Maybe it pays wells, maybe it doesn't; either way, serving someone who's ungrateful for the effort is not easy. Sometimes it's the spoiled little kids throwing tantrums that cause migraines. Sometimes it's the sheltered adults who are used to always getting their way. These workers got a little peek inside the extravagant world of the rich and share their experiences with those with the most rotten attitudes.

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Well Somebody Has To
Well Somebody Has To

"I worked at a Starbucks and we hired a new guy, who I was training. At one point, I had to show him how to clean the restrooms. I grab the bleach, hand him a pair of gloves and he looks at me in disgust and says, 'We don't have a maid to clean the bathrooms??'

Now I get that cleaning the bathrooms can seem like a downgrade from a barista. But I know that during the interview process for Starbucks cleaning the cafe and bathrooms is listed as part of the job description, so it isn't like no one told him. The thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the tone he used when he said it, like he was too good to spray some bleach on a toilet and wipe it down. I think he was expecting to just make drinks and stand around all day, not actually do work.

He quit the next day."

"They Had Everything"

"My boyfriend used to be a deckhand on the yacht for one of the richest Saudi princes. This guy was a billionaire.

Since he was around the same age as the prince’s kids at the time, they became friends (he was still a worker so it was never like normal friends).

They had EVERYTHING. Helicopter on the yacht, could go anywhere, had every movie/DVD/video game (this was the early 2000s), jet skis, every fun activity and entertainment, food, drinks, you can possibly imagine on the yacht, and if it wasn’t there, then they could get it, no questions asked. They cruised around the Mediterranean every summer, stopping in the different Mediterranean towns to shop with unlimited money, party if they wanted to, everything.

He said the kids were nice but always complaining about how bored they were and they were never excited about anything. He’d tried to amp them up to have fun but they rarely did have real fun.

They’d get the latest, greatest of whatever it was, play with it for 10 minutes and just toss it aside. My boyfriend thought it was insane. He’d be like, 'Huh?! If you don’t want that I’ll take it!!' They’d do the same with food, completely waste the best food - my boyfriend said the kitchen was his favorite part of working there.

They had it all but they were discontented with life. They weren’t happy or thankful or anything. Just very 'meh.'

Lame, right?!

My boyfriend liked them but he was just baffled by them.

This was like 20 years ago. He loved working on the yacht and had a great time there and said it was a good experience. He still keeps in touch with the kids occasionally."

Don't Donate Trash, Please
Don't Donate Trash, Please

"I nanny rich kids with the most entitled attitudes. They think that anyone who catches the bus is dangerous and poor and will kidnap them. They mocked a girl who got a scholarship to their expensive school so much that she transferred back to a public school. The mother has me sit in the house doing nothing for up to 8 hours when they have tradespeople in because she's convinced they will steal.

The mother also 'declutters' their old stuff by dumping it on their cleaning lady because 'she knows all the refugees in x city and there are people who will really enjoy this stuff.' It's a nice idea, but we're talking about old underwear with no elastic, soft toys with giant stains and missing limbs, school bags that are so old the plastic material has hardened and cracked off, and felt pens with no lids that dried out years ago. She just has no concept of what real people's lives are actually like, to think that they might want this garbage."

All That Glitters
All That Glitters

"The two kids I nanny have Macbooks (and Macs, but they put them in storage because the kids didn't use them). They both have iPhones, and the youngest one is probably getting an iPhone X for Christmas. Within the first two weeks of owning her brand new Macbook, one kid very slightly damaged the metal lining around the screen. She then intentionally pulled it half off (it's pretty hard to do) and went to mommy saying, 'It's broken, I need a new one.'

I've also found authentic receipts for very expensive, limited edition collector dolls (the type that say 'not for children, collectors item, not a toy'), which their family members give them to play with just like any other toy. The kids have no idea it's special and treat it badly just like all their other items.

They basically own anything they could ask for, but they talk so wistfully when they go to a friend's house and find out that their family all sit down for dinner together (they're so busy with tutoring and dance classes that they eat alone in between activities, or not until 10pm when they finally come home at night). Another shock is that their friends actually bond with their dads, who are at home most nights and weekends (these kids only ever see their dad during holidays because he leaves for work before they wake up and doesn't come home until midnight)."

Kids Can Be Like Cavities: Spoiled Rotten
Kids Can Be Like Cavities: Spoiled Rotten

"I work for a dentist and her son is a spoiled brat. He was at the office one day because she had to bring him to an appointment later that day. He got bored and went out wandering around some of the local shops. He came back a little while later and without any preamble walked up to her and said, 'Give me $80.'

She asked him what it was for and he just repeated himself and she gave it to him.

The kid is 19 years old, he was 17 at the time of this incident. The father is in the picture but my boss (the dentist) is the main breadwinner and disciplinarian of the family. The husband is more like another child and just works here and there and lives off her money. She tries to act tough and instill certain morals and values in her kids but then turns around and caves to all of their demands.

For example, her twin daughters are going to university next year and instead of staying in a dorm, they demanded a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. They refused to share a bedroom or even a bathroom. At first she told them absolutely not but they whined and complained and she caved. This will be a 2 bed 2 bath apartment in Toronto, by the way, where rent prices are through the roof.

My boss is very much about appearances and from a young age got her kids accustomed to a privileged lifestyle. She created monsters."

Just Let Everyone Else Solve Poverty, Obviously
Just Let Everyone Else Solve Poverty, Obviously

"I used to go to a salon in a wealthy part of NYC. I knew the owner/stylist and she would give me hefty discounts (otherwise I would pay in the hundreds for a haircut).

Around Christmas one day, I overheard a customer ask the stylist why she should give her son's old toys to the less fortunate children in poorer areas. The lady complained that so many people donate clothes/toys/personal care items already, so why should she do so, too? The owner looked at me with fear in her eyes, as she knew I grew up as one of the less fortunate in the poorer areas. I wanted to tell that lady off, but kept my mouth shut.

Sometimes I wish I had said something. I just wanted a relaxing day."

I Mean, Diapers Are Expensive
I Mean, Diapers Are Expensive

"I was babysitting a baby girl from a rich family.

One day as I came in, her mom handed me the girl and I realized she was totally wet so I automatically went to change her diaper. When I came back, her mother started yelling hysterically that I had no idea how much the diapers cost, and that she had left her baby like that on purpose since they were not going anywhere at that moment.

I guess a dry diaper on her baby wasn’t something she could brag about, so it just wasn't worth the money.

I would also like to add that the baby had pieces worth over $300 in her wardrobe and that her mother would spend the whole afternoon shopping while paying me to babysit her baby. So saving money on diapers wasn’t how they became rich."

Caution: Water Ruins Clothes
Caution: Water Ruins Clothes

"So, some of my old co-workers at a summer program happened to be on Catalina Island at the same time as Brandi (some Disney Star, I think? I don't know anything about celebrities) was there on a huge yacht. They overheard an exchange where she complained about her shirt being WET. Not dirty, but wet. And her friend told her that it was okay because there were dryers on the yacht.

Brandi's response? 'Girl, I'm just gonna throw it out.'"

Literally Bounced Him Right Out
Literally Bounced Him Right Out

"I worked as a bouncer at a high end night club. The biggest brat of a rich kid, straight out of Malibu’s Most Wanted, gets a VIP booth and bottle service. Racks up a massive bill trying to act like a baller. His credit card gets denied and he has to call his dad to come down at 1:30 am because he can’t order any more bottles.

His dad comes down in his pajamas, obviously ashamed and furious at this prick of a kid. He ends up completely embarrassing his kid in front of his whole group of friends. He takes the kid's keys and is about to leave when his kid makes some snarky comment and goes back in the club. The dad's about to walk away after he apologizes for his son when we offer to drag him out the rough way. He smiles and accepts. That kid hit every door and step on the way out.

That was one of the most satisfying experiences working at that club."

She Brought Her Coworker Down To Earth
She Brought Her Coworker Down To Earth

"I have to admit I was an entitled kid. When I was left to fend for myself, my parents never gave me a chance.

I had lived in poverty with one parent that didn’t even wash our clothes or bedding on the weekdays and then in ultimate never-want-for-anything-luxury with the other parent on the weekends. With a £4k watch at the age of 14, I was the first on all the trends. I was the kid all the other kids were jealous of but I was hungry 80% of the time, and neither parent had given me a single life skill or shown me how to do anything.

My first job was in a coffee shop and they asked me to mop the floor. I had read in a book once that someone got told off by an old nun for not mopping so before the nun came to check it, they would make the floor wet again. I didn’t know how to mop so I genuinely thought it meant that the floor just had to be wet so it looked clean.

I got a telling off from my colleague for being dangerous and at first, I was a spoiled brat because I was scared and said things like, 'I’ve never had to do poor people work,' and 'I wasn’t brought up to do these things.'

But she was so so kind to me. She saw right through it and I had to explain I had no idea how to do any of these things they were asking me, like wipe a table or use a dustpan and brush. Change a bin. Wash my uniform. Wash up. Get the bus home. Figure out the bus timetable.

The words that came out of my mouth shocked her and she gave me secret lessons while nobody was around. Can’t imagine what she must have thought of me but she only ever praised me and made me feel proud of my mopped floor and shiny clean tables. When she left, I was the manager. I don’t know where she ended up but I will always be grateful for her bringing me down to earth."

Lies Can Be Deadly
Lies Can Be Deadly

"I work in an extremely wealthy community and a local bar owner has this son who is all kinds of addicted to drinking and substances. Anyway, the son was in Mexico on a binge and ran over and killed someone. He is now back in the States living it up because Daddy just paid off whoever he needed to pay to get him back, scot free.

Another dumpster fire in this rich town happened about 15 years ago. A woman was married to this pharmaceutical CEO and was watching her step son when he fell from the stair railing, plummeting to his death. Weird circumstances surrounding this event as well.

The following week, when all the family was in town for the funeral, they found her hog tied, bound, and gagged, hanging from the outdoor balcony. The only other person in the home at the time was her wealthy brother-in-law. Her death was labeled 'a suicide.'"

They Went To Violent Extents To Save Their Rears
They Went To Violent Extents To Save Their Rears

"Some rich idiots went on a fox hunt, a cruel illegal sport involving chasing a fox for hours until it passes out from exhaustion. Two charity workers monitored them, collecting evidence. The hunters found the charity workers, so the princess of the group went and 'got the boys' - 4 men in a truck wearing balaclavas, who attacked the charity workers and destroyed/stole evidence, leaving one worker (an ex-policeman) with a broken neck.

One hunter was caught and pled guilty to grievous bodily harm. The princess' sister provided a character reference in court. He was then given a suspended sentence, community service and a £500 fine. He never gave up the identities of the masked men and was not given an animal cruelty charge because it would put his career (where he works with animals) at risk.

The whole story makes me sick, this violent criminal should be rotting in prison but is protected by the upper class and faces practically no consequences for having a charity workers neck broken to destroy evidence."

Service With A Side Of Sass
Service With A Side Of Sass

"My friend's girlfriend asked him to ask everyone he knew to rate one of her dad's restaurants 5 stars.

It was because it was the specific one where she is working and that place has plenty of bad reviews (generally their restaurants have great reviews) and all the bad ones mention their rude waitresses.

Guess what she works as."

"'Is That A Lot?'"

"I worked with this kid who was a good kid, but completely disconnected from financial reality for most people. He’d just moved out west from another state and was trying to get on like a 'normal' adult.

He went to buy a new car and was shocked that they couldn’t just bill his dad for it, since they didn’t know him.

He ordered a bottle of expensive Cabernet at a restaurant and the sommelier said, 'Certainly, sir.' Then the sommelier whispered, 'Just for your knowledge, sir, the bottle is $700.'

He looked straight at him and asked, 'Is that a lot?'

The sommelier honestly didn’t know how to answer.

Good kid, and he got a lot better, but he just didn’t know. Once he casually told his mom he needed some help with bills and she deposited $20,000 into his account."

That Kid's Attitude Needed Repairing
That Kid's Attitude Needed Repairing

"In middle school, a repairman was working on a broken AC in our class. This kid kept mocking fun of how dirty he looks. The repairman finally had enough of it and requested the kid to come to the principal office with him. Kid started screaming stupid stuff like, 'How dare you talk back to me do you know who my dad is, don’t you dare touch me you’re dirty, etc.'

At that moment I lost all faith in humanity."

Workers Are People Too?
Workers Are People Too?

"I work at a country club and on the 4th of July (while I was working), a little girl asked why we were closing at 7 instead of staying open all night. I told her I wanted to get to do sparklers and fireworks with my family, too!

She thought about it, looked back at me and said, 'But... but y’all aren’t real people?'

I just had to laugh and inform her I was indeed real and all my coworkers weren’t just the slaves of the country club. Wild, man."

Addicted To Their Wealth
Addicted To Their Wealth

"I work at a rehab that serves many rich clients and rich entitled addicts can be the absolute worst. These people literally have everything handed to them, and this is coming from someone who was middle class and spoiled as a child. But then they act like spoiled kids, complain about not getting special treatment, yada yada, all while claiming to want to get sober. Even just hearing the word 'no' for them is like a mind blowing experience. Imagine trying to get them to wake up on time or do anything knowing that they will forever have mommy and daddy to run back to when they mess up.

There’s one in particular who can’t even deal with the 'stress' of being in an hour-long group. It’s honestly kinda sad, most of them have absolutely no hope because they aren’t even willing to see it. So we try to break them of their entitlement above anything.

I went through rehab as well and have been sober for 4 years, so I’m not just talking out of a second hand experience. It's the rich ones with private jets that are some of the most difficult people I’ve ever had to deal with, whereas the people who have nothing are somewhat receptive and willing."

Get Ready For That Sugar Rush
Get Ready For That Sugar Rush

"I work in a 5 star hotel so I've seen quite a lot, but this is the one that stuck with me.

It's about 8:30am and this mother with her son, no more than 4 years old, walk into the lobby bar.

The kid is holding a can of Sprite and chugging away at it, they approach the ice cream display.

Mom asks for 1 scoop of chocolate for the brat.

'Not 1, 4!' screams the kid.

The mother doesn't even blink.

'4 scoops,' she says.

I sigh and scoop out 4 for him.

Not more than 5 minutes later the kid is back and asks me for a Coke, I ask the mom if its ok and she rudely replies that of course it is.

Not even 9 in the morning and this kid has had 2 sodas and 4 scoops of ice cream."

I Guess Succes Didn't Run In The Family
I Guess Succes Didn't Run In The Family

"I used to work in a manufacturing company where the CEO/Owner decided to retire and sell the business. A few weeks later, an early 20’s guy shows up and makes the managers tell everyone that he’s the new owner. Turned out his dad bought the business for him.

Since the company was coasting on the previous owner's success, the problems didn’t start to arise until a year later. In the meantime the only 'work' he did was buying a pool table and a gym set for the break room and a large TV for his office. When it came time to renew some clients contracts, he lost nearly 40% of them by charging some almost double since he believed they were 'ripping us off.' Along with other terrible decisions, the company was on the brink of failure until his dad stepped in and hired a VP to run the company. We also heard a screaming match between him and his dad once, that was frightening."

9-Years-Old And Already A World-Class Golfer
9-Years-Old And Already A World-Class Golfer

"My husband is like number 2 in his company (of about 900 employees). His boss’s 9-year-old daughter has been groomed to be a golfer. So much so that she no longer goes to school; she travels worldwide to competitions with a nanny and a tutor.

Anyways, for some reason my husband is the only one entrusted to book her travel (which is not even remotely close to his actual job, but the boss signs the checks). On more than one occasion, she has called my husband at the last minute to change her flight (plus mom, nanny and tutor) because she is craving a particular restaurant that is at a different airport than where she is scheduled to fly into. Or the time she called him to switch hotels because she didn’t like the decor IN THE LOBBY (it was like a Four Seasons or some other high end hotel).

Her dad doesn’t blink at the expense. Again, she's a 9-year-old girl and some of this happened more than a year ago."

He Really Turned Around
He Really Turned Around

"When I was a kid, I met this rich neighbor kid who lived in a freaking mansion really close to my humble house. As expected, his parents were never home and his babysitter was there almost permanently, so she was like his second mom. He would come over with her to play with my cheap dinosaurs and he would bring his expensive toys and would brag about having everything he wanted and he had the best most expensive toys (technically the truth but I didn't mind at all, I got to play with them as well).

The more I knew this kid, the more I understood their bad situation. He would treat his babysitter almost literally like a slave, bossing her around and hitting her either punching her in the body or kicking her in the legs whenever she wouldn't do what he wanted. She would sleep in a little corner of the dog's room where it smelled like feces.

My mom talked to the kid many times, telling him he must not treat her that way because she's the only one that takes care of him and that she should sleep in a proper room. After many talks, the kid started to change for real, stopped treating her bad and started to say please and thank you, and didn't get mad when he was told 'no,' (maybe he'd get mad with a 'bummer,' but nowhere near his previous response).

The kid even talked to his parents and insisted that she has a decent room for herself, and they accepted. We ended up being good friends and thanks to my mom, he was so much better. My take is he just didn't know better thanks to his uncaring parents. Some time later I moved and never saw him again. I hope what my mom taught him stuck to him."

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