She Didn't Realize They Didn't Have A Factory In The Store


She Didn't Realize They Didn't Have A Factory In The Store

"When I worked at BabyGap we didn't have the correct size onesie that a woman wanted to buy. She then demanded that I go into the back and have 'them' make her one. I had to explain to her that the clothes are sewn in China and shipped to us from a distribution center. There are no seamstresses making baby onesies in the stock room of your local BabyGap."

She Literally Wanted To Take The Clothes Off Her Back


She Literally Wanted To Take The Clothes Off Her Back

"One time this lady came into the store and starts asking me for different sizes in everything. No problem, we have all the sizes in the back, I'll go get them. She's being a bit excessive, but whatever it means I get to spend time digging around in the storage room. Eventually, she comes across a sweater she wants to try on and it just so happens that I'm wearing the same sweater at work that day. She asks for a small and I apologize because we are sold out. This lady then looks at me and goes 'Well what size is the one you're wearing? I'll just take that one if it's a small.'

Ummm... No chick? Why would you want my dirty, sweaty, stretched out sweater anyway? I was honestly so baffled I just laughed awkwardly and walked away."

This Lady Decided To Craft Her Own


This Lady Decided To Craft Her Own "Return Policy"

"I was working customer service at a JCPenny's outlet store when we had a woman walk in wanting to return some items. When I asked for her receipt, she said she lost it so I thought to try scanning the barcode to see if I could bring up the purchase in our system and that's when I noticed the tags had the store logo on the back...for Hudson's. A store that had been gone since the 1990's. When I confronted the lady about the fact these clothes were bought from another store (and had to have been bought at least 8 years prior), she said with a straight face, 'Well I obviously can't return them to Hudson's now can I.' I was nearly floored by that encounter."

This Comeback Was Worth Every Penny


This Comeback Was Worth Every Penny

"I used to work at a certain office supply store.

One day I was in a particularly bad mood, and this woman came at me as I was covering the cash register. She has about $30 worth of paper and stuff and is demanding a discount with her loyalty card, demanding for the most amount of rebates.

I take her loyalty card and enter it into my system to see the purchase history. Amazingly, she'd spent a whopping $20ish dollars in the previous 4 years. So I calmly said to her, 'Ma'am, unfortunately, due to what the loyalty card says here, you don't qualify for those rebates you're asking for. You're currently sitting at $0 purchased this quarter, $0 purchased in the last year, and the big rebates start being available to you after you purchase $1000 every quarter. If you would like, I'll take you around the store, and we can get you enough items on this purchase to qualify for this quarter's rebates.'

Needless to say, my favorite manager was just coming back from his lunch break (wearing a shirt over his uniform) to hear this exchange. He pulled me aside a few minutes later and explained to me while I was doing nothing technically wrong, and it was freaking hilarious, that I should not handle that kind of situation in that manner. I agreed. However, very worth it."

She Needed These Clothes And She Needed Them Now

Leszek Glasner/Shutterstock

She Needed These Clothes And She Needed Them Now

"I work at an outlet mall, and I had a lady that hardly spoke any English yell and scream at me that it was a Texas State Law that every store must stay open until sunset (it was a Sunday so we closed at 7 pm, but since it was summer the sun didn't set until 8:30 pm) so she could use the fitting rooms.

I replied 'Ma'am, the sun sets later but GAP closes now, the fitting rooms are closed please make your way to the cash register.'

Then she insisted I call my manager over.

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