Raiding The Fridge Was Only Strike One
Raiding The Fridge Was Only Strike One

"A colleague was coming into town for a meeting. I invited him to stay with me so he didn't have to stay with our boss. I specifically told him that the drinks in the fridge were not mine and asked him not to drink it. They belonged to my roommate, who traveled a lot for work and was not home at the time. Well, not only did he take all of my roommate's drinks while I slept and refused to replace it, he also trashed my apartment. All the cupboards were left open, the toilet was unflushed, cans and finished smokes were everywhere. Yeah, he smoked inside.

The following day, he made me so uncomfortable in my own home by repeatedly telling me that he was disappointed that we didn't go all the way with each other. He thought that was why I invited him to stay with me. He knew that I lived in a work apartment and that we had a guest room specifically for company employees that traveled to the city. Then, he accused my roommate of sleeping together, which we did not, and said that if I slept with my roommate, there was no reason for me not to sleep with him too. I'm going to report it."

"I Need To Stop Letting Wasted People Stay Over"

"My husband let a former co-worker crash on the couch because he had been drinking and we didn't want him to drive. We woke up the next morning to find that he had stolen our computer, a cell phone, a little bit of cash, and our smokes. Turns out he had a substance abuse problem. Fortnately, we got our computer back.

I need to stop letting wasted people stay over."

Was She Secretly Anti-Furniture?
Was She Secretly Anti-Furniture?

"I was in between my first and second semesters of grad school and working in a department store. I had a co-worker there with whom I had become friendly - so friendly that I had spent Thanksgiving at her house a couple months before. She was younger than me, at 19, but was married, so I thought she must have been kind of mature.

I invited her over to dinner at my house with some other friends. She sat down in my desk chair, for some reason, and I asked her to be careful in it because the back seemed like it was about to break off. I was a poor grad student and couldn't really afford a replacement.

'So, I shouldn't do like this?' she asked, and started rocking back and forth against the back of the chair.

'Yes, please stop,' I replied.

The back of the chair promptly broke off and she just laughed. Not long after that, I got a teacher's aid position at school and quit the department store. I ghosted her."

Never Date Your Co-workers
Never Date Your Co-workers

"I had been dating a guy from work for about six or seven months and pretty much everyone knew it. A load of us went out for some drinks one night. The guy I was dating and I were planning to go back to my place afterwards. Two other colleagues, one female and one male, who was a good friend outside of work, missed the last train home. I lived close by and had a spare room, so I said the guy could crash on the sofa and the girl could have the spare room.

I had gone to bed with the guy I was dating and was woken up by my other male colleague. He burst into my room to tell me that my boyfriend and the female colleague had woken him up by getting it on in my living room. We went downstairs to find her wearing one of my towels. They said it was nothing. I went back to bed again to wake up hearing them at it in the bed in my spare room. I shouted up to them that I could hear them. His response was to offer me to join in. He thought I was being unreasonable for declining. I told them both to get out, but told her that she could wait inside until a taxi could get there.

I sat next to her at work. Needless to say, it was pretty uncomfortable. She did say that she didn't know we were dating. I told her I didn't blame her. I blamed him. It happened under my roof not once, but twice in the same night. Pretty rude."

She Dropped A Ball On Their New Year's Event
She Dropped A Ball On Their New Year's Event

"We had a bunch of people over for a New Year's event. One woman I used to work with was invited. We were pretty good friends at work and, generally, she and my wife got along.

The whole night, she sat there hitting on me and trying to put her hand on my knee. It was really weird, not to mention she had recently gotten married, which made it extra awkward. I wrote it off as something weird, until I talked to my wife a couple of days later. It turned out that she had been talking to my wife a lot that night and kept trying to imply I had cheated or was going to cheat. She, basically, kept trying to wedge her way into our relationship in a really messed up way. Luckily, my wife isn't stupid and just ignored her crap all night.

I cut ties with that person and, luckily, we don't work together anymore. I ran into her a couple of times since then and was polite, but also cold. It was such a weird situation."

She Couldn't Make Her Own Tea?
She Couldn't Make Her Own Tea?

"My parents host their friends and acquaintances a lot. They live in a touristy location, are social butterflies, and have room in the house, so people gather there for holidays, birthday parties, etc., and sleep over a lot. People are generally well mannered and nice. An out of town family (mom, dad, and adult daughter) invited themselves to my parents' home and stayed over the weekend. This was a former co-worker of my mom's. They were not well off and they saw this visit as a little vacation to our remote home.

Without any warning, they brought their two aggressive and spoiled poodles, knowing that we had a dog. We had to lock our dog in a bedroom for the duration of their stay as the other two would attack him. The dogs also peed and pooped everywhere inside the house. The owners would simply point it out and do nothing. They would not even offer to clean it. They would simply sit and watch my poor mom scrub the floor.

At one point, I was outside and the adult daughter walked over to let me know she wanted tea. I pointed out that she knew where the kitchen was and that she should feel at home and make herself a cup. She huffed, went back inside, and made a scene about how I, a young kid, was a rude and terrible host and had the audacity to suggest that she, a guest, make her own cup of tea. She refused my mom's offer to make her some and she did not stop complaining until I got dragged in and made tea, for the first time in my life, I might add.

The whole thing was very strange. My parents have had many guests over the years but never anything remotely this entitled. They were never allowed to return."

You Don't Want A Guy Like That Handling Your Food
You Don't Want A Guy Like That Handling Your Food

"I had some co-workers over at my place after work. We all work in a restaurant. One guy used my bathroom and I went in immediately after he was finished. There was pee all over my toilet, floor, and wall.

I went over to him and he had acted like he had no idea what I was talking about. I made him clean it up, which he did a low-effort job of. I never hung out with him again."

"Hang Out With Us Instead Of Your Phone"

"I had one of my wife's old co-workers over for a game night with friends. He was sitting on his phone all night, holding up play of the card game we were all playing, so I called him out jokingly.

'Hey man,' I said, 'hang out with us instead of your phone.'

He flipped on me, told me to go stuff myself and that he'd beat my rear end. I told him to get the heck out of my house. He then texted my wife, telling her that I didn't respect her, that he loved her, and that she should leave me. I let her know that if he ever came around me again, I would kick his face in."

Those Are Some Aggressive Poodles
Those Are Some Aggressive Poodles

"My wife and I are fairly generous people. We have a guest room that we let people use in need. A lot of our friends have crashed, as well as couch surfers, family, etc. My wife had a co-worker who was currently living in her car with her boyfriend and her dog. She couldn't get an apartment because of the dog. We have a dog, so we were especially keen on helping out. This was the mistake.

We said they could crash for a couple nights. They said it would not be more than two since they finally had an apartment lined up and were going to stay with some family by then. When they arrived, everyone was happy and excited. We thought it would be fun to have another couple to connect with.

Ten minutes in, their dog had an accident. Neither of them moved. We said we had some stuff to clean it up. They didn't assist. We should have taken that as the red flag and kicked them out. Within the next 12 hours, their dog had seven accidents. We cleaned all of them up. They never took their dog out when we said they should. We had to. One of his accidents I found by stepping in pee at 6 am.

That two-day visit turned into 10 days. They took over our fridge with all their takeout that they wouldn't even eat. They took over our living room because the guy didn't have a job. He signed himself in to my PlayStation and wouldn't budge. For 10 days, we became closed-in roommates in our own home taking care of another dog. The worst part was that we couldn't kick them out because my wife worked with her on a daily basis. Even after putting up with all this crap, they never even said thanks. Then, one day, they were gone. They never even let us know. My wife sees her at work still and the coworker has never brought it up. It was like it was expected."

You Mess With My Dog, You Mess With Me
You Mess With My Dog, You Mess With Me

"My husband's co-worker started wrestling on the floor with our puppy. He was done, evidently, but she was still ready to play. She jumped up on him and he grabbed her and body slammed her onto the ground in a chokehold. Then, he told her she needed to learn when the heck to stop. A six-month-old puppy. He was asked to leave immediately and is no longer welcome in our home."

The Great Perfume Caper
The Great Perfume Caper

"My first wife and I had friends over one night. There were some long established friends, as well as some newer friends to our circle. All of them were workmates and their wives. We didn't notice until we went to bed that my wife had a small set of perfumes stolen from the bathroom.

I had to mention it to those colleagues the next day, some of whom took great offense. I was 99.99% sure who it was, but I couldn't prove it, so I couldn't say. The whole thing broke that group up. We were great mates who started to just not hang out any more."

"He Sure Was Hungry"

"I invited several guys from work to stay at our place during a typhoon since the road to their homes were already flooded. When we got to my place, I told them I had put something on the stove, then the food would be ready in 10 minutes. In the meantime, I told them they could start eating one of the dishes while we waited.

I handed the bowl to one of the guests so he could pass it around. He never did. He emptied all of the contents of the large bowl into his plate without asking our other colleagues or me, the host, if we wanted some. He sure was hungry."

Things Began To Disappear...
Things Began To Disappear...

"I allowed a co-worker to stay for a few days because he was between homes and had nowhere to stay. He seemed genuinely interested in me as more than just a co-worker or a friend, too.

Slowly, I kept noticing small stuff come up missing, even though I knew exactly where I had left them. Then, my roommate's food started coming up missing too. I told him the chicken in the fridge was her's and we could not eat it, but the next day she came to me and asked if he'd eaten it. After all the small stuff kept coming up missing, I knew exactly what had happened. I suggested he find another place to stay because it was 'crowded' there already with me, my roommate, and her girlfriend. It had not even been a week of him staying there.

I am guessing now that he was probably just leading me on to use me for a place to crash, food to eat, and stuff to swipe. He wasn't at work for much longer after that, but I'm not sure why. I heard he found someone else to stay with quickly. I'm not sure if I should feel glad for him or not. I still miss my stuff."

From Divine To Disaster
From Divine To Disaster

"I had a work friend and her kids stay with my wife and I because they were homeless and decent people. Things were awesome for the first month. She would help out with household chores, pay rent, buy food, etc. We were basically just people sharing a house while she tried to find a new place. Eventually, she lost her job, which we were understanding of, and had no problem paying for her side of things. A little later on, she became kind of depressed and had admitted to not trying to look for new housing or a job. We very politely and understandingly told her that we couldn't afford to keep her family afloat forever and she understood. A while later, she slowly stopped doing anything at all to help out.

Her room was a freaking D I S A S T E R. I'm a messy person, but this was crap. There was soda spilled all over the floor and uncleaned. She let her kids ruin our walls with paint and crayons, among other things, and didn't tell us or try to fix it. There were holes in the wall. She would start to constantly leave messes and never clean them. A while later, she started asking us for more favors, from 'Hey can I borrow some cash?' to watching her kids while she wanted to go out. Any money she got, she would spend on stuff like going out to the movies instead of buying clothes for her kids, which we ended up doing on several occasions.

Eventually, she stopped parenting worth a crap completely and let her oldest daughter, who was 3, just roam around the house while we were gone. She was constantly unsupervised despite us bringing it to her mom's attention that our house was not safe for a kid her age to just roam. At any rate, as time went on, things got worse. The worst was after we eventually kicked her out.

She left her room freaking disgusting. There was month-old food on the floor. There were feminine products (used and exposed) in an overflowing wastebasket that looked like it had filled up months earlier, but just couldn't be bothered to change it out, so she just kept piling crap on top. It took us a whole day to clean. She also had a puppy, a chihuahua. She always bought the food and took care of vet stuff, so my wife and I just didn't think anything of it. We tried to just let her do her own thing for the most part. When we kicked her out, she said she would be back in a few days to grab some more stuff, but she never showed. My wife and I took our first look into her old room for the first time in a month or so to see that she had left her poor chihuahua in a crate that was so small, he couldn't stand up all the way or turn around properly. She had left him in there for the few days she had been gone and didn't freaking tell us. He didn't whine or cry at all.

We cleaned all of the poop and pee off of him and got him into the vet where they did some x-rays. They found that he had been in the crate of his during his developmental months and his bones were all messed up. Other than that, he is OK. He went to an amazing home with people who idolize him like the saintly pup he is. Finally, months later, we found out that she had written our credit card info down in a notebook she left. She sucked."

It Was Not
It Was Not "That Kind Of Party"

"My husband and I (naively) invited some of his work friends to my family's lake cabin for a brief weekend stay. People got super wasted. One couple divulged that they were swingers and attempted to start an group love session. The rest of us were not swingers. We don't even sway, much less swing. There were no takers. Needless to say, work was a little weird in the coming weeks. Now, when we invite people to the lake, we feel the odd need to tell them it's not 'that kind of party.'

Another guy at the same party got so wasted he peed in the corner of a bedroom."

His Daughter Is Not An
His Daughter Is Not An "It," Jerk

"One of my wife's co-workers came to our pre-wedding party. He kept referring to my infant daughter as 'it.' I had to correct him at least four times before finally saying, 'If you call my baby girl "it" one more, time I'm gonna break your jaw.'

He called her Kylie for the rest of the night."

What's That On The Floor?
What's That On The Floor?

"I had a work friend over for poker one night. We all were drinking. I guess he hit that point and asked if he could spend the night. It was no big deal to me. This was before Uber and safety comes first. My wife and I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and he was gone. I went into the bathroom and the top of the toilet was off with our soap dispenser and toothbrush holder broken and sunken in the water. Weird, but forgivable.

I walked back into my bedroom. In the middle of the room, I stepped in something wet. I got some paper towels. There was really not much on the floor, but it was a weird spot for something wet. I wiped it up. I could not tell what it was, so I smelled it. The dude blew his load in my room while my wife and I were sleeping."

Was One Veggie Patty Not Enough For Him?
Was One Veggie Patty Not Enough For Him?

"My wife had a co-worker who was down on his luck. We let him stay with us for a week, or so we thought. He extended his stay to three weeks, never taking hints he needed to leave. We told him, directly that he needed to leave. He ignored that and just stayed. We felt bad for him, so we didn't want to have him forcibly removed. He was also my wife's coworker still, too.

The final straw for me was when I made some veggie burgers on the grill and a bunch of veggies, including a bell pepper cut in half and grilled to make it fit better on top of the veggie patty. it was delicious and important to the chain of events. He was off doing something while I finished cooking. I made extra so he could have some and set it to the left side of the kitchen. I also had cooked extra for my wife's lunch the next day so she wouldn't have to worry about it.

He came back and I told him he could have whatever was on the left side as that's the extra we made for him, but on the right side was my wife's lunch. The patty was already on the bun and in the container so it could cool before it could go in the fridge. An hour went by and I went to clean up. I noticed that my wife's lunch patty looked different. I opened up the bun and the patty was gone. In its place was the bell pepper, made to look like the patty was still in there. I was shocked. It wasn't some accident. It was purposely changed out so it looked like there was still a patty in there.

The next day, he finally went his own way. I was cleaning up and lifted my couch cushions to find empty bags of chips and trash just shoved in there. Everywhere. A month later, he and my wife were no longer coworkers. He was fired for drinking on the job. They were both teachers."

That Was The Last Time He Would Invite Co-workers Over
That Was The Last Time He Would Invite Co-workers Over

"My dad had a party at his house and invited a bunch of people he knew from work and other friends. Some imbecile took a small cutting knife and used it as a bottle opener. The tip of the knife broke off and the knife was abandoned on the counter, where anyone could grab it or get hurt from it.

We never figured out which guy did it, but my dad never had a party again. Another, also, clogged the toilet and didn't say anything. The good news is that my dad's best friend found it and unclogged it."

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