"Beggars can't be choosers" has been said plenty of times by plenty of people, but somehow these "influencers" STILL didn't get the message.

#1. Who says "Be grateful and accept it" to their hair stylist? You are NOT in the position to be making these kinds of demands.


-Can I pay £55? I’ll take you on IG and I have over 10k followers so you’ll get great exposure

-Still no. £100 is as low as I’ll go unfortunately

-But [you’re sister] said you did her hair for free? I’m just asking for a discount, why are you being such a ——? All you’re doing is making the hair

-Lmaooo. Um [name] is my sister?? And she does my nails for free so I don’t charge her either. Also, this is literally the cheapest you’ll find someone making hair around here so take it or leave it

-Come on…I’ve got tons of followers and you should be doing it free cos I’ll bring you a lot of clients but…I’m giving you £55…be grateful and accept it

-Hard pass, mate.

#2. I can assure you that your attitude was the reason they didn't give a discount


I was really excited to pick up a slice for National Cheese Pizza day today, and unfortunately, experienced and awful customer experience. I was turned away for being short $0.30 on 1 cheese slice of pizza. 30 CENTS. This is 7% fo the total cost. As an alternative, I told them I was a food blogger on Instagram and would post the slice on my page (mind you I have over 10,000 followers and restaurants frequently ask me to come in and try their pizza for free in exchange for a post). When the cashier returned from speaking with her manager, she said no discount. It’s a shame they could not see the value in what I had to offer and disappointing because now they have forever lost a potential customer. Never going back to try their pizza, not worth it.

#3. This influencer thought she could get out of a $1500 bill because she's "an ex military wife and the [wife] of the sheriff".


-Sugar, I am on a trip round the states and will be coming to [your restaurant]. We are southern housewives born and bred who review good exotic food. Honey, if you let me order the [special] #5 for 6 of my girls for free, I will put out a good word with 150,000 fo my followers. It would be your honor to serve me. Imagine how much money you could earn in the future!

-You do understand that it would set my business back around $1,500 if I accepted your offer? While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I would have to politely decline. As an owner of [restaurant name] I have morals and integrities that I have to follow. The return of investment of your “offer” is simply far too low. You cannot get free food just by being an online influencer.

-darling, excuse me? As an ex military wife and [wife] of a sheriff this is not how you treat someone who is willing to help you. You will provide free food now or I will ask my husband to do something about your decrepit establishment. Bless your heart, you haven’t heard the last of me. Hello? Hello?? Answer me. I demand you answer me [racist term]. Hello? How dare you ignore my messages! My husband will put out a warrant for you arrest for harassment and cyber assault.

#4. "There's no need for an invoice, there's no need for me to pay you."


-Yeah I guess that’s ok. Just get it done. Quickly.

-Sorry but I couldn’t get your manager to sign the invoice I sent, can you get your signature on it please? After that I can get started right away on it.

-There’s no need for an invoice, there’s no need for me to pay you. I have over 240k followers, once they see the work you put in to your (hopefully) brilliant portrait, you’ll be able to really get your name out there, don’t you agree? The fact that you’re asking me to pay you for what is essentially a glorified promo post is quite bizarre.

-It’s only 10 euro, your manager agreed to pay. I’m not asking for much here, just payment.

-I think you fail to realize how dispensable you are to me, I’ll find another artist if you don’t want to work with me, final chance.

-No, sorry, I can’t sacrifice my integrity for exposure.

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