Karma At Its' Finest
Karma At Its' Finest

Their car keys were just lying there! I went straight to the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet. They were so very nice when asking for my help in finding their keys. I was so very concerned when I said, 'I am very sorry sir, but I have not seen your keys. You may want to leave your phone number with the manager so we can contact you when we find them."

Salad Please, Heavy On The Glass
Salad Please, Heavy On The Glass

"My husband and I chose to eat at a really popular joint that serves sandwiches and adult beverages. I ordered a house salad to get me started. After I took my first bite, I felt a sharp pain and started bleeding out of my mouth. There were shards of glass in the salad. The waitress freaked out and asked me not to tell management. She said someone broke a glass near the salad making station and did not dump it all out like they were suppose to. I couldn't even talk I was busy mopping up blood and spitting glass out. My husband screams at her to get management. The manager comes running over and profusely apologizes. We go to the ER and they clean out my mouth, I had so many cuts and had to be on antibiotics. In the purest attempt to avoid a lawsuit, they paid the ER bill and offered a decent settlement."

Per Your Special Request
Per Your Special Request

"I used to work at a Mexican restaurant, who offered free kids meals every Sunday. This 'offer' would always bring in horrible tippers with four kids. Of course, the cheapest families always had the kids that left a horrible mess on the tables.

Like most other Mexican joints, we gave chips and salsa to every table. This particular family always wanted chips with no salt which was a pain, because we didn't cook chips with no salt. All chips had salt. To meet the request the server or a, if possible, a free cook had to get raw chips from the fridge and cook them for this horrible family.

One Sunday a server got sick of this family and decided he would lick the salt from their chips and serve it to them that way. He stood there and licked every single chip and served them with a smile to this nightmare family. They enjoyed the chips, almost as much as I enjoyed watching them devour them."

She Put A Children's Menu in Front Of Me With A Smirk And A

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She Put A Children's Menu in Front Of Me With A Smirk And A "Here You Go, Dear"

I'm a small woman, and I look younger than I am.

Years and years ago, I went to lunch with a bunch of business colleagues. We were all dressed in dress clothes (IIRC I was actually wearing a suit) and my hair, nails, and make-up was all on point.

When we sat down, I ordered coffee. The waitress looked at me and said, 'Oh, you drink coffee?? How adorable!' like I was a ten-year-old. I just looked at her and said, 'Yeah, I drink coffee. Do you?'

When she returned to the table with our coffee I could not believe what she sat down in front of me!"

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