Are these bosses hysterical or downright disturbing? Let us know in the comments what you think about these memes calling out some officially weird office culture.

1. At least this boss is super self aware?

2. This boss has so many feelings and needs to let you know now!

3. Where do you even get something like this to decorate the office?!

4. To be fair, this boss was probably being sarcastic, right?

5. Maybe this really motivates the employees?

6. This commitment to a pun is almost scary!

7. This actually seems pretty funny to call out:

8. Apparently this boss lost a bet and thought pennies were the perfect way to pay it off:

9. This boss has some brutal honesty, but the signature makes it all better:

10. This boss turned this restaurant into a living nightmare for the employees:

11. This boss doesn't want anyone to enjoy Thanksgiving:

12. Well, that's one way to ask for office supplies:

13. The kindest Christmas present a boss could ever give:

14. And finally, this boss prefers forms over feelings every time: