If you've ever been to Texas, you know the one phrase that all Texans so proudly state on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and even in conversations: "Everything's Bigger In Texas."

What might simply sound like a sly marketing tactic by the Texas Tourism Department actually has some truth... at least for one Texas family who recently found one of the largest reptiles in North America in their toilet.

Imagine the look of fear and surprise on the face of Wade Vielock's 6-year-old son when he went to take care of business and was met by a six-foot-long blue indigo snake, the largest snake found in North America. Now imagine being Vielock when his son ran and told him what he found slithered out of the toilet and into the family's bathroom.

"I looked back at the toilet and that snake was about 3 feet out, climbing towards the window," Vielock told local radio station KSAT. "It took at least six years off my life."

Vielock - like anyone else in his position - was so frightened by the non-venomous and relatively harmless snake that he ran out of the room, almost knocking over his son in the process.

Courtesy of Bee County Sheriff's Office

After calling a friend to properly identify the now-escaping snake, Vielock decided it was best to let the proper authorities take care of the situation and so he called the Bee County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's Deputy Lindsay Scotten was soon on the scene, but by the time she arrived, the snake had escaped the toilet and was trying to make its new home inside the bathroom's vanity. After a short struggle to remove the snake, Scotten was successful and even posed for pictures with Vielock and his son.

"The snake was not harmed and was released back into the brush," the Bee County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post. "Good job Deputy Scotten."

Courtesy of Bee County Sheriff's Office
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