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Mexican restaurants have been in the news a lot lately. Recently, a customer was caught on camera insulting and berating the manager of Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia because he dared speak Spanish to one of his a Mexican restaurant. What she said was pretty shocking, including calling the manager a rapist.

Jill (seated, in blue) starts her tirade Source: Facebook

It should be noted, if it's not obvious, that America has no official language, it is no crime to speak another language, and then there is the whole 1st Amendment. Of course, this doesn't stop obnoxious people from trying to insist others speak English because they are in America. It rarely works, but it always exposes them as, at best, total jerks. The woman in this video, who is identified only as "Jill," proves just how much of a jerk a person can be. Even the man that appears to be her husband or boyfriend seems embarrassed by her atrocious behavior.

The video starts after the dispute started and it's unclear why it started, but Jill's bad behavior is immediately apparent.

The tirade continues Source: Facebook

At the very beginning of the video, taken at Tampico Mexican Restaurant, Jill is already berating the manager.

"English is our first language so you need to speak English," she snarls at the man. The manager apologizes and Jill gets even angrier, waving her hand dismissively and yelling "I'm sorry for you too, get the [censored] out of my country!"

At that point, there was an audible reaction from other people in the restaurant, "wow," they say and the manager explains to Jill that he is an American citizen.

"I don't think you are," is her response. She's a real peach, isn't she?

It doesn't end there though.

Jill stands up Source: Facebook

After going back and forth for a little while, with Jill spewing all kinds of horrible and racist things, while trying to explain that she isn't racist, and her companion trying to calm her down (he can't), finally another man comes over to the table and tells Jill that she needs to leave. The man, identified as a chef in the restaurant says, "if you're going to be racist you need to leave."

Of course, Jill STILL isn't done. She actually get MORE offensive as she is leaving, but not before being restrained by her companion.

Jill's companion apologizing Source: Facebook
Finally, Jill starts to leave Source: Facebook

The manager tells Jill that he is going to take care of her meal, most of which was eaten it appears and tells her politely to leave. Of course, Jill says no at first, because jerks are always jerks.

So, the staff start clearing the plates off her table. That's when Jill goes full-on crazy.

She says, "So, I got raped by illegal aliens," as she stands up and gets in the manager's face. As she is held back by her companion, she continues, "I get raped by illegal aliens and you can't speak English?" Then off course, calls the manager - who is NOT an illegal alien and is in fact a citizen, "a rapist" as she throws something at him. As the video pulls away from the confrontation, she repeats these things over and over before finally exiting the restaurant.

If you couldn't tell, it's quite a doozy. Check out the full video below! (Note: it is in two-parts.)

Posted by Irma Dleon on Saturday, February 16, 2019
Video 1

Posted by Irma Dleon on Saturday, February 16, 2019
Video 2

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