When our cars break, the first place we turn to is a mechanic. They're car experts and know exactly what should be done to fix the error. Although, that doesn't seem they'll always recommend the best option. Just like the mechanic in this story. 

"Many years ago my mother had a Honda Accord she loved dearly. She kept up regular maintenance and always kept thorough records of everything done to her car which would later prove quite handy. One day she needed an oil change and since I had the day off, I decided to take her car to a new local shop while she was at work.

So there I was: 20 with a perpetual baby face, looking 'easy to scam,' I’m sure. I pulled in, requested the oil change, and went to wait for the work to be done. About an hour later I’m called to the bay…

'Well Miss, the oil change is done but I’m afraid your air filter is dangerously contaminated and your belts are shot,' the mechanic said while shaking his head.

Oh no! All of the belts?! How could that be? Is it safe to drive until I can get a second opinion?' I responded with Bambi eyes.

'I really don’t think you should wait on this repair. Your belts are about to snap and I’m afraid this could lead to a terrible accident!' the mechanic warned me. But not to worry, he could have them all replaced nice and easy for $1,500. I still remember the fake concern in his eyes.

'Hmm… Well I suppose you ARE the expert. I just find it interesting…' I trailed off as I opened the glove box and pulled out the most recent paperwork, 'how my mother just replaced all of the belts not even 6 months ago.'

I held up the receipt for him to see the belt replacement and couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy as he turned red and muttered something about being mistaken. While I personally did not report him (though looking back I absolutely should have), many other customers were none too thrilled with the scams his shop attempted and he went out of business less than a year later."

Looks like that mechanic got what he deserved. Have you ever caught a mechanic trying to scam you? Let us know!