No amount of medical school prepares a person for the bizarre, unnerving experience of working at a hospital. Even if a person gets a doctorate, there are still so many unexplained events that haunt them for decades after. These spine-chilling stories have no rational explanation for why they happened. But each story left a deep, unnerving impact on it's unfortunate victim. This eerie content has been edited for clarity.

Was She Even Human?
Was She Even Human?

"I work nights at a hospital. It's a psych unit so we have cameras all over. It's also isolated in that there's pretty much only one direction to enter from, and it has two elevators and a stairwell. Well, I'm at the nurse's station charting one night, and I hear three staff elevator dings, so I look over see if it's house charge or what. A woman gets off the elevator and walks through a little hall that's not on camera, but connects directly to the waiting room, which I could actually see.

This lady never enters the waiting room.

I seriously dropped what I was doing to watch the cameras and she just disappeared. Now, the glass window separating the nurse's station and waiting room shakes from the pressure change whenever any of the exits are used. That didn't happen. And, in any case, the elevators and metal door to the stairwell are all very loud. I leaned over the desk, into the waiting room to see if she might be standing by the guest elevator, which wasn't on camera. Nope."

Christ Reborn
Christ Reborn

"My Mom has definitely had some interesting stories. But one story stands out in particular. It's relatively important to preface with how my mom is not a very religious person. I definitely don't remember it word for word but this is the important bits I do recall well.

When she started as an EMT, she was doing a transfer to a psychiatric hospital of someone who thought they were Jesus Christ. They had gone to another hospital for something, and were being transferred back. My mom was in the back talking with him, and apparently he was a perfectly normal mid-twenties guy who happened to 100% believe he was Jesus.

He had been admitted in the hospital by his family because of that, and my mom asked him if he was mad at them. At that point he smiled, and the vehicle turned a corner and put the setting sun right behind his head, illuminating him like a halo. He said something to the effect of, 'It's easy to be scared by what you don't understand, I forgive them.'

Horrifying Hospital Corner
Horrifying Hospital Corner

"I have had my share of odd happenings. One of the creepiest took place on the night shift at a hospital in Texas. I was caring for a man who was dying from liver failure. He was fairly young, and his mother and girlfriend had been staying at his bedside for days. He was nearing death and had been unresponsive for days. Late one night, I realized he was going to die shortly, so I woke his mom and girlfriend so they could say their goodbyes. His girlfriend sat next to his bed to hold his hand. Suddenly the man, who had been completely unresponsive for days, sits upright in bed with the most terrified expression I have ever seen. His eyes were huge and terror filled, his mouth was curled into what I can only describe as silent shrieking, and he was staring up at a ceiling corner. His girlfriend of course was thrilled, thinking that he was suddenly okay. She puts her hands on his head and tries to turn his head towards her so he could see her. She's telling him she loves him and to look at her but he just continues to have the most bone chilling look of pure fear on his face. When she manages to turn his head, his eyes continue to focus on the same spot on the ceiling. So there she is, holding his face towards her, shrieking at him to look and her, but he won't take his eyes off the same spot on the ceiling in the corner.

And then he just simply fell back and died. It was awful."

Nothing Could Stop John
Nothing Could Stop John

"For the last 4 years, I've worked summers and weekends at a nursing home in my home town. Two years ago, we had a married couple in their 90s (He was 95, she was 96). I always found them adorable. They spent their entire days together, and it was clear to me from the first day I met them just how much they cared for and depended on one another (she always waited for him at the table so they could have breakfast together, and she made sure the staff made his coffee the way he liked it). They slept in separate rooms because he was suffering from (relatively mild) dementia and would occasionally get up during the night, confused, which disturbed her sleep. Yet they would always end the day sitting in her room, drinking tea and talking before we helped him to his room to go to sleep.

A few months after celebrating their 70-year anniversary, the husband died. It wasn't really unexpected, as he had been sick for a few weeks, and the nurses knew he wouldn't recover. Two weeks later, his wife got weaker, and she mostly stayed in her bed. Now, she was not demented at all. At times, she seemed brighter than me, which is why something that happened while she was on her deathbed really creeped me out.

I was in her room helping her adjust her blankets, near the end of my shift (around 10 pm). She had been sleeping before I came in to check on her, so the room was dark. She had complained about being cold, so I closed and locked the window. As usual, we were making small talk, when suddenly, she went silent, looked towards the door and said 'John?' (her husband's name).

'John, is that you? No, John, wait.'

Then the door to her room slammed shut at tremendous force. I had just closed her window, and all doors in the nursing home automatically closes and locks at 8 pm. There's no way it was the wind. I only worked with four other people that night, all of whom were in the staff room at the time. All other patients who might be able to walk around on their own were sleeping. There was literally no one nearby.

She barely seemed to notice, not even jumping from the loud noise the door made, and told me, 'It's ok, you can leave now. Good night!'

She died two days later, in her sleep. I barely ever tell anyone about this, because I never thought anyone would believe me. And because to this day, I don't understand what happened, and it creeps me out."

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