Little. Thing. She would scream at the top of her lungs when she didn't get her way. One day, she came in the classroom in a particularly nasty mood and as I was trying to calm her down, she punched me in the jaw. She packed a pretty good punch for a 5-year-old. Unfortunately, just like every other situation, the director swept it under the table. Her parents had lots money and paid the director well to keep their little demon there."

Damien Became Infamous After The Scissors Incident

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Damien Became Infamous After The Scissors Incident

"There was this little boy who we will call Damien. Damien was the worst kid I have ever had in my class. He would rip up other student's projects, cut legs off of paper people so they could go to the hospital and get 'stitches' (I would just staple it back together), tie his shoes together to avoid walking, intentionally spill milk over his classmates lunches, make up horrible stories about how his classmates will die, etc. You name it, Damien did it. It got worse as the year went on.

The worst was when he attempted to cut a student's hair/ear off. We were doing an arts and craft project and Damien had scissors. He went to cut the hair/ear of a little girl sitting in front of him. I caught it just in time and could never get a straight answer from Damien as to whether he was going for the hair or the ear.

His parents were called in weekly for Damien's behavior, but nothing was ever done about it. His mother denied that it was happening and his father threatened me because he said I called them in too often. The school didn't do much for Damien, either. I referred him for an evaluation, but his parents wouldn't sign off on it. He received some help, but I don't think it was enough. I teach a different grade level now and am no longer in that school district, so I have no idea how Damien is doing now. I hope he got the help he needed."

It Was Never, Ever His Fault


It Was Never, Ever His Fault

"I am an intervention specialist. I had a student on my caseload a few years ago, a 4th grader who was a real jerkhole. His mom was, too. This kid had been transferred through every elementary school in our suburb district (we have several) and now it was our turn to have him.

This kid would passively start fights with other kids in his class, then play the victim card every time. The worst part is that his mother would always believe him and either call the cops or their lawyer. EVERY TIME.

Here are some examples. This kid had large eyes, not in like a freaky medical condition kind of way, just naturally big. And he would purposefully stare at other kids in his class to deliberately make them feel uncomfortable. The kids would tell their classroom teacher, but this kid would still keep doing it until the other kids would either snap and try to fight or break down crying. Then this kid would straight up lie, mimic the behavior of the other kid (crying, hostility, etc) and say that they were the ones who started it. Then this kid would go home, tell his mom that other kids were harassing HIM and she would show up the next day with her lawyer.

This kid would go around in his neighborhood messing with other kids on his street doing the same thing. He would go home, tell his mom that other kids were threatening him and she would call the cops on her own neighbors' kids. Apparently, she did it so often that the police stopped showing up when she called.

This kid was so awful that he was assigned a personal instructional aide, to redirect his behavior and document his actions throughout the day. Once he figured out what she was doing, he started making claims all the time that she touched his privates and, of course, the next day his mom showed up with her lawyer.

He even went so far as to make a 'kick me' sign, stuck it on his own back and then blamed it on his aide. And guess what, here comes his mom the next day with her lawyer.

He never really tried any crap with me, probably because I'm a dude and one of three male teachers in the whole school. Eventually, his mom transferred him out to a private school."

Doug's Dumb Antics Landed Him In Urgent Care


Doug's Dumb Antics Landed Him In Urgent Care

"Doug was one of those kids that fancied himself a rebel or an anarchist or something. He was a super senior and would get in trouble for the most random things and it was almost always in biology. It will be relevant later, but his family was literally Kenny's family from South Park.

He once got detention because he 'would not stop playing army.' He literally spent the entire (high school) biology class army crawling under people's desks and the large hexagonal biology tables with the sinks in the middle.

He also got in trouble for piercing his eyebrow in class with a paper clip he sharpened and also gauging his already gauged ears with wooden golf tees. They got bloody and infected, it wasn't pretty.

Another time. he was kicked out of biology for inserting and mutilating a fetal pig's private bits with the scalpel while shouting some pretty nasty stuff.

One day in biology, the class had to dissect sheep brains that were sitting in formaldehyde for God knows how long. A kid apparently bet him $5 he wouldn't lick it. Well, of course he licked it, but it wasn't a quick 'taste' lick, he practically scraped it across his tongue. The kid paid up, and another girl in his group started screeching that he had licked the poison soaked brain, and the rest of the class rushed over and egged him on: 'No you didn't! I bet you didn't do it!'

So he got upset and lick-scraped it again. Everyone was shouting at this point in awe and disgust so I pushed my way through the crowd, and asked what's going on. He replied, 'Joe bet me $5 to lick the brain, so I did and they didn't believe me, so I did it again!'

I was just dumbfounded at this point and sternly asked, 'Doug...Formaldehyde is poison, did you really lick the brain? I'll have to send you to the office and have your mother take you to urgent care if you did.'

Doug shouted, 'JESUS CHRIST YES I DID!!!' And licked the organ a third and final time. He was escorted to the office.

I had to go down to the office with the rest of his group later so they could get a lecture about abiding and abetting. Doug was still there, and as we walked in, his mother came in like a tornado, grabbed his t-shirt collar, and gave him the hardest slap I've ever seen in person. 'THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK I HAD TO LEAVE WORK BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU'RE AN ADULT AND YOU WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO LICK A PICKLED BRAIN?! YOU KNOW WE DON'T GOT NO DOCTOR MONEY AND NOW WE REALLY DON'T, BECAUSE I HAD TO MISS WORK AGAIN!!' She dragged him out and took him to one of the clinics and he was fine. I'd say he was the worst student that I ever had."

This Kid Was So Bad, All The Teacher Could Do Was Just

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This Kid Was So Bad, All The Teacher Could Do Was Just "Wait Until That Semester Was Over"

"Middle school art teacher here. I had an 8th grader last year that literally made my skin crawl. He was a very privileged, entitled kid even though his mother was trailer trash and dad was in jail for possession charges. I'm sure his mom was broke from providing him with a brand new iPhone and the latest designer clothes. Anyway, he was just such a smug, rude, bully of a kid. He interrupted my lessons and demonstrations every day, then would try to rile up other students against me when I called him out. He would refuse to use or touch materials for fear of getting his clothes dirty in art class (not a sensory issue, just being a diva).

He picked on other kids, especially cognitively disabled students, mocking them or their art in front of the whole class. He often pretending to be 'friends' with them while smiling and laughing back at his buddies. He put in zero effort, yet expected perfect grades because he did the project. Most disturbingly, he made highly inappropriate comments to female classmates about their bodies. I kicked him out of class several times, wrote up referrals, called home, talked with him after class, and ultimately just waited until that semester was over."

These Kids Were Agents Of Chaos In Her Classroom


These Kids Were Agents Of Chaos In Her Classroom

"My scariest student was 'John.' John was extremely manipulative and calculating, he kept doing or saying things that you couldn't really prove had been done intentionally but would provoke others, or that weren't that big a deal when looked at individually but when you looked at everything else you saw a pattern. He had an angelic face and his parents were in complete denial their son was anything but perfect, there was just a conspiracy against him.

(One of) my most difficult behavior-wise student was 'Betty.' I taught 9 year olds, but Betty was more like a 15-year-old with borderline personality disorder trapped in the body of a 9-year-old. She was oddly flirty and spent her days stirring up drama with students and teachers. She would storm off in loud hysterical tears often for no reason. One day, she would be all affectionate and role-playing the perfect student ('How can I help you, Miss?'), the next day she would be the rebel without a cause. It didn't help she was in the same class as the runner-up behavioral issues student, 'Adam,' who once jumped off a chair at her, shrieking, 'I'm going to kill you!' They were besties one day and mortal enemies the next. But Adam at least was getting therapy, and seemed more innocent somehow, more willing to accept that he needed to change."

His Violent Outbursts Were Daily And His Victims Were Random

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His Violent Outbursts Were Daily And His Victims Were Random

"I had one kid who every single day (without fail) would violently assault another student the moment he got into the school building before homeroom even started. It was usually over nothing and half the time it was possible that he didn't even know the kid at all, but the kid made eye-contact with him the previous day and he just decided that he didn't like that. In addition to that, he'd threaten to kill or attack other kids throughout the day during class and would frequently have to go to the guidance counselor to 'talk it out' (play with toys and get out of the classroom) rather than get punished.

We ended up having to send him to a special school for behavioral students, but there was some kind of rule in place that they could only keep him for X amount of days out of the week and he had to be relatively mainstreamed as much as possible with the other students even though he was horribly violent and attacking everyone.

In addition to the behavioral problem, it made it very difficult for my class to learn anything so everyone was constantly behind and the kid in question was doing work fit for a preschooler in 3rd grade. It was all ignored."

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