Times have been tough lately but every once in awhile there comes a wholesome feel good story that just pulls at our heart string and sympathies like an episode of Queer Eye or something. Sometimes the greatest heroes are the ones we never meet, sometimes they go by the name of Cody Bondarchuk from Alberta, Canada who gave it his all while working a dutiful tour of duty at a local McDonalds. There are saints, there are legends, and then there is Cody, who according to a tweet, put 11 nuggets in every 10-piece McNugget box he ever made. I'm not crying. You're crying.

For his courageous and selfless deeds, Twitter has christened Bondarchuk the "Robinhood of McNuggets."

Other users on the site couldn't help but feel emotional at the discovery of the once little-known Samaritan turned savior.

"You are an everyday hero. It’s these little things that can give people a lift!" one user gushed.

"You're a beautiful man and I love you" said another, "Thank you for your service."

After calculating the length of his two year employment at McDonalds, Bondarchuk estimates his good deeds costed the fast food chain $1,600. But according to the 81,000 people who retweeted his post and the nearly 900,000 who liked it, it seems that Bondarchuk's compassion was well worth it. Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. You're a real one Cody Bondarchuk.

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