It Looked Bad If


It Looked Bad If "Certain People" Didn't Pass

'Let me just say this. There are certain people who if you fail them, the administration will make trouble for you.'

And then he gave me the 'do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?' look.

That's how I found out about the engineering department's unofficial affirmative action policy. I would later learn that there were lots of other tricks like this to help certain people, but that first time you see it in action is a real shocker. The sad part is these students didn't ask for a grade bump, they didn't ask for special treatment, and to this day most probably have no idea this was happening."

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"I Am Still Trapped In The Middle East Thanks To This Guy"

"I had a former employer in the Middle East who hired foreigners and made lots of big promises.

The only thing was, he didn't submit the paperwork for their work visas. Then once their initial travel visas expired (two weeks to one month), he refused to pay salaries.

When confronted, his answer was simply: 'What are you going to do about it?'

I am still trapped in the Middle East, thanks to this guy."

He Made Sure To Skim A Little Off The Top For Himself


He Made Sure To Skim A Little Off The Top For Himself

"The owner at my current job does these things we just call 'training orders.' Basically, it was designed to do just that; train new employees on how to use the register systems. The catch is that these don't get recorded to the franchise, therefore no franchise fee to be billed.

He uses his own independent card reader to record payment on these orders and keeps the money from it all in a giant safe. I did the math and at the $500 minimum per day, he collects almost $200,000 a year of what I'm certain is untaxed.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to prove any of this on record or I'd have reported it a long time ago."

They Wish They Had Listened To Their Gut

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They Wish They Had Listened To Their Gut

"At a former job, a coworker who was about to finish her probationary period with a glowing review from her manager got fired because the manager's supervisor and his boss somehow discovered my coworker was pregnant. They instructed the manager to not let her pass probation and when she protested by filing the paperwork anyway, they literally pulled the sheet from the file and threw it in the trash, and rewrote the whole thing.

I was already in poor standing with the entire administration because they wanted to fire me for an accident they'd caused but were prevented from doing so by Workers Compensation. Because of this, I was basically bulletproof, so I offered to report what was an extremely illegal act, but both my coworker and her manager stopped me because they were going to quit anyway.

I wish I'd gone ahead and done it in spite of their objections, especially in light of what went on in that place over the next few years."

They Knew What Was Happening, But They Couldn't Prove It

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They Knew What Was Happening, But They Couldn't Prove It

"There's a Verizon retailer that's gaining traction called GoWireless. The district manager of Southern California resells the demo devices that have been charging for six months to a year, at full price. He hides the fact that it was a demo and genuinely tries to sell it as if it were new.

I know this because I worked there for seven weeks and ended up selling a device only to open it up and find the SIM card taped to the LCD because he couldn't figure out how to get it into the phone. The store email was still logged in, the charger wasn't in the box, all that good stuff right in front of the customer, who knew what was happening, but was too polite to say anything.

The next day, I pretended to be sick, then I had my day off, then I came in to drop off my stuff and took pictures of my commission total for evidence. When I brought these problems up with the company, I couldn't believe what they offered me to keep quiet.

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