The Manager Of Elevators


The Manager Of Elevators

After the sheer surprise of stupidity that Jim is facing during the first 30 seconds of this phone call, he decides to get more information.

“Can I ask what this is regarding?” he questioned Barb.

Barb then again demands a manager. After hearing this response, Jim is still stunned by this woman’s ignorance. I mean seriously, what does she expect to get out of this?

“Well, Barb. The problem is, we have hundreds of managers who manage different things. I need to know what type of thing you’re having trouble with so I know which manager to transfer you too,” Jim stated childishly.

It is Barb’s response that really gets Jim thinking.

“Uhhhhh.. The manager in charge of the elevators?” Karen replied .

At this point, Jim is trying to hold back his laughter. His senses are tingling, and he can smell the lies and manipulation coming from Barb. Jim is devising a plan in his head. He knows he must make something out of this call. Jim knows exactly how to mess with this type of woman and it is all going to start with leaving her on hold for a while in this elevator.

Tempers Are Flying


Tempers Are Flying

Jim knew that the simplistic fact of her being on hold for more than 15 minutes would get Barb the perfect amount of angry before he went and got the “manager of the elevators” and made her feel the amount of stupid she so deserved.

During the 15-minute hold time, Jim got a lot done on his farm in Stardew Valley. After he felt enough time was allocated for the rage to build up, Jim popped back on the elevator line.

“Hi Barb, Thank you for holding. Before I put you through to the manager of elevators I just need to confirm, did you call us this morning to request a technician come to retrieve a phone dropped the crack beneath the elevator door on the 9th floor?” Jim questioned.

Barb stutters out the word “No” as if she knows that she’s been busted.

Jim starts interrogating her. He asks, “And at the time were you told to contact building management as we cannot dispatch a technician unless building management requests it, or we have someone trapped in an elevator?”

Once again, Barb struggles to get her one-word answer out. She is beginning to realize that Jim knows that she has already failed with the attempts to fish her phone out of the elevator shaft. Jim continues pestering Barb with questions.

“And after that did you call again pretending to be trapped in the elevator with a baby in an effort to bypass building maintenance and get us to send a technician to the site?” he asked.

Barb is now starting to tear up. With sadness and fear in her voice, she stated, “I was trapped in the elevator, and there was no ventilation and my baby was getting very hot, and I needed to get him to the doctor-”

Jim responds quickly and questions Barb of her next actions in this "stressful" situation. “I understand. Did you try dialing 911 while you were trapped?” he asked.

At this point, Jim knew he had Barb fully dragged along and caught. She begins to answer the question and just as it exited her mouth, she knew she had made a mistake.

“No, because I dropped----,” Barb started. “I mean it was out of batteries.”

Jim is shocked. He puts Barb on hold again to get her even more riled up, and take a much-needed break from this psychotic woman.


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