With the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies are adjusting how they operate to better fit the restrictions put in place for quarantine. UberEats is waiving delivery fees to help food businesses stay open and Vet Clinics offering curbside appointments.

Lyft is also adjusting their day to day operations, but they're taking it one step further with their LyftUp program.

Lyft is using their LyftUp program to help transport families and children, medical staff, and seniors- all for free.

Lyft said in a statement, “We know Lyft can be a critical lifeline for communities in need — this situation is no different. Many vulnerable populations still don’t have as much access to these essential services as they should. So we’re taking immediate action to fill the gaps, while continuously working to protect driver safety.”

People isn't the only thing they have their drivers transporting. Lyft is delivering medical supplies to the elderly and lunches to kids who use to rely on school lunches for food.

Limitations breed creativity and Lyft has definitely thought outside the box to help out during people's time of need.