What is it about weddings that make some brides go completely insane? They become irrational and obnoxious. The stress of putting together a wedding can be intense, but what keeps some of these brides from taking a deep breath and calming down? There is no way there are this many narcissistic people in the world. Or are there? Even people that don't show any narcissistic tendencies end up going bananas when it comes to their weddings.

Reading these stories will leave you wondering if the people in them looked in a mirror at the end of it all and realize how crazy they got in the planning and execution of their weddings.

A Distant Sister Demands Everything
A Distant Sister Demands Everything

It was over. She went back to not talking to me, which was fine with me. I was 18, and this was a turning point in my relationship with both her and my mom - I've distanced myself a lot. It makes me sad, but it's what I had to do.

My mum ran around in circles for her wedding. Just insane stuff, and then my sister had a baby, and my mum took off 3 weeks of work to literally just live in her house. She has a husband, and she has a full maternity leave, she was fine.

My partner and I got engaged recently, we haven't had our engagement party yet because my mum was too busy either getting ready for that baby or literally living with my sister. Oh, and when my sister found out she let me know that she never 'asked anything of me' at her wedding. It's still a pretty big mystery to me why she said this. She hasn't offered to help with anything meaningful, and ironically, when she has offered to help, it's things that I just don't want or need. I doubt she'll offer more help now, but also, we don't really want her to."

They Didn't Even Make It To Their Own Wedding
They Didn't Even Make It To Their Own Wedding

" I own my own planning company, and I have been in the industry for about 8 years.

I have so many horror stories that I don't know which to choose.

1) I had a bride that openly spoke utter and complete smack talk about the groom's family (in front of his face). She would say that they were 'crazy, unclassy and annoying.' Come time for the wedding and her family was actually the hardest family I ever had to deal with. Meanwhile, the groom's family was absolutely lovely. On top of all this, the bride yelled at all of the vendors all day, resulting in the videographers leaving after just 1 hour of shooting, the photographer cried in the bathroom, and the groom and the bride's cousins apologized to me for her behavior all night.

2) I had one horrible bride who I planned an amazing wedding for. She raved about how much she loved the food all evening, but the day after the wedding, she wrote a bad review about the caterer on Yelp and told me she wouldn't remove it unless they gave her a discount. The catering company is one that I have a good relationship with, and they didn't want this to get out of hand, so they ended up giving her a $300 discount to diffuse it all. They also invited her for a complimentary dinner to their restaurant. She ended up making a reservation for herself and 6 guests for the complimentary dinner. I really feel for the caterers. They went above and beyond for someone who didn't deserve it. She removed the negative review, thankfully, and I have sent them a lot of good business since. This woman now lives in New York City with her husband in a 2 story apartment in Manhattan. The groom collects motorcycles and makes 7 figures... but they were apparently desperate for a free meal and a $300 discount on their wedding dinner. Seriously, forget that client, she's a horrible person.

3) I had one horrific couple that didn't care about anyone. The groom was 30 minutes late for the ceremony, but it was no big deal because the bride was 2 hours late. After the ceremony, we had to shorten the slot for photos to make up for lost time. The couple got wasted in their limo, and both ended up falling asleep. They were both so late for their own reception that I had the venue serve dinner without them. Their parents were furious with them. The bride's parents left early, and the couple didn't arrive until 11 at night! Half of their guests left before they arrived, and the couple yelled at me for allowing dinner to start before their arrival. This was a 400 guest wedding! Their parents kept apologizing to me and the guests all night, I felt bad for them, but also, I couldn't help but think, 'you raised these two jerks.'

4) I had a really high strung groom who yelled at one of his young guests (the kid was 12) for sitting out of his assigned seat, and told the kid and his parents to leave."

Demanding Skin Care
Demanding Skin Care

"I know a bride who wanted all the bridesmaids to look as similar as possible including their skin tone and insisted on them having identical fake tans.

One bridesmaid had really sensitive skin and told the bride that it would likely be harmful to her. The bride thought this was nonsense and insisted anyway. They got the fake tan and the bridesmaid's skin went completely red and blotchy. Apparently, there were many other bridezilla acts but this is the one I remember."

She Was The Captain On Her Own Titanic
She Was The Captain On Her Own Titanic

"The worst disaster I've seen was directly caused by a bride being a Bridezilla.

If you've ever been to a wedding, you know that weddings run behind schedule. This bride was adamant that everything is exactly on time. Of course, it being a wedding, everything was running behind about 30 minutes. At 7:55, she could no longer handle that the wedding was running late and decided to skip ahead to the Hora (aka the traditional Jewish wedding dance). The Hora was scheduled for 8:00 pm. We (the band) and the wedding planner suggested that we should not skip ahead, but she was having none of it. With her face red with effort, she screamed at us that the Hava Nagila would start at 8:00 pm and not a minute later. Well, she was paying us, so we did what we were told.

We started our Hava Nagila's at precisely 8:00 pm. The guests rose and began to form a circle as they have done countless times before. But something was amiss - the groom was nowhere to be found!

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