El Arroyo, the Tex-Mex restaurant located in the heart of Texas, has gone viral repeatedly for its consistently hysterical signs outside its doors. Apparently people from all of the world now submit one-liners to be added to the sign, but only the best of the best puns and jokes can be featured in this sacred space. Here are the best ones for you to enjoy!

1. The state of my closet after the past year:

2. This sign really validates me:

3. Seriously, taco restaurants are missing out on a gold mine here!

4. Would that be better or worse than this past year?

5. The most ultimate mind-blowing imaginable:

6. How the turn tables have turned:

7. I mean that's basically how the internet works nowadays, right?

8. Every five seconds someone out there in the world says this line:

9. This is way too relatable:

10. And I have a very soft shell:

11. Whoever submitted this caption had too much fun with this:

12. We've all known this struggle:

13. Seriously, I need a new show to not watch:

14. Don't worry, you aren't naturally funny, there's a reason for this sudden burst of creativity:

15. Any parent ever knows this very real struggle:

16. And finally, we definitely need a cowboy vs. ninja crossover movie to happen immediately, so somebody make it happen!