Recently a Popeyes chicken sandwich craze swept the nation, with stores all over the country being crowded with long lines, and in sporadic cases violence. However, a potential side effect of this craze may be surprising; a return of child labor.

According to The Root an employee of Popeyes was fired on November 15, 2019, after a video of his child working at the chicken restaurant was captured on film.

According to the online news publication, the child working at Popeyes with his father was no older than 8 years old and no taller than 4 feet tall. The child was videotaped by a customer who saw the child carrying flour used to dredge chicken.

The branch responded by firing the employee for violating federal labor laws about minors working in an industrial kitchen.

What does it say that a sandwich craze was so intense that people felt a need to bring children into the workplace to keep up? Or that the manager didn’t stop a literal child from doing work, or even pause to reconsider whether or not allowing that was acceptable? And what does it mean that we fire the father for this instead of the manager?

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