I'll Have Your Cupcake And Eat It, Too
I'll Have Your Cupcake And Eat It, Too

"When I was managing a nice restaurant, a couple of kids came in with a tray of cupcakes and proceeded to sit down and eat them. I politely informed them of our no outside food policy and asked if they would like to purchase something.

They said no and went back to their conversation. After repeated attempts to kick them out without physically touching them, I sat down at their table. I pulled their cupcakes over to me and began eating them.

They fell silent and stared at me. Then they started getting angry, demanding I pay for them. I said nothing and continued to eat. I ate 3 1/2 cupcakes. I couldn't finish the one that was left, so it 'fell' on the floor. They left in a tizzy and never came back."

You've Got Mail!
You've Got Mail!

"During college, I worked in the Screwfix (hardware store) call center for a while. One customer rang up and proceeded to shout profanities at me for 10 minutes, all because he was still getting catalogs sent to him after telling the postman to stop delivering them.

He wouldn't let me say anything, eventually called me a horrible word, and finally hung up. So I called through to my management team and said I'd had a school drama teacher on the phone who wanted to include the catalogs in a school play and put one under every seat in the audience.

I said this sounded like a great marketing opportunity for Screwfix, and asked if there was any chance we could send him 1,000 catalogs. My management agreed, so off they went. I wish I could have seen his face when he received a massive pallet full of catalogs in his driveway."

All Bets Were Off Once The Guy Laid A Finger On Him
All Bets Were Off Once The Guy Laid A Finger On Him

"I was working at a fast food establishment and had already handed in my two weeks notice when a customer started blowing up at one of the girls on the till.

I emerged from the kitchen to ask what was going on, and the guy turned to look at me, then asked the girl, 'Oh, you need your idiot burger-flipper to get my order right?'

I stepped up next to the till girl, looked at this guy directly, and said, 'Sir, if you can explain-'

'Explain? What is wrong with you people? I made an order, now are you going to make it for me or not? Well, are you?'

At this point, he decides to emphasize the point by poking me. Now, I have some experience with martial arts, so I instinctively grabbed him by the wrist. Ticked off at this guy, as well as being seven hours into an eight-hour shift, I gave him the following options: 'Sir, you now have two choices: you can remove your hand and leave, or I'm going to keep it.'

I could feel him tugging harder on his hand, so I let him go. He quickly left. My manager had seen it from the office, but there was no point in writing me up since I was already leaving. I didn't get any shifts in my final few days, but it was worth it."

His Behavior Was Always Annoying, But That Night It Was Dangerous
His Behavior Was Always Annoying, But That Night It Was Dangerous

"I used to wait tables at a restaurant and we had a regular who was a real jerk. He would snap his fingers and yell across the restaurant to get my attention, snottily mumble orders instead of asking for things like a normal person, and completely ignore me if I came to the table and he didn't need anything.

This particular occurrence was on a busy weekend. I was the only server (it was a small restaurant that only sat 40ish people) and was running around like a madwoman because most of the tables were filled and there was one big party there.

This party was seated next to the jerk's table. I admittedly hadn't checked on his group since bringing them their food, but I hadn't been gone long. I had a tray of plates for the big party in my hand, and as I was moving towards their table, the guy decided to get my attention by swinging his arm out into the aisle, catching me in the legs.

I could've fallen, plates would've broken, and very hot food could've gone all over people, namely the little kids who were seated at the end of the table.

I put the tray down and lost it at the guy. I was quiet at first, but the angrier I got, the louder I got until I was yelling at him about how his obscenely rude, childish behavior could have seriously burned little kids, injured me, caused damage to the restaurant, and potentially gotten us sued, just because he wanted a refill.

To my surprise, people started applauding at the end of my tirade. I didn't get fired that night, and the guy...didn't really quit being irritating, but he was certainly quieter. Given his attitude, I'm surprised he didn't complain to the owner about my behavior, but I'm not gonna complain."

Buh-Bye Basic Broad!
Buh-Bye Basic Broad!

"I used to be a cashier at a grocery store, and it was absolutely awful. I was at the tail end of a 10-hour shift and I was exhausted. I'd been standing for the better part of eight hours, and I was ready to go home.

A lady walked to my register and started piling her items on the conveyor belt. As she did, I gave a friendly 'Hi, how are you doing?' She didn't respond. That was fairly normal and, usually, people don't mean anything by it, they just want to move on with their day.

Just so you have the full picture, this woman had a dyed blonde fringe, long fake nails, drove up in an SUV, and had Kim K sunglasses.

Just as I'm done scanning the last few items, she said to me, stone cold, completely serious, 'I give your attitude a 4/10. Fix it.' Keep in mind that SHE was the one who didn't respond to my question.

Usually, I ignore that sort of stuff, but I was having a terrible day.

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