Sometimes It's Best To Lay Low In The Beginning


Sometimes It's Best To Lay Low In The Beginning

"Hired a woman just out of college. Fired her on her first day of work. She'd just gone through orientation and was sitting through a brief introductory speech by the CEO. She decides to interrupt the CEO and starts lecturing him about how the company doesn't have a good enough web presence. He tells her that they can discuss it later. She gets louder, talking over him about how he 'doesn't know what he is doing.' He told her she didn't work here anymore, she could leave. She starts sobbing and yelling that she's just trying to help. She had moved across the country for the job.

Man, we dodged a bullet on that one."

Taking Advantage Of The Situation?


Taking Advantage Of The Situation?

"Fired him in about an hour. The kid was a temp-hire and we set him up at his job, showed him what to do, and turned him loose. There was a can of degreaser sitting with the machine he was operating. I came into my office and sat down, looked up, and watched him pick up a shop rag, spray a lot of degreaser on it, then he pressed it into his face and started huffing it. Deeply. I got up, went over to him, and said, 'Come on, son,' and walked him to the door. I asked the temp agency to please attempt to weed out a little better."

Lying His Way Into A Job Was A Dumb Move For This Guy And It Ended At The Hospital
Lying His Way Into A Job Was A Dumb Move For This Guy And It Ended At The Hospital

"I hired this big Michael Clark Duncan looking dude who claimed he had experience in a kitchen, had some higher end stuff on there and talked the talk well. Nobody could get a hold of his references, but we were short-staffed and needed a body and he'd interviewed really well.

Day one: the man has no clue at all about any of the big kitchen basics, and we start questioning our decision. But we figure maybe he's nervous, or hungover (it is a kitchen after all) and we let it ride another day.

Day two: he comes in and starts prepping, and I'm keeping half an eye on him. I see him grab some potatoes for soup, and next thing you know, he mutters about the chef's knife being dull, and instead of sharpening it with the whetstone on hand, or even using a steel, he grabs a 10 inch flexible boning knife and starts wobbling and forcing his way through a large russet. It's not going well. I pipe up 'Hey! That's the wrong tool for the job. What are you doing?' He says 'Nah, man, I got this.'

As I try protesting again to tell him, 'No dude, seriously, you are going to bleed,' I see the potato roll out of his grip, the knife spring off of the side of it and sink itself into his left hand and out the back side.

I'd never seen a black dude go pale before that day, but he sure did. I then proceeded to tell him we were going to the hospital, leave it in and I'll grab a towel. This guy yanks the blade out of his hand and covers my prep table, slicer, and wall with blood in the process. I handed him the towel, he wraps up, and tells me he's good to drive to the hospital and would be back as soon as he could. I told him he didn't need to come back until the next day to pick up his paycheck. He freaks out, and I have to call him on his nonsense and list about a dozen unsafe or unhygienic practices that are enough to cause me to let him go, let alone the fact that he just stuck a knife through his frigging hand after being told not to use it.

You can lie your way into a lot of jobs, but you can't lie your way into a kitchen."

Shady Business On His First Days On The Job

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Shady Business On His First Days On The Job

"He came in the night after his first training shift. He wasn't scheduled. Didn't tell anyone he was there. He went into one of our female resident's rooms. It's unclear what he did while he was in there as this particular resident wasn't able to speak. It was during a night shift when there was 3 staff total in the entire building, so no one saw him until 4 am when it was time for the next round.

There was no physical evidence of abuse towards the resident (we called investigators and did a thorough exam) so he wasn't charged with anything but he was immediately fired and was blacklisted from our company.

The resident started to act out aggressively soon after this. I really hope it was just from the progression of the disease and not because he did anything to her. She showed textbook signs of being violated, but without the physical evidence to back it up our hands were tied."

The Temp Agency Replaced The Original Hire!

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The Temp Agency Replaced The Original Hire!

"A temp we hired for a project interviewed well. He was well dressed, a bit on the svelte side, spoke perfect English with the barest hint of a London accent. He looked you in the eye and had a ton of credentials. If anything, he seemed overqualified for what was essentially a grunt lab position.

The first day of work, he went to orientation. I got a call from someone who worked in that building that said my new temp was a real piece of work. He sat in the conference room, slipped his shoes off, and propped his feet on the chairs in front of him. Okay? He also brought in a huge, sloppy, highly spiced pastrami grinder. He left that mess behind.

He slapped the behind of someone over there. She reported it. But I didn't hear about that officially from HR until day 3.

Day 2 he showed up to the computer lab. He was a completely different person. I mean, like a different human: he was squat, overweight, different face and hair. Had a thick accent. I didn't know who he was, but he was not the guy we hired. The only similarity was his ethnicity. But he was completely not the same person. This guy was gross and completely inept.

We went over his resume and I got a copy of his ID. He wasn't even a US citizen. I had never come across this before: the temp company pulled a bait and switch. On Day 3, he was 2 hours late, but by that point, I had the permission to fire him based on his lack of being a US citizen.

We later found out this temp agency would send the nice guy for the interview, and then send someone of the similar race to the job with the same name, and then had gotten away with it for quite some time. But usually the guy they sent was not this poor of a worker, so they finally got caught."

Give Her Some Credit, She Was Bold


Give Her Some Credit, She Was Bold

"I had a person who was all smiles in the interview to be a personal banker. She seemed to have a knack for sales, and just, really sharp. Within the first hour of her starting, post-training, she attempted to deposit $100,000 into a dummy account she had set up. There was no money, just a fake deposit.

It set off about a million red flags in the system that alerted me, my boss and my boss' boss. She said she was using it for 'training.' Her not knowing this was not correct at all apparently means the training didn't take...

Time from clocking in the first day, post-training, to being fired/arrested: 20 minutes, with10 of those were waiting for the police to arrest her."

A Daycare Worker That Didn't Do The Dirty Work

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A Daycare Worker That Didn't Do The Dirty Work

"I work at a daycare. I watched my supervisor fire someone on the first day.

Most of our new hires are actually middle-aged women. 90% of them are awesome but a lot of them feel super entitled because they're middle-aged. Doesn't help that I'm only 23 either.

Anyway, it was our new hire's first day of work. She seems ok, doesn't make too much of an effort with the kids. Not that abnormal, sometimes it takes time to get comfortable with other people's kids.

We change diapers on a schedule unless they poop or obviously need a change. I've changed a couple diapers already and noticed she doesn't lift a finger if the kid needs a change. 10 am rolls around which is when we change every kid and when I informed her about that, her response was extremely unprofessional!

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