File this story under "The Most Disgusting Thing We've Heard In A Long While."

There so many foul levels to this horrid story that we'll just have to take them in order. And they get worse and worse.

The news spread from a Facebook post by a man named Jeff Lin and very quickly went viral. It's easy to understand why. People must have been completed dumbfounded, horrified and grossed out by the repellent man in the story. The man that was so repulsive, people could not hold back their reactions. You probably won't be able to either.

I rarely share anything in hopes of having the post/news go viral. In fact, I never do. Now I will. This will be my...

Posted by Jeff Lin on Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ok, so let's break this down.

First, this fat guy, who has not been identified publicly, decides he needs to take a dump on a long haul flight from Los Angeles to Taiwan. Ok, fine, except he first red flag starts flying almost immediately. This dude is seated in coach, but demands to crap in business class, because he's too fat for the coach lavatory. The all-female flight crew argues for a bit, but they acquiesce to the guy and he squeezes into the business class lavatory.

This is when it starts to get REALLY horrible for everyone on the plane, but especially the flight crew.

Source: AsiaWire

Red flag number two was raised when this disgusting fat body got to the lavatory and told the flight attendants that due to an injured right arm, he needed assistance getting his obese butt onto the toilet. Again, the flight attendants balked, but gave in. The guy then tells the flight attendant that she needs to keep the door open! On a plane! So he can get some "circulation" while HE POOPS ON THE PLANE! This is one request too many and the flight attendant says no.

At this point, there are no more red flags. The warnings are over and things get nasty, starting with the putrid man getting his underwear half down and then hitting the call button and telling the flight attendant that she needed to pull them down the rest of the way. He's so fat, I guess he can't reach his ankle. At this point, it's starting to show that he's not only grossly overweight and lazy, but also probably a sick pervert.

It gets way, way worse.

With the door open and this dude now manspreading on the toilet with his junk exposed to everyone in the viewing area, he pointed to the flight attendant, made the demand to pull down his underwear, yelling "I've got it only halfway down, how do you expect me to [poop]? Hurry up and help me take it off! You just said you were willing to assist me!"

It seems the exasperated flight attendant wants this ordeal to be over with so once again she agrees to do the unthinkable and pulls down the underwear. So. Foul.

But wait, there's more! It gets really perverted when the man finishes his business.

The offender being escorted to his next flight.

After a bit, the man loudly announced that he had finished his dump. The flight attendant opened the door to reveal the slob still sitting on the can.

That's when he dropped his second bomb of the story. He demanded that the flight attendant help him wipe his butt.

Let's repeat that for emphasis: He demanded that the flight attendant help him wipe his butt.

Now it's clearly some sort of sick sex thing, by the way; the man's ultimate destination was Thailand, famous for Pad Thai and...well... sick sex things.

Of course, the flight attendant is horrified and refuses, to which the man replies, loudly, "You agreed! I've already [pooped]. If nobody helps me, would you like me to just stay here [for the rest of the flight]?"

The flight crew doesn't know what to do. They can't have this oaf disturbing the rest of the fight and they again decide to do the unthinkable. One of the crew dons three layers of rubber gloves and goes into the great unknown.

With another one of the crew helping her, she began wiping the pervert's behind. As she does, the man began moaning "MMMMM...Deeper... Deeper!"

OKAY WHAT IN THE WIDE WORLD IS HAPPENING HERE?! One thing is for sure, we can definitely see what this sicko was all about. When the planes lands, justice will be served, right?


The man's shenanigans weren't done, but the flight was.

First, he demanded the "largest wheelchair" they had and then, with a male attendant helping him, he announced that he once again had to use the restroom, but this time, needed no assistance. The only difference seems to be that a man would be helping and wiping him.

The aftermath was dramatic. The flight attendant held a press conference and discussed how traumatized she was by the incident,.

Amazingly, it seems NOTHING has happened to the sicko that caused the whole thing!

Hopefully he will face some kind of justice at some point.

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