Caught In A Sea Of Lies


Caught In A Sea Of Lies

After going to the bathroom and doing a little more fishing in Stardew Valley, Jim goes back to pick up the elevator line. At this point, Barb had been standing alone in this elevator wasting everyone’s time for almost an hour. Jim knew she would be fired up.

After coming back on the line and making his presence known, Jim waits for a response. He is shocked that it took Barb a whole minute to reply to his oh so sweet “Hi, Barb, thanks for holding.”

Barb’s delayed response causes Jim to “worry”. He questions, “Hi Barb, Thanks for holding. I just need to confirm, when our technician arrived to have you released from the elevator, were you waiting in the lobby and did you demand he retrieve your phone from the elevator shaft?”

Barb is embarrassed. She never would have expected to be called out like this. How could an elevator serviceman know about all her previous complaints? She was shocked. She replied nervously with “Yes”.

Jim decided to take full advantage of this situation. He wanted to see just how out of hand Barb would act if he kept up the interrogation of questions that he already knew the answer to.

“And when he told you to contact building management to get the $900 elevator pit retrieval fee approved, did you begin screaming at him to retrieve your phone immediately or you would get him fired?” he questioned sarcastically.

“Well, I wasn’t screaming…” Barb insisted angrily.

Jim continues his interrogation, “And when this happened, who was watching the baby?” Jim asked. He knew that bringing her child into the mix would further her anger. Nothing can make a person like Barb more mad than talking about how she is raising her child wrong.

“What baby?” Barb asked idiotically. She had really stuck her foot in her mouth with that one.

“The one you were stuck in the elevator with that had a fever?” Jim questioned curiously. Suddenly, Barb’s story seemed to change.

“Oh, she was upstairs. I put her down,” Barb said in attempts to recover from her mistake she made about forgetting her original story.

Jim now sees a perfect opportunity. This crazy idiotic woman left her child unattended, so she could voice her ridiculous complaints. What type of mother would do that, Jim thought. He knew he must call her out for this weak motherly moment.


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