Hey, I get it. I love my dog and I would love to take him everywhere I go, but I don't because while I may think he is well-behaved he is not service dog level trained. Also it's illegal. A Karen takes her non-service dog to Walmart and it does not go well. See for yourself!

The following video is filmed from the point of view of a Jaedyn, who has an actual, legal service dog named Yuki. It is well-trained and has a very important job to do; Yuki is a seizure alert dog who can sense the early signs of a seizure and will try to get Jaedyn to a safe space and can even take action to avoid her from hurting herself.

As soon as she starts filming, there is chaos. Karen's non-service dog is yapping away. Jaedyn's service dog is doing its best to ignore the distraction and is sitting nicely at her feet, but keeps looking over at demon dog, because it's kinda hard to ignore the noise completely.

Jaedyn pleas with Karen to please take her dog out of the store since it's acting a fool and is distracting Yuki. Instead of leaving like a reasonable person, Karen and her demon dog decide it's a good idea to walk CLOSER to Jaedyn and Yuki, while demon dog continues to bark and growl. I can't make this stuff up folks. As Karen and company continue to distract Yuki, Jaedyn starts to panic, which is not good for a seizure, and needs to remove herself from the situation.

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Service dogs go through very rigorous training to be able to help out humans. Yuki's ability to ignore the demon dog and pay attention to Jaedyn's health is absolutely amazing! But it's sad that Yuki and Jaedyn were put in this uncomfortable position in the first place. Karen really needs to learn a few things about the legal system, and just common courtesy. What's your craziest Karen encounter? Tell us in the comments!