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Interviews can be a tricky and some people are better at it than others. However, these interviews would make anyone cringe at just how awkward they truly were.

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He Played Both The Good Cop And The Bad Cop, Which Made Him Look Like A Maniac
He Played Both The Good Cop And The Bad Cop, Which Made Him Look Like A Maniac

She began by saying that I was under-dressed for a professional interview (apparently he'd worn a full suit to his). He says this while wearing ratty jeans, an old band tee, and flip-flops. I didn't really say anything to that and he started doing the interview, which was basically just a 'shooting the breeze' session about what bands I like, would I go to local shows/bars with coworkers (apparently expected), and the occasional normal retail question like: 'If you saw someone/a coworker steal something under $1, what would you do?' From the start, he'd told me to treat the interview like a friendly conversation, but it felt very schizophrenic. He'd ask questions in a very casual manner but if I responded casually, he'd change his tone to sound really stringent and professional. If I then responded in kind, he'd tell me to lighten up. I went in expecting a job interview but felt like I was subjected to a good-cop/bad-cop interrogation, with both cops being the same guy.

Nearing the end of the interview, during which he'd been eating his lunch, he asked if I'd like a sip of his lemonade. I politely declined because while I didn't give an explanation, I certainly was not going to share a straw with a total stranger. He shrugged and said that the girl he'd interviewed right before me had had some and he thought she was pretty cool. Well, I guess I'm just a freaking stick in the mud."

He Wanted To Know Some Seriously Inappropriate Information

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He Wanted To Know Some Seriously Inappropriate Information

"This happened during a med-school interview...

Interviewer: 'Tell me about your ideal woman.'

Me: 'I start with personality, intelligence, and so on.'

Interview: 'No, I mean physically.'

After that interview, I withdrew my application there."

His Answer To This Simple Question Made Both Of Them Pause

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His Answer To This Simple Question Made Both Of Them Pause

"When I was 16, I brought my resume into a Boston Pizza. My plan was to politely give it to the hostess and leave, but it just so happened that the hiring manager was there that day. The hostess excitedly went to grab him from the back, and lucky me got to speak to him face to face. He introduced himself and told me what Boston Pizza was all about. Being a sports bar, he half-jokingly told me that all the staff had to be big sports fans to work there. Then the first and unfortunately last question he asked me is what my favorite team is. I panicked, (I thought, 'What is sport?') looked at the nearest TV monitor which was playing a basketball game and said, 'Basketball.' My dumb behind thought I had absolutely nailed the question, too, until he awkwardly smiled and thanked me for coming in. I didn't realize what I had said until I was walking out, replaying the conversation in my head..."

This Interview Was A Waste Of Everybody's Time

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This Interview Was A Waste Of Everybody's Time

"I was on JSA (unemployment benefit) and to avoid being sanctioned, I had to attend a job interview the job center had arranged for me. This does on the surface seem perfectly reasonable. Below is a rough transcript of that interview:

Interviewer: 'Thank you for attending an interview here at Local Haulage Company. It is just a formality, but we do need to see your driver's license.'

Me: 'I do not have one.'

I: 'Then why are you here. In my office, wasting my time?'

M: 'The job center said if I miss the interview I will be sanctioned.'

I: 'Why did they send you for a job you can't legally do?'

M. 'No idea, ask them. Will you sign this to prove I was here?'

Well, he did sign it. It turns out that they had me down as an HGV driver. Idiots."

Her Interview Process Was Surprisingly Easy

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Her Interview Process Was Surprisingly Easy

"Once I called to see if a place was hiring. It was a small business (pottery painting studio) and they called me back after a day or two and said they were and I could come in for an interview!

I got there and they started explaining what I'm going to be doing. One of the employees said, 'Weird first day, huh?' I was super confused but just went with it. They gave me some paperwork and I filled it out. Then they're like, 'Ok, let's go to the event.'

Now, this was my first job ever and I was like, 'Well this is weird but maybe it's normal.' So I got in the car and we drove to a church where there was a huge group of people painting goblets. I went around helping people and after a few hours, I went back to the shop and they gave me my schedule. I thanked them and left.

After working there for a few years (I ended up working there for seven total), I brought up how weird my hiring was to my boss because I was never actually interviewed. She looked confused and said, 'What? No, we did...' And I kept telling her no. She insisted she had and remembered 'my' answers.

In the end, we realized that they somehow got confused and thought I was someone they already interviewed when they called me back. So they had called the other girl whoever she was and offered her the job. They told her they'd call back with the time to come in, and called me instead."

It Seemed Like Everyone Hated Her From The Moment She Walked In

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It Seemed Like Everyone Hated Her From The Moment She Walked In

"I got an interview for another front office manager position at a hotel. I was pretty excited about it at the time.

The interview time was scheduled for 10 am and I walked in right around 9:35-9:40. I walked up to the receptionist, mentioned that I had an interview with Stacy, and told her my name. Then she asked me to go sit in the lobby and away I went to sit.

After 45 minutes passed, I walked back up to the reception desk and I could not believe what I saw.

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