You Had One Job!

Everyone knows that when it comes to the work grind, it's inevitable that you'll have a little slip-up here or there when you're tuckered out or just not thinking straight for whatever reason, but sometimes those mess ups are actually a bigger deal than expected!

This workplace fail features a sign printed for a storage closet or space of some kind, assumedly, as it reads "STORAGE" in all caps. Then, printed under STORAGE on what is most definitely a flat piece of paper, are braille dots. Obviously, a blind person is not going to be able to feel these dots, so it's pretty pointless. Also, as one Reddit user pointed out, it actually says "exit" in braille rather than "storage." Double fail! Hopefully it wasn't some kind of cruel joke, or the perpetrator is going to be in even bigger trouble. Interestingly enough, 3D printing has made quick, homemade braille signs easier than ever, so there's really no excuse for a mess up of this magnitude! Sigh. Let's hope that next time they make a better effort/actually learn braille.

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