Tired of the same take-out options? These weird restaurants could be exactly what you're looking for. Once quarantine is over, I definitely want to travel to see these places for real!

1. Opaque:

The Opaque restaurants, located around several California locations, serves all of their meals in complete darkness. Yes, you read that right. The staff consists entirely of blind and visually impaired servers, so they know exactly how to navigate the building. The idea behind it is to let go of visual sensory overload to enjoy a different kind of sensory experience. After scrolling on your phone all day, doesn't this sound like such a relief?!


2. Lumi Linna Castle:

Fans of the Frozen movies now have a new place to get carry-out! This castle, located in Finland, is literally carved out of ice every December, once the winter starts again. Naturally, the inside of the restaurant has to be kept at -5 degrees Celsius (about 23 degrees Fahrenheit), so you better dress for the occasion. My guess is that they don't have a whole lot of hot options on the menu!


3. Ithaa: 

No, this isn't an oddly named start-up tech company, this is a completely underwater restaurant! This building is located sixteen feet below sea level near the Maldives Islands. The entire building  is clear enough to look at the sea life swimming around you while you eat your lunch. You might feel a little awkward ordering sea food off of the menu. How would you get to this restaurant in the first place, anyway?


4. Singapore Flyer:

Nothing screams "romantic dinner" like eating with your partner at over five hundred feet in the air! The Singapore Flyer is a 42-story-tall structure, with a dining room at the very top. Guests can look out over all of Singapore from this massive structure, and hopefully they don't get scared of heights! 


5. Chicago Sweatlodge: 

If you've ever been out to dinner and wished for sweat to be dripping out of all your pores, there is finally a restaurant for you. The Chicago Sweatlodge begin their dining experiences by heavily sweating in sauna rooms, where employees will hit a guest's back with dried leaves for the full effect. The guest is then rushed into a cold-water bath, which is supposed to shock the circulatory system and he good for it. Finally, guests can go to the cafe, where they can enjoy a variety of Russian cuisine. There is an official youtube video about the restaurant's process, and it is definitely worth checking out!


6. Fife & Drum:

Don't worry, all the food is much better than what they serve in prison. But that might confuse you in Fife & Drum, which is the only restaurant in the U.S. where the prisoners make the meals. All of the food is made form scratch and shockingly cheap. It's a part of Concord, Massachusetts prisoner culinary program, equipping prisoners with a specific trade they can use once their sentence is up. It is located in a prison, so if the local Applebee's is getting too boring, try this place out instead!

7. The Catacombs:

Tired of natural lighting and being able to see the outside world? Checking Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Catacombs restaurant, which is several stories below Bube's Brewery. Stone passageways with string lights create a distinct ambiance. Naturally, these catacombs also offer ghost tours, because look at this place. At least several ghosts definitely live here!


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