Most parents generally want the best for their kids but some parents take things a bit too far. These teachers share the most entitled parents they've ever had to deal with.

That's Not Even His Correct Age
That's Not Even His Correct Age

"There was a mom who was mad we wouldn't let her son be in the class he wanted to be in. Her son was in grade two, but for the first two or so months of the school year, he would go to the kindergarten classroom every day. We're not a big school, so there's only one grade two class. Developmentally, there was no reason he should still be in the kindergarten class, he just kept going there because he liked the toys better. When he was in there, he would make fun of the younger students because he was older and smarter than the rest of them and would hit them if they were 'stupid'.

When we told the mom what was going on and we needed her to support this transition, she thought we were doing this just because we didn't want her son to be happy at school. We finally got him to go to the correct class (my class), but the troubling behavior (hitting, swearing, making messes, being purposefully distracting, disrespectful, and generally inappropriate) still continues, and the mom's ideas we're picking on him and are being mean to him still continue."

They Weren't Going To Let Her Be Treated Like That
They Weren't Going To Let Her Be Treated Like That

"I teach English, at a private school where some of the parents are VERY rich - we knew one parent that had at least five identical Porsches, red, yellow, blue, white, and green, one for every day of the week.

Some of their children have servants at home and from an early age are used to ordering people about - they are like little emperors or empresses. I have seen children being walked to the front gate by an 'aiyi' (aunty) who is carrying their school bag; when they reach the school, she would put it on their back. I have also seen some of these children (Who are as young as seven) hit their aiyi, who will cower away from them. She is afraid to do or say anything; one word from that child and she is out of a job.

Anyway, in P1 (Primary one, first year of school in Primary) one little girl was very much a little queen. She tried to tell all the other children in her class what to do and where to go, and ordered them about. Unfortunately, they, too, are all quite rich and as a consequence shunned her. Within a few weeks, neither the boys or girls would talk to her.

Her mother came to school and threatened to have the other children killed unless they made friends with her daughter.

Who told me this? The school principal, who was stunned at what she said to him.

Sadly, the little girl herself was actually pretty and clever and could have been quite a decent person if only they weren't raising her to think she was the ruler of all she surveyed."

She Raised A Bully And Saw No Problem With It
She Raised A Bully And Saw No Problem With It

"My mentor teacher during my practicum told us about her worst parent in the class (it's grade one). There was one little girl, let's call her 'Lily,' who was a major bully. She didn't play nice and would insult others who tried to get her to play with her when she didn't feel like it, and then wondered why nobody wanted to play with her. She would pout and get mad when scolded. When she wanted help, she'd go where the teacher or student-teacher (my co-teacher and me) was, no matter what they were doing, and tell us she needed help. Even if we were helping another. She was also a compulsive liar, which in grade one is highly unusual (they're the worst secret keepers in the world, it's adorable).

Anyway, her Mom saw no problem with her bullying (it was to the point where other parents would ask my mentor teacher to keep Lily away from their kids), and said she was just 'head-strong' and 'vocal,' and, since she (the mom) was a social worker she knew that they were good qualities. Naturally, to the mom, it meant the other students were the problem and Lily was a perfect girl, and how dare we tell her there's a serious bullying and lying problem?

There's not much we could do without parents enforcing our rules, we'd manage to get her to raise her hand with a question, and then come Monday she'd be back to coming up to teachers and huffing when she didn't get her way. I felt bad for Lily because her mom obviously encouraged her bad attitude under the guise it was her being 'a strong girl,' and Lily didn't understand why nobody ever wanted to play with her."

Never Put Your Hands On Someone Else's Kid Like This!
Never Put Your Hands On Someone Else's Kid Like This!

"I had one such parent in my son's class. This parent had a very irksome attitude. She would be extremely sweet on the face and do nothing but complaining behind your back.

Now, she felt her son XYZ was a gift to humanity. She also felt that she was a super duper parent. Unfortunately, we all live in the same society and hence she would try to pick my brains about parenting tips for my child while waiting at the bus stop. (mind you, I have an older daughter too so obviously I was more experienced than her)

After spending lower kindergarten classes in different divisions, our sons ended up together in the same first-grade class. My son was happy that he would have his friend along with him.

School started and two days down the line, my son came and told me that he had had enough of XYZ and that he had complained to the teacher about him. My son said that the other boy:

  1. Pushes me unnecessarily
  2. Steals from my lunchbox
  3. Scribbles on my notebook
  4. Rips out pages from my books
  5. Tried to poke me in the eye with a pencil

Now the last one was dangerous. However, I knew it would be futile to tell the parent because she is so delusional and would never believe it. Anyway, my son was smart enough to not retaliate and instead complain to the teacher, who in turn promptly told the boy's mother about his misbehaviour.

Obviously, she didn't agree and said that her son was the victim.

A few days later, my son was made the class monitor. At the age of 6, it was a huge achievement for them. He was on cloud nine for getting his special little badge.

Now, this boy's mother made a huge brouhaha about the whole thing on our parents WhatsApp group. She said only her son is capable of being the class monitor, he is the most disciplined child in the entire class. He has been bullied by the new monitor (namely my son), but still, the kid (my son) was made monitor. None of the other parents bothered to defend her or even slam her.

I chose not to respond to such nonsense and went about doing my work.

The next day after school ended, I got a call from the vice-principal of the school telling me to meet her urgently. I was scared if anything had happened to one of my two kids. She said both were fine, but I had to meet her ASAP.

I rushed to the school driving like a madwoman. Reached the principal's office and saw both my kids waiting for me. But my son looked traumatized.

Well, the class teacher and principal came along and told me all that had happened.

This lady found my son after school, yanked him by his collar, then yelled at him in front of all the parents and students. My poor son started crying only being 6-years-old. In the meantime, other parents, and his class teacher rushed there to see what had happened. The class teacher sensing trouble immediately caught hold of the lady and dragged her to the principal's office. My older daughter was called from her classroom to console my son.

The class teacher then showed the parent the CCTV footage of her son's shenanigans.

Well, the class teacher was fed up with the parent and the kid and expelled them both.

Immediately the mom played the victim card by saying her mom was suffering from cancer and so she behaved irrationally.

The final decision was left to me if I wanted any action to be taken. Well, I just requested them to change the boy's classroom and also told the lady that the next time if she does anything to hurt my son, I will call up the police.

I still see this crazy lady every day at my bus stop while dropping the kids to school. Obviously, she sees through me and so do I. Her son though is still the same and apparently has only gotten worse.

Parents Will Never Learn
Parents Will Never Learn

"I worked in a poor school teaching kindergarten. It's not unusual for students to enroll late. I don't know why, but it was just the way it was. School started in late August and I had 14 students that year. My last student enrolled in mid-October, giving me a final count of 22. Try teaching classroom routines in that mess.

Anyway, so it was week eight and a parent enrolled her daughter. She sent her teenage daughter to bring my student to the classroom while my class was on the carpet. I got up, had my class play a game, greeted both of them, and specifically told the teenager, 'Let your mom know that if she has any questions for me or would even like to come to sit down and observe for a minute, she is more than welcome to. Just have her walk on in and I'll talk to her in a break.'

I showed the girl where to put her stuff and had her sit down on the carpet. Now, I had given everyone assigned seats and since my class was bigger, I had to find a random spot for her close to the back.

I started teaching again when I heard a knock on my door. I went to answer and it's the new girl's mom. She was livid. 'Why is my daughter in the back of the room?' she exclaimed.

I tried to use my professional voice and explain that this was not her permanent seat, that seating is based on the needs of the students, and that I do regularly change seating. She didn't want to hear any of it, just wanted me to move her to the front and promise that's her permanent spot (which I refuse to do because I really do look at student needs).

After an exchange that lasted way too long, I basically told her that I needed to return to my students and she can contact me later for a conference if she feels I'm not meeting her daughter's needs. She stormed off, apparently said something to the office that made no sense and left. Later on, the AP came by and asked what it was all about, and I told him exactly what was said. His reply? 'What does she expect enrolling her kid late?'

You're darn right!

Another time I had a first grader's parent come in after the first day of school obviously very upset. She told me that her daughter was touched inappropriately by a boy and I didn't do anything to help. I informed her that I was not told of the incident until this moment. I also got the details from the daughter. So apparently the daughter was bent over to get a drink at the water fountain, felt a tug on her skirt, and turned around to see a boy letting go of it. She didn't know the boy's name (which is fair, it is only day one).

I told the mom that I would have her secretly point the boy out tomorrow and that I'll talk to him to get his side of the story.

'What do you mean his side? He's a perv. That's the story,' she said.

'Ma'am, he's in first grade. There are lots of reasons a 6-year-old might touch a skirt that is completely innocent. He could've been trying to figure out the material. He might've seen a bug. Until I know exactly why I can't assume he was doing something with the intention to do harm. Not at age 6,' I told her calmly.

She wasn't happy to hear that, but that was pretty much the end of it.

So, the next day, the girl lets me know which boy it is. I talked to him privately. So, the girl had been wearing leggings. The skirt was a polka dot. The leggings were striped. He was trying to figure out if it was one whole unit or the leggings were separate for the skirt. I talked to him about appropriate touching and what to do if he's ever curious about a girl's outfit again. That was the end of it.

"Thank God You Don't Work Here."
"Thank God You Don't Work Here."

"I was substituting for their tech class and got a call from an irate mother about her child. I was really curious at first, but then the principal comes in and signals me to hang up NOW. I keep listening though. Apparently her kid got a 79 on a test, and she wanted him to retake it. As lenient as this school is, it was a state test and I knew that. My explanation didn't appease her in the slightest. She begins screaming as high-pitched as she can and my god was it nauseating.

You know when you walk into a daycare center, a little bratty girl walks up to you, and screams for no reason at all? That kind of screaming, but I could tell she was trying to annunciate words.

I sat there, shocked. I had my phone volume at one, and the principal was able to hear it from a good eight feet away clearly as a bell. He leans up against the wall, and at this point, we're waiting for her to stop screaming. And oh boy that's when the slurs came out! My god could this woman curse.

It suddenly ended, and I can hear her out of breath on the other end; panting like a dog, wheezing like a pig getting slaughtered. I give a good ten second pause, and asked 'Would you like fries with that?'

A slur comes out of the phone, and she screeches. No annunciation, no attempts, no vague dictation. A loud, piercing screech permanently damaged the phone's speaker. Then a click.

We never laughed harder in our lives. 'Thank god you don't work here' laughed the principal, 'or I'd have to fire you.'

All this screaming because the kid got a 79. Simply incredible.'

Entitled Kids And Their Entitled Parents
Entitled Kids And Their Entitled Parents

"Pretty much 95% to 99% of the parents at the private school I worked at were entitled brats. The school is in a rich area of course so the students are just entitled as their parents, and don't take responsibility for anything. When students get in trouble they use mommy and daddy to get them out of trouble.

The worst parent pulled her son out from one class after another until he landed with me. He literally had had every teacher in the department. I was his last option. He refused to do homework. When he wrote essays he invented his own prompts, which would have been fine if he had cleared that with me first. The homework assignments he claimed to have completed were 10% done. His mother claimed she checked his homework nightly and was always shocked when I would call her to let her know it wasn't completed. She felt his lack of success was my fault. That kid was a mess before he ever reached me. I suspected there may have been some unresolved personal stuff going on that needed to be addressed, which may have been affecting his motivation. All my efforts with this student weren't recognized, which is fine that happens in the profession, but I couldn't stand being blamed for his issues which started years before he came to me.

I think people expect teaching to be like scenes from movies where things turn around in a semester. When problems take years to develop it takes some time to fix or better them. That kid needed extra help and he ended up transferring to another school that could better help him.

Another thing that ticked me off was when I suspected that a student had a learning disability and might need extra help but those records were not available (because that school was a mess) or sometimes parents would withhold information for some reason. But withholding information like that meant students didn't get the attention they needed. We weren't allowed to discuss with parents the possibility of any kind of testing to seek a diagnosis.

That school was horrifying."

The Apple Doesn't Far Fall From The Tree!
The Apple Doesn't Far Fall From The Tree!

"I worked at a privately owned kindergarten. The little munchkins were cute as a button but also too young to fully understand proper social rules. Most of these kids were the lone child of wealthier families, so we had issues with spoiled-rotten kids of course.

Snack time one class we had a student hit another student in the face with a chair. Normally when a student does something wrong we sit them down and as what made them do that and explain to them why it's wrong, giving them some options on things to do instead. The student showed less than no remorse, and the girl he had hit had her face covered in blood.

When the parents arrived, I thought we were going to have to call the cops. The mother of the boy who did the hitting yelled and berated the girl who got hit. When the girl's mother stepped in, the boy's mother hefted up one of the kindergarten chairs and would have hit the girl's mother if we hadn't disarmed her.

The owner of the kindergarten ended up defusing the situation and sending them both home. We had an ad-hoc meeting shortly after where we decided that the mother and boy probably shouldn't come back."

What Is It With Karens And Screeching?
What Is It With Karens And Screeching?

"I had one student who constantly skipped class. I sent an all-staff email to see if the student can be accounted for in another class but I had no luck. No response. I write the referral and contact the student's mother to inform her of the circumstances of the referral. The mother proceeded to go Full Hulk, insisting that her child was in the classroom and that I did not see her. I explain that attendance records are legal documents and that her child's whereabouts could not be confirmed elsewhere on campus.

She proceeds to screech at me, insisting that I should 'Open [my] eyes while taking attendance' and that I don't know how to do my job and that I should be fired. I calmly explain that she's welcome to speak with administration, then politely end the conversation (read: hang up) when she starts to spit expletives, saying I should be fired and that she's leaving her place of work to 'have a conference' with me. I warn the principal, then teach my next class.

A couple of periods later, my principal walks into the room and lets me know that she handled it. The parent pounded her fists on the principal's desk, demanded that coverage be sent to my room so that I could be present for the conference. The principal would not allow her to talk to me but instead called down the student.

The principal pulled up the security camera footage and located the student wandering the campus. The mother screeched that I did not do my job and that I should be fired. In the end, the student admitted to the entire ordeal and was issued a suspension. When they returned, I didn't address it. I let her stew in her own stupidity for the remainder of the year (a week or two).

The only one who apologized was the principal."

She Tried To Do Her Son A Favor And This Is What She Got
She Tried To Do Her Son A Favor And This Is What She Got

"I had a student with honest medical needs, and he had a 504 plan which allowed him extra time. However, he was a sweet-but-lazy middle schoolboy. He wasn't too concerned about doing his work, even when given the extended time his plan dictated. He turned in an assignment and answered 5 of 25 questions sometimes.

I offered for him to redo it for half credit, and he was fine with the score he had. Mom didn't have a problem with me until his grade started to drop to a D and I called her to notify her. Then, all of a sudden, I 'wasn't following his 504' and I was 'singling him out,' when he has a medical issue blah blah. (Other things came into play with this, also, but they're pretty specific).

I could see the red flags and began documenting every single assignment the kid did, the date I gave it to him, the date it was due for him, the date he actually turned it in, and any suggestions I gave him as far as completing it, etc. Sure enough, mom soon calls a meeting with the principal, me, the special ed coordinator, etc. She sat across from the table from me and blatantly lied about what I was doing for her son, how I was treating him, etc. She specifically said, 'she's not even following his 504 plan. He is supposed to get extra time!'

It took everything in me to keep my mouth shut. My principal glanced at me and could see me practically seething. Luckily, I had explained the situation and he totally had my back. Long story short, the meeting ended and she still wasn't happy, but he wasn't going to get moved from my classroom (which is what she wanted) because I was, in fact, following his 504 plan. He ended up in a different study hall period to keep caught up (She was mad that he was going to be 'singled out' by being put into a smaller study hall. You know, that class most people take to sleep and draw) and he ended up doing fine because his study hall teacher stayed on his butt. That mom still bad-mouthed me throughout the years, though.