Prank Complete


Prank Complete

“So you left an infant alone so you could yell at the technician?” Jim questioned. He was questioning this woman’s motherly morals, and he knew he would be getting just the response he wanted. Barb was playing into his prank perfectly.

“Are you telling me how to parent my-” Barb started.

It was here where Jim made one of his best moves. “Please hold,” Jim states while tending to his blueberry farm on his phone. Jim could not have cared less about Barb and her trivial complaints. He was going to take his sweet time getting back to her.

“Okay, Barb, What I am doing right now I am putting a note in the system to have your phone retrieved free of charge from the elevator shaft…” Jim stated after getting back on the line.

Barb could not be happy at this point. She thinks she is getting exactly what she wants, but she couldn’t be more wrong. She is too naive and irrational to see that Jim has been playing mind games with her for the last hour. She repeatedly thanks, Jim.

“You’re very welcome. We will be retrieving it for you on the next scheduled maintenance day which will be within the next 3-6 weeks,” Jim stated happily. He knew exactly how this ending would pan out. Little did Barb know, she would soon be getting even more angry.

“3-6 weeks?!?!? You can’t send someone today?” Barb screams through the elevator phone line.

“Sure, but first, you need to contact building management to call us and approve the $900 elevator shaft retrieval fee, in addition to the $500 fine for faking an emergency that you’ll be receiving from your landlord,” Jim stated proudly. It was finally complete, his plan to annoy Barb to her breaking point was successful.

Barb hung up the elevator call so quickly, Jim didn’t even have the time to transfer her to the “Manager of Elevators”. In the end, Barb never got the chance to face the imaginary manger of all elevators and was humiliated via an elevator. Hopefully, she enjoys the shattered pieces of glass that used to be known as her beloved iPhone and learns her lesson that not everything you want can be received by throwing a fit.

Jim continues to live happily and his Stardew Valley farm is now thriving thanks to Barb.

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