It's become trendy for companies to get snarky personalities on twitter. Naturally, they try to one-up each other's sass, so let's enjoy the truly bizarre results!

1. Netflix has literally all the facts to call people out with:

2. Tinder saw the opportunity and really just ran with it:

3. Somebody needs to take Wendy's phone away:

4. But Wendy's does show a soft side from time to time:

5. Who knew a candy bar could publicly shame a celebrity so effectively?!

6. Moon Pies have zero time for your weird photoshop jobs:

7. This restaurant has zero respect fro the musical sensibility of Smash Mouth:

8. Yep, Wendy's has no time for the haters:

9. This person woke up and really wanted to be publicly humiliated on the internet:

10. Seriously, stop tweeting at companies when it comes to your love life:

11. Don't @ DiGiorno's with your judgment, they'll @ right back:

12. Thank god Pop-Tarts has the sense to never bring this creation to life:

13. Maybe brands shouldn't flirt with each other?

14. Old Spice was too stunned to ever reply to this:

15. The Hamburger Helper doesn't need your weird meme content, thank you very much:

16. Doritos was literally cancelled with this one response:

17. All hail Staples, the new queen of shade:

18. Ever been bullied by a phone service company?

19. Who knew that Gamestop of all companies was so sassy?!

20. It all makes sense now!

21. Pop-Tarts really did their research, huh?

22. And finally, this might be the sickest burn ever recorded on the internet: