It should be no surprise that people are more susceptible to lose their cool when they're hungry. While this happens to just about everyone, some people are more likely than others to throw major temper tantrums when they haven't had a meal in a few hours. Anger and hunger are two things that should never be combined, but the duo makes an appearance more times than not. As is the case in the following stories.

A Reddit thread recently asked people to share the most ridiculous temper tantrums they have seen at a restaurant. No matter if its the waiter, the bartender, or even a customer, the following stories are full of irrational people finding themselves in tense situations just because someone was hungry and angry. All posts have been edited for clarity.

He Couldn't Believe How Quickly She Lost It
He Couldn't Believe How Quickly She Lost It

She proceeded to throw her carrier tray of Frosties onto the floor, got down on her hands and knees, and proceeded to start grinding the spilled Frosty into the carpet with her bare hands all the while shrieking as if her child had been run over in the drive-thru."

It Sounds Like She Never Grew Up
It Sounds Like She Never Grew Up

"My sister-in-law had a meltdown because my wife and I wanted to take her to a local restaurant that specialized in big sandwiches. I'm talking poundage here. Things are huge and amazingly delicious. Well, the fact that we were willing to pay out of our pocket for her and my brother didn't matter. I should note here that at the time, my wife was less than a year out from a leukemia diagnosis, and I'm a disabled veteran so we don't have a lot of money because neither of us can work).

My sister-in-law decided that a 'sandwich isn't a meal' and refused to go. We tried to tell her that they do serve other things like a normal restaurant, but no. All she could respond with was 'a sandwich isn't a meal.' After about an hour of this, I lost my cool and proceeded to flip out on her. She started the waterworks and everything went to crap from there. The night ended with us going to where she wanted to go. I haven't been on the greatest of terms with her since then.

The same woman had another meltdown shortly after my brother married her and told her that she needed to transfer student loans that were in her father's name to herself because she was a grown woman that needed to take care of her own finances at that point. That didn't happen.

She is not a great person to begin with then you add in the fact that she acts like a child on top of that. I constantly feel sorry for my brother."

She Was All Bent Out Of Shape Over One Penny
She Was All Bent Out Of Shape Over One Penny

"I work in a donut shop. One Sunday morning, one of our busiest times of the busiest day of the week for us, the register ran short on change and we didn't have any pennies in the back.

That morning, a lady came in, bought one or two donuts, and the total was $1.74 with tax, and all that jazz. She gave me two dollars, and I handed her a quarter, as change. I explained that we had run out of pennies and that I was extremely sorry, but I didn't have the .01 to give her. She then threw a HUGE tantrum in the middle of the store, in front of a line of people, saying that I had robbed her and that I shortchanged her on purpose and how I was going to burn for it (I live in the belt buckle of the Bible Belt).

I calmly explained that if she wanted to come back the next day, I would gladly give her an extra penny when my boss (the owner) would return from the bank with another roll of pennies. She then threw an even bigger fit, demanding to see my manager. She then began to tell me that she would have my job and that I would never work in this town again. I told her that I was a manager and that if she wanted to come back the next day and get her penny, I would gladly give it to her, but she was out of luck today.

She snatched up her donuts and left the store still fuming. The couple behind her felt so bad for me, that they gave me a huge tip and gave me words of encouragement. The penny lady never came back, for which I'm incredibly glad. Gee, I love my job."

No One Could Figure Out Why She Was So Upset
No One Could Figure Out Why She Was So Upset

"I was at a supermarket and the woman in front of me was acting like a child. She was in her 40s and wearing some formal clothes, so this surprised me a bit. She snatched the receipt out of the cashier's hands, crumbling it in the process. Then she screamed at the 17-year-old cashier, 'What the eff is this crap?!' I guess she was talking about the wrinkles in her receipt, which she'd crumpled. She shoved the receipt in the cashier's face, then she went back down to her stuff and started putting it in her bag, but then walked back up to the cashier halfway through and said, 'This is unbelievable, you should be ashamed!'

During all of this, I had no idea what her problem actually was. Neither did the cashier. We just looked at each other and laughed at the crazy lady.

The lady then turned to me and asked what my problem was. I told her, 'You are an adult, behave like one. Nobody wants to listen to your crap.'

She then started yelling, 'You're disgusting! Move out the way, little boy! Get away from me! Now, half the store was looking at us.

I just kept telling her, 'Have a really nice day.'

She sped past me and quickly walked to her car. Then, as I was walking home down a gravel path, she came from behind in her car, accelerated and flew past me, leaving a huge dust cloud behind her car.

My friend and I just looked at each other and said, 'What was her problem?'"

The Tantrum Was Bad Enough Before They Took It To The Next Level
The Tantrum Was Bad Enough Before They Took It To The Next Level

"A buddy of mine told me about one of the regulars at the restaurant he worked at and how annoying she was. Most of the employees gave her 'specials' so she'd not complain about poor service. He, however, didn't care about her 'specials' and treated her as just another customer.

One day, she came in asking for a combo and then requested to change all the items, but have the same price of the combo. He told her he couldn't do that because it was not the combo anymore and she wouldn't get the same price. She threw a bit of a fit but just accepted what he said. She then asked for a cup of blue cheese. He told her it was extra. She flipped out and told him that he was being completely unreasonable. She called up the store's owner and whined to try to get him fired because he 'mistreated her.'

Fast forward about a week and a half. The lady came in with her husband. He was holding his phone awkwardly and occasionally peering into the kitchen trying to spot things. The lady acted all smug that her husband was there and tried to get one of her 'specials' again. My friend just flat out told her he cannot do that and she was not having it, I couldn’t believe what he said she did, the audacity of some people blows my mind.

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