Steak-umm, the thinly-sliced frozen steak company you can find in most supermarkets, has the strangest Twitter presence of any brand. They effortlessly move from absurd humor to deeply moving philosophical thoughts, all in the name of frozen meat designed for philly cheesesteaks. We rounded up some of the weirdest tweets you'll read today, but we aren't responsible if you're suddenly hungry for frozen meat.

1. So we start off with some fairly conventional yet witty puns. So far so normal, right?

2. Like this is enjoyable, but I feel like I've seen this sort of sarcasm with other brand internet personalities:

3. But wait, don't turn away just yet. Things are about to get WEIRD:

4. This brand just casually dropped this truth bomb on all of us:

5. But that wasn't all:

6. Seriously, a genius is running this twitter account:

7. But don't worry, there is still a fair amount of silliness to enjoy:

8. This twitter account is even self-aware enough to call out the very nature of its existence:

9. Seriously, is it possible for a twitter account to run for office? It would get my vote!

10. The account often ends its powerful tweets with "steak-umm bless", and I have never felt those words resonate more:

11. The past year was A LOT for everyone involved, and Steak-umm wants to make sure people can be as informed as possible:

12. Like seriously, more people should be as aware as this brand about the nature of the internet:

13. This twitter account is one of the few legitimate sources your can trust, especially with so much pseudo-science about the pandemic was spread over social media last year:

14. There was also the time when Steak-umm recently called out THE Neil deGrasse Tyson on his mindset:

15: No seriously, this brand was able to back up their claims and prove Tyson wrong:

16: In the era of "fake news", one twitter page shines through with nothing but facts:

17. Back on the comedy front, Steak-umm has amazing chemistry with basically any brand that is picking up what they're putting down:

18. There was also the time where Steak-umm made a detailed twitter thread on the history of memes and meme culture. It's beyond fascinating:

19. Steak-umm knows the privilege it has and only wants to use it for good:

20. Good for steak-umm for recognizing the limits when a brand tries to be inclusive:

21. Seriously, are you taking notes? Because this account has some WISDOM to share!

22. It's the reassuring virtual voice we need in uncertain times:

23. This twitter page also works as a makeshift therapist:

24. Steak-umm truly understands that we all just want a little piece of mind:

25. It understands that literally everyone all has this one thing in common:

26. In conclusion, this twitter account is the only thing keeping our nation sane. Please check it out, it was the only thing that got that boat out of the Suez Canal!