"Ready Mode Is No Joke"

We got free airfare on Southwest for a year or two if I recall correctly. 'Ready mode' is no joke. I just distinctly remember that all the other passengers were just yelling, not even getting out of their seats, and my dad and the other two or three guys just stood up, made eye contact with one another, and moved. Just like that and then all of a sudden it was over."

The Worst Dine And Dash Ever
The Worst Dine And Dash Ever

"So I worked at a buffet in a bad neighborhood, and occasionally they would get people who would dine and dash. One particularly busy lunch hour, I was at the window section and had just finished clearing up with my work mate. There are three sections in the buffet and two servers per section, so about six servers, four busboys, hosts, bar staff, buffet staff running food and so on.

There's a group of about four kids in the section near the bathrooms past the buffet, farthest from the windows and front door where I am. One of them hands the server in that section a debit card and when she turns around to get to the machine they try booking it for the door. Emphasis on try. Remember it's a crowded restaurant and they had to go past two sections, the buffet and the front cashier. Only two got to the door.

Now you may think okay two out of four isn't bad, but there happened to be two cops with cars talking to a woman outside. I don't what happened to her, but she had been upset and talking to them for about an hour. We all chase the two thieves out the door, see the cops and shout that they didn't pay.

One cop took off on foot the other hopped in the car and tore after them. As well as large gentleman built like a football player who had just come out of the grocery store next door. He dropped his groceries and took off after the little thieves as well. They came dragging them back by the ear and had to call their parents to pay for their meal.

The parents were apologetic to us and paid for the meal, a couple of the fathers looked ready to tear their kids a new one. I honestly felt bad for the parents, but the method of capture was epic."

He Couldn't Ignore This Reckless Driver
He Couldn't Ignore This Reckless Driver

"I went on a field trip with my children, including my two-year-old daughter, to the pumpkin farm a few years back. It was all mommies and one other guy beside me. I gravitated towards him and we started chatting. We all got on the local public bus to go to the Pumpkin farm. The driver of the bus was insane. He drove about 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, ran 2 red lights, and ended up slamming on the brakes to avoid an accident on the second red light, launching my daughter into the back of the seat in front of her. She was alright but cried hysterically. When we stopped I had one of the mommies get off with my kids and went up to the driver and started ripping into him. I was ready to fight I was so mad.

I suddenly hear a calm voice from behind me say 'I'll handle this.' That's when something happened that the driver immediately regretted.

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