If all pizza delivery drivers have one thing in common, it's that they always pray for a normal delivery as they approach the customer's front door. In a best-case scenario, they might get a decent tip to supplement their generally low wages. But in a worst-case scenario, they might stumble into a very disturbing situation indeed.

These thankful souls shared their most surprisingly wholesome deliveries.

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Sometimes Good Deeds Do Go Unpunished!
Sometimes Good Deeds Do Go Unpunished!

"I delivered a pizza to a young girl who was home alone. When she opened the door her dog immediately ran away. I handed her the pizza, got in my car, found the dog, and returned it. She left me no tip, so I was feeling kind of salty about it on the way back to the restaurant. A few hours later, her Mother called the store asking to speak to me. She thanked me and explained they had left tip money but their daughter was so upset about the dog she forgot to give it to me. I worked at this pizza place for two more years through college, and they would get two large pepperoni pizzas and request me to deliver it every week after that. They always tipped me at least $25."

Hush Money
Hush Money

"The craziest moment was definitely with a regular of ours that owned a couple of high end cars. He had a first generation Dodge Viper and a brand new (at the time) Ferrari 430. I remember walking up to his house, garage open with the Viper backed in, the Ferrari parked in the driveway. Get to the front door and his keys are sitting in the lock, glossy red Ferrari key dangling from the key ring.

I rang the doorbell. He opened the door and saw the keys hanging there and his eyes went wide, mouth agape. He looked back up at me, and I was making the same face. Apparently he'd had a friend over to take pictures of his new Ferrari which is why it wasn't safely tucked away in the garage. He gave me an average tip plus a new Hugo Boss button-down."

Sometimes Even The Police Need A Hero
Sometimes Even The Police Need A Hero

"Back in college when I used to deliver pizzas. I delivered to the local county Jail. An officer was taking someone to jail. The guy going to jail still with his hands cuffed behind his back got away from the officer and took off as I was walking in and ran into me. I'm pretty sure this guy was tripping on something. The officer caught up to both of us on the ground, and were able to subdue him. I was covered Pizza sauce and the officers on shift took the pizza, paid and each gave me $20. I told my manager, and we remade the order for the officers and I redelivered the order. The police were grateful, and I was given another tip. One deliver and I made about $400.

I should add every time they ordered pizza from us again they always requested the guy who knew how to take a charge, and would always tip me well.

Good times!!"

It Takes A Village
It Takes A Village

"I delivered pizza in rural PA for a few years in college. Believe it or not, the Amish people I knew love pizza and place big delivery orders. There are a few stories I could tell but one sticks out in my mind, and that was a delivery to Mr. Smucker during a snow storm.

We all fought for the Smucker delivery because he was a good tipper ($10-$12). This particular night it started snowing pretty hard, and we were limiting our deliveries for safety reasons when his call came through. His order was pretty big, so we decided to do it, and I was lucky enough to take it.

Fast forward about 30 minutes I'm turning into his unpaved 1/4 mile driveway on his farm in my beat 96 Sentra. Off the road there was a good 3" already and the driveway was covered, not to mention pitch black, because you know, no electricity. I try to get some speed as there is a slight grade downward but ultimately find myself stuck between the road and his house. I get out and about to trudge the rest of the way when I see a lantern in the distance. Smucker and his four sons saw I got stuck and came to help.

So he pays. $12 in my pocket for a tip. He tells me to put the car in reverse and his boys will help me out.

So imagine this. You just delivered pizza, wings and mountain dew to an Amish guy and his massive family at like 9 pm during a snow storm. Four teens with bowl cuts and suspenders are putting their weight into the front of your car as you reverse out of an unpaved driveway in near blinding conditions. They got me out but I always crack up thinking about."

The Grand Champion
The Grand Champion

"I was delivering pizzas on a Friday night, and had a 3 pizza order to a fairly nice neighborhood. I roll up and park and it's clear there are a TON of cars outside this house, both sides of the street. I ring the doorbell and two ladies answer and say 'Congratulations! You are the first to show up! You win the gold medal!'

Confused - I end up figuring out that they've ordered pizza from three places in town, and I was the first one there. Cool, I think, I'll probably get a sweet tip. They tell me they want to give me my award downstairs. Probably a little too trusting but I went along with it. I follow them down the stairs...

This basement is completely full of young teenage kids. It looks to be some kind of religious get together or something of the sort. But there are a ton of them. They walk me to the front of this crowd, and they have a mic connected to speakers. They announce where I am from and blindside me with questions. The one I remember was 'Why is pizza from your shop the best?' and I give some dumb answer like 'We have the best ingredients.' They then put a plastic gold medal around my neck and walk me back upstairs for my tip.

It was a measly $5.00 on a $60+ order, but the public humiliation was a nice bonus I guess."

"I Wonder If He Knows This Is A.."

"I delivered to a hotel in the middle of a local golf course. I called the number to let them know I was there and was told to come on up. Get to the room and when the guy answered, there was a large group of guys, all in golf attire, surrounding a single guy in a chair. He was bound & blindfolded. The one that answered didn't even bat an eye, just asked how much and tipped me $30 bucks. Warily I took the money and walked away, but before the door was fully closed, I heard one on the guys ask 'I wonder if he knows this is a..'

Before I even left the parking lot, the guy that answered the door called me to say that the bound guy was his brother, and he was bound & blindfolded because it's his bachelor party and the dancer was waiting to come out. I just showed up way earlier than they thought I would."

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