Romphim, the bold, new fashion fad for men that took the internet by storm in May of 2017, is going out of business.

Co-founders Alex Neumann and Daniel Webster-Clark said in a statement recently that they couldn't find the time to grow the company. "We ran it for as long as we could, but we weren't able to come out with the new styles and be as innovative as all our customers deserve."

Romphims managed to grab the attention of companies like GQ and Esquire with GQ quoted in saying, "Romphim's wild popularity is evidence that the American man's thirst for comfortable clothing and convenience may never be quenched."

The group that started Romphim, ACED Design, began promoting their fashion ideas on Instagram in April 2017. The following month they officially started a Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000. In less than 24 hours, the Kickstarter had managed to reach $50,000 thus starting Romphim's viral run.

Some people loved the new and fresh look available for men. Others thought they looked ridiculous which sparked a variety of memes about Romphim. But there's no such thing a bad publicity. Love 'em or hate 'em, everyone was talking about them and Google search results spiked in May 2017.

Unfortunately, as the Romphim memes died down, so did the interest in this fashion trend. Google search results for Romphim took a nosedive in August in 2017 and was never able to recover.

Although the company that made the original Romphim is going out of business, there have been plenty of company's making there own version of the male romper. So if you still want to try this kind of style, as Romphim would say, "Let's Romp!"

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