The Scariest Place On Earth


The Scariest Place On Earth

The scariest place on Earth, otherwise known as the skinny dark slit between the elevator and the floor from which you are leaving is a place that many people are curious about. Who knows what’s down there! There could be a whole new world down in that deep darkness. It’s where everything goes to die.

Everyone in their life has once thought about dropping something down there and freaked out at the thought of it. Everyone’s worst nightmare is the scenario where your smartphone falls at just the perfect angle and plummets into that dark abyss. In this story, that nightmare becomes a reality for this woman (we’ll call her Barb). After dropping her phone into the elevator shaft one day, Barb calls the man on the inside. Now the man on the inside is not the police or emergency services, but an elevator service company. This man (we’ll call Jim) takes a range of calls during his day at work, from the company’s clients to the emergency phones inside the elevator used if someone is stuck. Now, 95% of the calls received from inside the elevator are usually prank calls or calls made on accident, 4% of the time people are actually stuck, and the final 1% is saved for people just like Barb.

Barb was a “I need to speak to your manager” type of woman. She’s known for her complaining at just about anything, her annoying tone, and she is usually accompanied by a two-toned blonde hair bob that screams trouble. She has complaints on deck and nothing is known to make her happy.

While at work one day, Jim receives a call from Barb. The single percent of calls he dreads the most. However, after realizing what type of person he is speaking to, Jim decides to play a little game of his own. It is truly entertaining and makes Barb face the humiliation she so deserves.

The Stupid Complaints Begin


The Stupid Complaints Begin

It was just a normal day at work for Jim. He was busy with his normal day to day work responsibilities. Suddenly, Jim’s phone rings. He glances over to see what type of call it, so he can adjust his voice accordingly. There are many types of voices Jim uses depending on where it’s coming from. If it's a client, Jim must be respectful but if it’s coming from inside an elevator, chances are he can play around a little more. Jim hopes it's an elevator prank, so he can mess with some naive children, and when he sees that the call is coming from inside the elevator he gets excited.

He prepares normally and picks up the phone thinking it's another prank call. “Hello, is anyone there?” he asks jokingly.

While waiting for a response, Jim continues playing Stardew Valley on his phone. In the middle of tending crops on his virtual farm, he is rudely interrupted by the high pitch complaining tone that belonged to Barb. Jim quickly realized it was the dreaded call. He knew his ear would soon be defended by complaints and stupid questions, and was already in fear of what the outcome would be.

Jim quickly changes his tone and standard intro from jokingly to serious in a matter of seconds. He never expected to have someone on the other line let alone someone like Barb.

“Hi. I need to speak to your manager or something?” Barb stated.

Jim is amazed by the amount of stupidity in the first few words out of this woman’s mouth. First off, this woman is using an emergency elevator phone, thus wasting an emergency response line’s time to make a complaint. Although he expects phony calls from children, he is in awe of the amount of carelessness Barb is showing being an adult. Next, her question doesn’t even make sense. When calling an emergency phone line in an elevator did she expect to get customer service? Lady, this isn’t Macy’s customer hot line, it is an elevator. Jim is confused. Does she want his manager? Does she want the account representative of her building? Does she want the supervisor of the technician who handles her building? Does she want the manager of the local branch? Jim’s mind is filled with these questions when Barb interrupted his game playtime. One more stupid point comes to Jim’s mind. He wonders if Barb is aware that he cannot give or share any information with anyone who is not with the building management. Later, Jim finds out that Barb apparently knew the information confidentiality, but she decided to take things into her own hands.

Jim is even more amazed when Barb and her complaints get even more stupid.


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