No amount of medical school prepares a person for the bizarre, unnerving experience of working at a hospital. Even if a person gets a doctorate, there are still so many unexplained events that haunt them for decades after. These spine-chilling stories have no rational explanation for why they happened. But each story left a deep, unnerving impact on it's unfortunate victim. This eerie content has been edited for clarity.

Haunting Both Mother And Daughter
Haunting Both Mother And Daughter

"My mom worked night shift at the hospital in Arizona, in an old mining town by the border. She's going room to room when an old lady, who walked the halls due to insomnia, told her some weird goat man kept trying to get in through the doors. My mom didn't think anything of it, but she is Catholic and had those moments of silently praying to herself.

After a few moments, there was a shriek, it was a horrible shriek that made your blood turn to ice. She then went to the nurses station to ask if anyone else heard that, in which they did. Come to realize that shriek was heard all around the hospital. Freaking everyone out, especially religious ladies and men. A few of them go to look out the windows and see hoof marks by the doors and windows, and the marks had no trail towards or away from the building.

My story was pretty creepy. I followed in my mom's footsteps with my career, and I ended up working a locked down dementia and Alzheimer unit at night. I've had creepy moments. But this one will always stick with me.

I was finishing up my binders when a light goes off out of the hall, I go into the dark room and ask if everything is ok. Sleepily, my patient tells me there's a darn woman who keeps knocking on her window wanting to come in, and that she really wants to go back to sleep. She insists I go and let this mysterious woman in, and I'm thinking to myself my mom's experience. I reassure her, peek out the window, and there's nothing. Maybe she was dreaming mistook something outside as her roommate.

After that incident I head back into my unit. I sit, eat a snack, chat with my head nurse, and talk with my usual 3 a.m. insomniacs. Light goes off in my unit. Also, this unit has no outbound lines at all. I head down to her hall, and ask if all is ok. My patient says she can't sleep, someone keeps banging on her window, and she is scared. I pretty much about pooped myself at this point. I am so confused and frightened.

I tell my nurse and she laughs and said how this has been happening for years. Great."

Otherworldly Shrieking
Otherworldly Shrieking

"One patient came in for an MI. I was only a tech at the time, so I did the basics, like attach her to an EKG machine, and being on standby for chest compressions in case it was a long code and I needed to rotate in.

So basically I stood to the side as the doctors and nurses are working their magic, then all of a sudden she wakes up. But the look on her face was pure horror. She looked around at all of them and just shrieked. Shrieked like there were monsters gathered around to eat her. One of the nurses tried to explain who they were and where she was. It's understandable to be confused after such a traumatizing event, but I'm telling you, she tried to jump from that stretcher like her life depended on it. Then out of nowhere she was out cold again.

The doctors and nurses went at it again, and a few minutes later she came to. This was the freakiest part to me. She looks over to me, looks me straight in the eye and points. She says,'It was you! There was a light and I saw you. Thank you so much, thank you, thank you.'

I know I should've been touched, but I had chills, it freaked me out so much. It was like she had died and gone to purgatory, saw us as some kind of devil (when she first got revived), died again, was about to head into the light, saw my face out of everyone else's, then was revived again. Thinking about her shriek still gets me to this day. And I still don't know how or why it was me she saw."

The Purple Man
The Purple Man

"I worked for a short time as an EMT who spent most of my time with transfers. I had a regular who was an older woman that I took to a dialysis center across town frequently. One day she was being moved and I was in the back with her. She looked under the weather, so I asked what was wrong and she said a man in purple had been visiting her. I asked if he was a relative or a technician, and she shook her head. She said the man would sit next to her during dialysis and stroke her hair. Thinking this was strange, I asked the center techs about such a person, and no one had seen or remembered such a person. Visitors weren't really a thing at this center anyway, so I assumed the patient imagined it.

Well one day, we're actually heading to pick her up, and on the way into the parking lot, I see through the window something that chills my heart to think about.

It sent shivers up my spine at the time too, like I immediately recognized it. I saw a man in purple scrubs standing in one of the big windows watching us drive in, and when we pulled out of sight to go to the pickup door, we walked in to a bunch of techs rushing to my transfer patient. The woman had just suffered a heart attack, and we were unable to revive her even at the hospital she was rushed to.

None of the techs in that place wore purple scrubs."

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