Retail workers, we get it. Some customers just really get under the skin, leading to a lack of faith in humanity and an overall unwillingness to serve a person with a proper care and civility that one is trained for. But we sincerely advise workers to tread lightly, because ticking off the wrong customer will not end well for ya and nothing can convince them that they were not in the right. Just ask these people.

Customers who went off on a retail employee shared their story to Reddit, and provided their explanation for why they believe their rant was not only worth it, but completely justified. Whether or not they were is up to the reader. Nevertheless, a lesson is always to be learned.

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He Never Would Have Acted That Way When He Delivered Food
He Never Would Have Acted That Way When He Delivered Food

"I had ordered some food at around 2 am. My roommate had to work the next day and was sleeping, so I made a note on the delivery saying, 'Please call, do not ring bell. Thanks!' Our doorbell was a really loud buzzer, so I didn't want to wake him.

About an hour later, I hear a loud BZZZZZZZZZZ. I was so annoyed because I had clearly asked that they not do that. I went to the door and it was this guy probably around 20 years old and, immediately after he handed me my food, he stuck his hand out and went, 'Tip.' I had money in my pocket that I was going to tip him with, but I didn't even get a chance to get it out before he did that.

I responded with, 'Seriously?' Then, I went to tell him that he was not going to get a tip, not only because he rang the bell when I clearly asked him not to (it was printed on the receipt under my address so he should have seen it) but also because of how rudely he demanded a tip. I told him about how I was a delivery driver when I was in college and I would never try to force someone to tip me. He said, 'Whatever,' and left, so I called the restaurant and told them they had a really crummy driver."

"I Do Not Respond Well To Crummy, High-Pressure Sales Tactics"
"I Do Not Respond Well To Crummy, High-Pressure Sales Tactics"

"I was buying a used car from a dealer. We agreed on a price over the phone. He offered to have someone come pick me up to test drive it. I was new in the city and had no car. I said, 'Sure, let's do it. I'm prepared to buy the car with cash today, but not for one cent more than the price we agreed upon, so don't waste your time bringing me out there unless we're clear here, this is the final price all fees included.' The dealership was a 30-40 minute drive away, so I didn't want to waste my time if it wasn't real.

So he and another guy come to pick me up. And, of course, he tried to sell me a new car instead of the one I was interested in, but I was not hearing it. I test drove the car. It was just what I was looking for, and the price we agreed on was under Kelly Blue Book value, so I was good with everything.

Then, he drew up the paperwork and the final cost was nearly two grand more than we agreed on. I was pretty upset then. We had a clear agreement, and he tried to slip in $2,000 like I wouldn't care. I said, 'No deal. Drop me back off at home.' He kept knocking off a hundred here, a hundred there. I said, 'No. We had a deal. Take me back home.'

Finally he said, 'Well, if you're not gonna buy the car (for $1500 more than what I told you) then you can find your own way home.'

So then I started raising my voice so the other customers heard our conversation - 'YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU DRAGGED ME 40 MINUTES AWAY FROM HOME, TRY TO CHARGE ME AN EXTRA TWO GRAND, THEN TELL ME I'M STRANDED OUT HERE IF I DON'T PAY!?'

He begged me to be quiet, tried cutting more off the price, but I did not let this go. People were staring. The dealer was sweating bullets. His manager came in and started getting more of it from me. They started apologizing, but I was not letting them off there. I do not respond well to crummy, high-pressure sales tactics and they were starting to realize it.

Anyway, after making a big scene and giving the auto-dealer that tried to pull this on me a legitimate panic attack, the manager finally agreed to sell me the car at the agreed upon price, which I then negotiated another $500 off of. He really wanted me out of that shop. For a while there, I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to buy the car from them no matter what after that crud. But once he came to down to my price, I decided to see if I could get even more off. Once I got it down to 500 below my original price and did the math of whether spending more time looking for a better deal and more time registering the car etc., vs just taking this deal and being done with it (it was actually a good deal, and they take care of the tags and everything) I decided to swallow my pride and take it. I felt pretty confident they hadn't made a sucker out of me.

Car is still running great."

"Customers Were Laughing At How Upset I Was"
"Customers Were Laughing At How Upset I Was"

"I spent my last $40 on a car part I needed. It was the last of my money. My livelihood literally depended on this part. It had obviously been returned before and was assembled incorrectly by the first purchaser.

First, he said I couldn't return it because it had brake fluid on it. OK, fair enough. He can't resell it, but whatever. I had my friend drive me home and I cleaned it up and had my friend drive me back again the next morning. Then, he's said he could not take it back without a receipt. Well, I paid with a credit card and there's a warranty so I should have been in the system. He wouldn't even check and refused to exchange it.

I freaking lost it. I was irate, screaming at him. Customers were laughing at how upset I was. He threatened to call the police. I told him to go ahead.

But then, something amazing happened. Behind this guy's back, another employee overheard my details, looked up my information, and printed out a copy of my receipt. Just as this guy was about to tell me for the millionth time that I can't return the part without a receipt, the employee behind him handed it to me, and I handed it back to the manager I was arguing with.

I got my new part and was able to make it to work that night. I hope that guy didn't get fired for doing the right thing.

I used to be a manager at AutoZone. I knew I was in the right and I knew there was no way I was walking out of that door without a new part or a refund, but I really needed the part to get to work (I worked graveyards, no one would be available to drive me there, and the buses didn't run at this time) and they were the only outfit in town with the part in stock.

Get stuffed, store manager."

"I Had Gone Two Days Without My edication
"I Had Gone Two Days Without My edication

"I have epilepsy. I had gone two days without my medication because my doctor did not renew my prescription due to him suddenly leaving the practice. I was feeling sick, hazy, and not aware of my surroundings, but I managed to walk over to the pharmacy to get a refill once I finally got the new doctor to fill out a script. I told the lady that my script was sent to a different pharmacy but I had to come to this one because I couldn't drive over to the one I was going to and I wanted to go to this one anyway. She said OK. I confirmed with her literally four or five times that she would call and transfer over my script (it wasn't my first rodeo) and she said she would.

An hour later I came to pick up my medicine. She put it in the bag and stapled it. I paid and left. I got home AND IT WAS THE WRONG MEDICATION.

I had gone there for a brief period of time and I guess, for some reason, they had it on file that I was to take the same medication, but in a much, much lower dose. The 'one month' bottle she gave me would last about a week. I had to go walk 20 minutes back to the pharmacy again.

She claimed I had never mentioned there was another pharmacy and it would be a few hours until she could fill it. I already waited over an hour, plus I walked for a total of 60 minutes (there, back, there). I told her that I did tell her and she didn't believe me, so I got angry and raised my voice and said that I would really need this medication a lot sooner than a few hours from then, that I asked for it over an hour ago, and I was given the wrong medication and this was not acceptable. She threatened to not fill my medication and ban me from the pharmacy. Maybe I was making a bigger scene than I thought I was.

I said, 'Alright, I am sorry. I have gone three days without my medication. I can NOT drive to my other pharmacy. I really need to take this medication in the proper dose, not twelve of these little pills for ONE dosage. I am extremely hazy and I feel sick. Please just fill my script.'

She had me just sit down and wait and called then and there. At least it got done in about 45 minutes instead of a few hours. I felt like a butt, especially since I never yell at anyone. 19-year-old me just wanted to get out of there."

"This Is Supposed To Be $10"
"This Is Supposed To Be $10"

"My bath robe was in shambles, so the wife said it was time to get a new one. I was already in a bad mood because everyone knows clothes with holes in them are the superior option and I didn't want to replace my battle worn night clothing. So we ended up at Walmart at midnight. First mistake.

I found one on the clearance shelf with a clearance sticker that read the cheaper price on it. I took it up front and, of course, only self-checkout was open. I scanned and the kiosk said to wait for assistance. Great. The employee scanned her card and removed the discount.

ME: 'Um, ma'am, you removed the discount.'

HER: 'I didn't remove anything.'

ME: 'Well, yes, you did. It was just on the screen and this is supposed to be $10.'

HER: 'You'll have to rescan it.'

So, I scanned it and she did the same thing!!!

HER: 'See it's the same price'

ME: 'No, ma'am, you just removed it again.'

HER: 'Well, if you think I'm wrong, I'll call management.'

ME: 'OK, I'll wait.'

I waited for 30 minutes and then asked her again and all she said was, 'Well I called him. If you want to just buy it then you can.'

For some reason this set me off. I don't know why after all of this, that is what set me off. So, I said, 'No, don't worry about it. I'm leaving.'

HER: 'Well, are you going to put the robe back where you got it?'

So, I threw it on top of a battery kiosk and let it fall to the bottom of it while making eye contact and told her she could do it since she can't do her actual job correctly.

I felt like a prick and my wife was less than impressed, but it was infuriating at the time. My wife reminds me of that often when she wants to embarrass me."

"Did I Not JUST Say We Were Out Of That?"
"Did I Not JUST Say We Were Out Of That?"

"I was in line to get food and was attempting to read the menu. I had forgotten my glasses and couldn't see crud, so it took all my willpower. Not to mention that it was so loud I could barely hear myself think, and I was hungry. I vaguely heard my friend, who was in front of me order something, but didn't catch what or what the lady behind the counter told her.

It was my turn, and I said to the lady, 'Hi, could I have "X"?'

She rolled her eyes at me so hard, I was afraid they were gonna fall out and said, 'Did I not JUST say to her (referring to my friend) that we were out of that?'

'Oh, I'm sorry, must have missed that. I'll have the "Y" then.'

'Yeah, sure,' she snorts. 'All of you just think you can ignore people like me-'

'I'm sorry,' I said, 'but it's loud and I didn't hear you-'

'Entitled brats thinking we don't matter at all, but try saying that out loud-'

'I've already apologized, can I please get my foo-'

'No one shows any respect these days-'

'Oh my God, go get stuffed and just give me my food!'"

"We Can't Give You The Children Ticket"
"We Can't Give You The Children Ticket"

"My mother and I went to the cinema together and she asked for a ticket for one adult and one child. I was 10. The limit for the child discount was 11. Now, I always looked waaaay older than I actually was, like, for example, I've been mistaken for a 20 year old since I was about 14/15, and there's a lot of people who lie about their children's age... But mother wasn't lying. I was a very tall, not that baby-faced little girl, but a little girl nonetheless.

So, this man-prick asked, 'The children ticket is for...?'

'For my daughter,' Mom said, and she pointed at me. I smiled and waved. I think he made a face.

'She's clearly older than that,' he said. 'I can't give you a discounted ticket. Show me some form of identification.'

'Uhm, sir, I'm 10 years old,' I said, 'I don't have an identity card yet."

At the time in my country, you could make an identity card only when you reached your 14th birthday. Parents can put their children in their passport, but we didn't have my mom's passport with us because we just wanted to go to the freaking cinema.

'Well, we can't give you the children ticket,' he said. 'You're not 10. I can see that you're 14.'

I cried. I just wanted to see the movie and that man had called me and my mother liars. My mother went full 'that customer'/mama bear. I'm pretty sure she screamed, ranted, went red-faced with rage in front of this man-prick who had made her little daughter cry. I kept crying. In the end, they gave us the freaking ticket.

I totally understand why he didn't believe us, and I wouldn't have minded that much if he hadn't been so rude. I still remember his annoyed, rude tone of voice 13 years later. He really behaved like a prick."

"Can You Hear Me Now?"
"Can You Hear Me Now?"

"Lady at the drive-thru couldn't hear me, so I talked louder. She still couldn't hear me, so I spoke even louder. She still couldn't hear me, so I moved round to the window and she had the headset around her neck.

So I said, quite loudly, 'Can you hear me now?' She jumped about three feet and looked surprised to see me."

"No One Has Ever Seen Me This Mad Before Or Since This Incident"
"No One Has Ever Seen Me This Mad Before Or Since This Incident"

"I was at a gas station, one of those rigs where a guy runs out and kisses your butt filling your car. No idea what his heritage was, but he had an accent very hard to understand. I had been going to this station pretty regularly as it was next to the place I had worked for a couple years, and I basically knew everyone that worked there.

One day, I went to get gas and a Gatorade after a crummy 12-hour shift supervising 80 man-children in a dirty lumber mill, exhausted. New guy came out and asked if I wanted him to fill it up, to which I replied, 'Yes.' The rest went like this:

NEW GUY: 'Ray-goo-lair?'

ME: 'Huh?'


ME: 'Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking'

NEW GUY: [curses in native language(?)]

ME: 'Dude, sorry, do you mean regular? Yes, I'd like regular.'

NEW GUY: [continues muttering angrily while he fills my car]

Whatever, little guy must have his panties in a bunch. So I just let him fill my car and didn't think much of it. Time to pay, he told me my total and it was a solid $10 more than normal.

ME: 'What? How is that possible? My car only takes 'x-amount of gas.'

NEW GUY: 'Pree-me-ohm cost more.'

[Vein in my forehead starts throbbing] I should interject and say I am not a small man and between my physical job and my passion for weightlifting, I can come off as intimidating to some. This guy did not care.

ME: 'What the heck, buddy? I said I wanted regular.

NEW GUY: 'Yes, but I already hit pree-me-ohm button.'

ME: 'WHY? I didn't want that gas. I'm not paying for the difference.'

NEW GUY: 'You must pay.'

At this point, I was fixing to strangle the little guy with the hose and drive off, but my job as a shift super has taught me to take a breath and properly deal with difficult situations.

ME: 'Fine. Whatever. I have to pay with my card then. I don't have enough cash.'

NEW GUY: 'You pay inside.'

I went inside and found out that, not only did the weasel not use the right gas, but he also decided it was an appropriate time to take a smoke break. After waiting around seven minutes, he dragged his butt into the back door of the station, totaled me up, and rang me through. After I completed the transaction, I kid you not, he said, 'No tip?'

I swear, no one has ever seen me this mad before or since this incident. I looked him dead in the eye, slammed both my hands on the counter hard enough to make the impulse items jiggle and yelled, 'WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I TIP YOU? YOU MESSED UP THE EASIEST JOB IN THE WORLD BY BEING A LAZY FREAKING PRICK. HOW DO YOU GET THROUGH LIFE, YOU GREASY SACK OF GARBAGE?' or something along those lines.

I grabbed three of the Gatorades I liked and walked out without paying for them. The whole time numbnuts stood there dumbfounded. He was no longer employed there a week later."

"Sorry, The Gate Is Closed"
"Sorry, The Gate Is Closed"

"Waiting in Gatwick for our flight, which was at 6:50 a.m., the gates closed 30 minutes before departure. We were watching the boards like a hawk but the 'Go to gate' only appeared at 6:10 a.m., cutting it a little fine for them, but whatever.

We started casually making our way towards the gate. It's a bit of a walk, but as we passed another board at 6:15 a.m. on the way, 'Gate closing' appeared. So, we started running to the gate, got there a few minutes later, as a passenger walked through the gate. We handed over our boarding passes and passports and the saggy faced old witch, who was dead behind the eyes and had nothing between the ears, said, 'Sorry, the gate is closed.'

It was 6:17 a.m. - not a chance they should've closed the gate, but clearly they'd thought the last passenger had boarded and decided to shut up early to make their stats look good.

I KICKED OFF. I had seen that they just let a passenger through, I could see them still boarding the plane. But no, they 'shut their systems down' and couldn't do anything. This was utter bollocks. I called them out on it, but eventually got marched back through the airport to get another flight.

As we were checking in for a flight that left at 9 a.m., we were told we had to pay another £100 each. This was twice as much as we had paid for the original flight. I explained the situation, but the woman at check-in wasn't having it either and just assumed we'd turned up late and missed the flight. I was adamant on my timings, so repeated myself, getting more and more irate until, eventually, the manager of not just the airline, but the whole of Gatwick, came out.

I repeated my timings, and told them that I thought the airline was trying to bump up their stats by shutting the gate early. He went away and checked, came back, and my timings were spot on. He agreed with me. Alas, we were on the next flight, upgraded, for free.

If you're from the UK, it wouldn't surprise you to know that it was an EasyJet flight. Arseholes."

"It Was Just An Accident"
"It Was Just An Accident"

"A few years ago, at an Applebees, my waitress was bussing a huge tower of dishes (not wanting to make two trips I guess?) which just visually was precarious at best. As she was walking toward me, I thought to myself, There is no was she is going to make it to the kitchen.

Sure enough, once I was in splashing range, the tower went down. Half full glasses of soda hit the floor and sent splashes over my sandaled feet, and a full cup of marinara sauce hit the edge of our table and showered me with about a quarter of a cup of marinara sauce in a billion droplets from my hair to my chest. We hadn't even been served drinks ourselves yet. This was just the start of our meal. So, I sat there with sauce literally dripping from my nose, hair, etc.

Waitress made eye contact with me and saw what she had done, rolled her eyes, and groaned, 'Freaking son of a -!'

I sat there frozen like, Uh someone help? My husband said loudly, 'Can we get some help here?' Waitress walked less than three feet away, snatched up a rag, and began wiping her OWN hands! She deliberately TURNED HER BACK TO ME. Another waiter saw this, came over now, and dabbed at my shoulder with a wad of paper napkins. I heard the waitress who dropped all the crud say, 'Why is this woman looking at me? Now, I bet this witch is gonna give me a problem. I'm not dealing with this crud,' and turned and walked into the back.

At that point, I said to the waiter who was trying to dab away this sauce, 'She isn't even going to say SORRY?' He shrugged and was like, 'Sorry, ma'am.'

I said, 'Yeah, thanks. An apology should come from her though, and I heard her refer to me as a witch? I'm sitting here minding my own business and get pelted with sauce and soda head to toe, and I'm a witch?'

At that point, the anger rightfully built in me, and asked to see the manager. Manager came over. By then, the spilling waitress had heard I was complaining. She came over, and stood behind the manager as she and I talked. I explained what happened, that accidents happen, and I was not even mad over the spill, but I was mad over being treated like crud after it and being referred to as a witch. Manager gushed apologies, our dinner (a two for $20 we were grabbing) would be free. Okay, great.

'Still,' I said, 'this is an area for retraining or something. There needs to be something said to the server. That is not how you treat people.' She turned around, saw spilling waitress, and said, 'I'm sure she was coming to apologize right now.'

Waitress ROLLED HER EYES and said nastily, 'It was just an accident.' No apology. Manager was now like, Oh shoot, on her face. I said to waitress, 'And referring to me as THAT WITCH is an accident too?'

She said nothing, gave a smirk, and crossed her arms. I looked between her and the manager, who was silent and didn't know what to do with this. It ended in a stand off of the waitress refusing to simply apologize and me seething.

So, I thought a moment and said to the manager, 'So you said our ENTIRE meal tonight would be free? We want to change our order. And we want to keep our same server. No hard feelings, after all, right?'

So we changed our two for $20 to the most expensive entrees we could find, with three appetizers and salads and soup first. Dessert after. Tab was well over a hundred bucks. We lingered for as long as we could stand. Needless to say, we stiffed that twit, and I wrote no hard feelings on a napkin covered in marinara sauce at the table.

Only time I ever stiffed a server, and it was grand."

"The Cook In Charge Of Salads Did Not Look Busy At All"
"The Cook In Charge Of Salads Did Not Look Busy At All"

"I went to dinner with a friend. It was one of those 'order and then they call your number' places. Also, keep in mind the place is usually out-the-door busy. When we got there, it was basically empty, but they had full staff. My friend ordered pasta and I ordered a salad. We sat down and the line started to form out the door, but it was moving and things were going smoothly in the kitchen.

My friend got his pasta and about five minutes went by and I still didn't have a salad. I watched the kitchen and the cook in charge of salads did not look busy at all, so I went up to check. There was a rude customer who pushed me out of the way when I was walking up to ask where my food was so I got ticked off.

I finally got to go up there and see that the cook in charge of salads was laughing with his coworkers and messing around on his phones. So, I went up to the cashier and said, 'Can you tell your guys to make my salad instead of messing around? I ordered 15 minutes ago. My friend is almost done eating.'

They scrambled to find my ticket for the order, offered me a soda, and apologized a bunch. I said, 'No it's fine. Please just make my salad.'

I felt bad for going off on them because they probably just lost my ticket, but it really ticked me off to see them just messing around when I was there wondering why it was taking so long."

"Maybe Try Ringing The Bell Next Time You Want Me To Stop"
"Maybe Try Ringing The Bell Next Time You Want Me To Stop"

"Anyone who's gotten a bus in the UK (or most other places really) will know that when you ring the bell, not only does it make an audible ding, but a light at the front of the bus next to the driver that says 'BUS STOPPING' will illuminate.

I rang the bell, got up, and stood right next to the driver by the door so he could clearly also see I was waiting to get off. Driver just continued past the bus stop. I was like, 'You not stopping for me there?'

He rolled his eyes, scowled and slammed on the brakes in the middle of the road, to the point where everyone standing up nearly fell over and I think I heard someone fall down the stairs. He looked at me and said, 'Maybe try ringing the bell next time if you want me to stop then,' and opened the door in the middle of the road.

I just walked up to the sign lit up right in front of him and started sarcastically tapping it like it was on the fritz and said, 'Well, I think your light must be freaking broken or you're going blind if you can't see that, mate.' I heard him mumbling something as I got off. So, many bus drivers are such miserable pricks."

"Maybe He Didn't Care About His Job"
"Maybe He Didn't Care About His Job"

"I bought a phone at the Mediamarkt (I'm from the Netherlands) where they have a policy that claims that when your screen is broken, you can wait for the repair. So you never have to send your phone to some repair place and you never have to wait 'long.'

The screen of my S6 broke and I called the Mediamarkt to ask if it was OK if I could come in. A lady picked up the phone and replied with, 'Of course! You can just walk in and your screen will be fixed within the hour!

I specifically said, 'Well the screen is pretty broken. Will it still take only one hour?'

And the lady on the phone said, 'Yeah, don't worry about it. It takes one hour on arrival, with waiting in line and all.'

I was like, Holy crud, they actually do what they advertise! So, I went to my boss to ask for an hour off because the Mediamarkt is not in my hometown (and there was one in the place where I worked). The big boss agreed and off I went to the Mediamarkt.

When I walked into the costumer service, I immediately spotted a very big line of waiting people. So I thought to myself, Welp this will probably take longer than the one hour we agreed on. No big deal I will just call my boss to ask if it's OK if I come in a bit later. Boss said, 'Take your time. It's a slow day anyway.' Nice!

So I just stood there relaxing because I knew I had all the time. One hour passed and I was still in the waiting line. I kinda was getting peeved at that moment, but I kept my cool. One hour and a half passed and I was the next guy to be helped. So, I thought to myself, Finally!!! I went to the counter and the tech guy asked me, 'How can I help you?' I showed him my phone and he said, 'Wow, that phone is really messed up.

I was like, 'Yeah... I already told this to the lady on the phone.'

The guy was like, 'There are no females working here...'

I showed this guy the number that I called and he said, 'I don't know the phone number. No problem. Let's call the number to double check, mate!'

I called this number and the phone literally next to this dude started ringing. I could see this dude getting peeved. I told him, 'Mate, don't worry about it. Just fix my phone and I'm happy.'

Then this dude said, 'Yeah, it will take about 2-4 hours.'

I was like, 'No... The lady told me it would take one hour total! I've already waited for an hour and a half now and now you're going to tell me it takes 2-4 hours to fix a phone screen?'

This dude just looked blank in my eyes and said, 'Deal with it. It's not my problem.' I don't know why he said that. Maybe he didn't give a care about his job. That was the moment I lost my mind.

Manager came in and asked me, 'What's happening here??' After telling my whole story, the dude who 'helped' me just blankly looked into the manager's eyes and said, 'This dude is lying.'

LUCKY for me, the lady behind me backed me up in my story, so the manager went on some kind of rage toward this employee. He said sorry 10 times to me and my repair was free of charge. I still had to wait two hours though. I also believe the guy who helped me got fired over this. Well, it turned out he'd already received two warnings."

"Why Do You Need A Quarter For 21 Cents?"
"Why Do You Need A Quarter For 21 Cents?"

"At Walmart, the cashier was taking her time, and my mother and I assumed their machine was broken. We were wrong. Oh, we were wrong.

It suddenly hit us what was going on when we needed 21 cents in change. She saw the number and a look of terror went across her face. I was about to say, 'Keep the change,' but no. I needed to see this. She just stood there, fiddled with some coins for a bit, then called her manager over.

'Which one's the quarter?' she asked.

'Why do you need a quarter for 21 cents?' my mother replied.

'One quarter and one penny.'

'Quarters aren't 20 cents.'

'Yes they are?'

'No, they're 25.'

'How do I make 21 with a quarter?'

My mother had one heck of a phone call with the manager after that. My mother got her way because after the phone call we never saw that person again. She was fired, so it shows the exact point where Walmart themselves stop putting up with your crud.

The problem is the American education system doesn't have 'MUST LEARN' topics. You can fail one thing in school and just move on without it. Didn't understand time by the end of third grade? Too bad, we gotta move. Still can't make change? Oh well. Hence the people who can't differentiate 'your' and 'you're.' They likely failed it and nobody held them back or forced them to learn."