Walmart is a portal to an alternate reality where absolutely nothing makes sense. At least, that's what appears to be the case on the r/peopleofwalmart Reddit forum, which is full of candid photos of truly bizarre customers. Why is it that only Walmart gets the especially weird people? I'm sure there are weirdos at Target too...

1. Who needs the Easter bunny when you have this man?

2. Slender Man looks a little bit different in person:

3. What did he tell his barber to get such a monstrosity on his head?!

4. That's too much farting, you clearly need to see a medical professional:

5. Nothing sets the mood like the checkout line at Walmart:

6. This is what Rapunzel would look like in real life:

7. If you had to big a giant inflatable costume, it could have been worse:

8. Ever feel so defeated you walk into your local Walmart and do this?

9. Words cannot describe the sheer terror of this man:

10. High fashion on a non-existent budget:

11. No way can he show his scandalous ankles!!!

12. There is a very complicated story here that I'm not sure if I want to know about:

13. Superheroes really need to ditch the masks and try this instead:

14. This is deranged enough to possibly work:

15. The balancing skills in this photo are honestly so impressive:

16. At least this man was smart enough to add a diaper into the mix:

17. How much cereal is this man eating at once?!

18. Ever get so hungry that it defines your entire fashion sense?

19. Who says you have to keep time outs in the house?

20. We saved the grossest for last. I was completely speechless when I saw this photo: