Usually, hotel housekeeping does an excellent job turning rooms over for their next guests. These people, however, were unfortunate enough to find some weird things in their rooms upon checking in. Makes one think about who else has stayed in the same room as them! Content has been edited for clarity.

She's Seen Some Things
She's Seen Some Things

"I was a housekeeper at one of the well known motel chains (think leaving the light on for you) We were told not to touch any of the guests’ belongings. If they had something on the bathroom counter we were to clean around it as best as we could without disturbing their things.

I’m in the bathroom and all I see on the counter is an empty toilet paper roll. So I pick it up to throw it away so I can start cleaning and all these little tied up baggies fell out. I was flabbergasted at first and a bit shocked. I ran out in the hallway to get my co-worker and have her come to my room and she informs me those baggies are full of substances-approximately 50 grams of crack.

I am in a mad rush to shove them all back in the roll before the owner of these baggies comes back to his room and shoots me. I get them all picked up and leave without cleaning a thing. At the end of my shift, the manager says he wants to talk to me. I go into his office and he wants to know why I didn’t clean room 201 (apparently they complained) I decided to tell him what I had found and he decided to call the police. I have no idea what happened at that point as I got the heck outta there.

The second weirdest thing I’ve found (not so much weird as it is disgusting) was in the bathtub. As soon as I opened the door the stench hit me full force. I backed out into the hallway to put a towel over my face. I assumed a baby had been in the room and the smell was simply dirty diapers (if only) I walk into the room and look around and see no diapers, no rotten food, not much of anything but an unmade bed. This tells me that the smell is coming from the bathroom. I brace myself and hold my breath and open the door and there in the bathtub were about 6 piles of human feces. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was also smeared all over the walls, the toilet, the sink, the floor (almost tripped and fell).

I immediately walk back out, go into the hallway, take my cart to the storage room, wash my hands, take my uniform off, throw it away, get in my car and leave. $7.25/hour is soooooo not enough to clean a room full of crud. Yes, I got fired and I sure don’t envy who took over for me that day. That smell was embedded in my nose for a week."

A Real Baby Crisis
A Real Baby Crisis

"It was around 5:30 p.m. We arrived at our hotel for a five-day holiday, checked in at reception, and were given our room key card.

I should mention the country we were in had Spanish as its first language. I do not speak any Spanish, and the young lady at the reception desk spoke very little English, but there were no problems checking in.

We found our room, opened the door and went in - to see a tiny baby wrapped in a swaddling cloth asleep in the middle of the bed.

At first, I thought it was a large doll, because it looked just like a beautiful China doll, with a little mop of blonde hair and rosy pink cheeks. Its eyes were shut and it was totally still. I went over to it, gently stroked its cheek, and realized it was warm and breathing. It was a tiny baby, possibly around 2 months old.

When I got over the shock I picked up the bedside phone and dialed ‘0’ to speak to reception. The conversation was difficult with the language barrier, but I eventually got her to call for an emergency since there was an abandoned infant in our room.

By this time baby had started screaming loudly and thrashing its little arms and legs around. I hung up the phone and picked up the baby, patting its back and comforting it on my shoulder. Its blanket was damp and there was a wet patch in the center of the bed. I handed the screaming baby to my husband and asked him to hold it for a minute.

I went into the bathroom and thoroughly washed my hands, as I had been travelling for hours and felt unclean. I returned to the room, took the distraught baby from my startled husband and gently put my little finger into its mouth. It started sucking my finger vigorously.

We decided to take the baby down to reception, so we got our card keys and walked down the corridor to the lift. In the background we could hear sirens wailing, but paid them no attention.

As we exited the lift and entered the reception area, I saw a well-dressed young man in his mid-twenties standing at the desk. I approached him and asked if he spoke English, and was very relieved when he said he did. I explained to him that we had found this baby in our hotel room. It didn’t belong to us, and we thought it had been abandoned by its mother. I asked him to explain that to the reception lady. He talked to her in Spanish and I saw the relieved look on her face when she realized the baby was not dying.

I carried the distraught infant to a quiet cool spot in the reception area and tried to comfort it. I used the ‘little finger in mouth’ trick again, and it stopped the noise for a few minutes. Meanwhile, my husband, the translator and the reception lady were in deep conversation.

At this point the hotel’s front doors swung open and four large men in official-looking green uniforms marched in. I noticed the weapons in their holsters and the batons on their belts. I felt quite afraid.

Two of the men noticed me sitting quietly in the corner. They came up to me and abruptly snatched the baby out of my arms. One of the men picked me up, turned me around, grabbed my arms behind my back and handcuffed me.

The two other policemen approached the front counter, where my husband and the translator stood in stunned silence as they watched me being handcuffed. Then both of them started talking loudly at once, explaining there had been a mistake and I should not be arrested as I was just trying to help a lost baby.

Just then another man wearing a suit and carrying a black brief-case rushed into the hotel, followed by a young girl wearing a cleaning maid’s uniform. She had tears streaming down her face. I was still pushed against the wall handcuffed.

Later I was told the whole story by the pleasant young man, our translator. It turns out the baby belonged to the young cleaning maid who had started working at the hotel the week prior. Management were unaware she had a young baby. Her planned babysitter had bailed at the last minute, so fearful of losing her job she had brought her baby to work. She’d fed her bub and then settled her down to sleep in what she thought was an unoccupied hotel room. She’d then started her cleaning rounds.

The thing is, being new and unfamiliar with the large hotel, she was disoriented and mistakenly thought she had left her baby in Room 227, on the floor above our room. When she went to check on her bub 30 minutes later, and found the room empty, she panicked. She was scared of the hotel manager, her boss, and didn’t want to lose her job, so she called her sister, who called the police. The maid met the police when they arrived in the hotel car park.

The suited man turned out to be a doctor who had been called by the reception lady to attend to a sick English baby. He took the baby from the policeman’s arms and handed it to the relieved mother, who was still crying copiously. Then the translator and my husband came over to where I was still handcuffed and demanded that I be released.

Shortly after this the hotel manager arrived and was briefed by the police, the reception lady and the translator. The young maid was sitting in a corner feeding her baby, still crying.

As a result of all this, the manager offered us upgraded accommodation and free meals and drinks for the duration of our stay. He was incredibly apologetic. I think I also received an apology from the burly police officer who cuffed me, although I couldn’t understand what he said.

I was most concerned for the young cleaning maid. She looked to be in her late teens, and cried and hugged her baby in the corner for the next hour as we gave statements to the police and sorted things out.

I spoke to the manager and asked him not to sack the cleaning maid, and to understand that she was just trying to do her best to support her baby. He listened to me stony-faced and made no comment.

The following day we were asked to go to the local police station to sign our witness statements. We were taken there by the hotel chauffeur, who spoke good English and explained to us what the police were asking us to sign. It was a statement detailing what had happened, stating we did not want any further action to be taken.

On the way back I asked the chauffeur to take us to a shop that sold baby items. I bought some booties, a pink jacket and a pretty baby blanket. I had them gift wrapped.

The following evening I asked the new reception man - who spoke quite good English - if the cleaning maid was on duty, and said I wanted to speak to her. The young girl appeared at the desk five minutes later, but would not make eye-contact with me and still appeared very upset. Her eyes were red and I thought she had been crying. She looked so young and vulnerable.

I gave her the parcel and an envelope which contained a wad of cash, equivalent to $100 Australian dollars. I asked the reception man to translate and tell her that I was not angry with her, and I was sure she was a good Mum, and wanted her to accept this gift for her baby. I told her the hotel manager had promised me he would not sack her, and she would keep her job. On the back of the envelope I had written my name, phone number and email address.

I asked the reception man to translate to her: 'Here are my contact details. Please call me if you have any trouble or need help.' She opened the present and when she saw the baby gifts she broke out into a huge grin. I motioned for her to open the envelope, and when she saw the wad of cash I thought she was going to faint! Her gratitude enveloped me and I can still see her smile to this day - but I never heard from her again.

Later the reception man told me the money I gave her was far more than she would earn for two months’ cleaning work. I was absolutely shocked, and wished I’d given her far more - because that was just the cost of one days’ meals and drinks for my husband and me - and we had been given five days’ free. I learned a lot about inequality that day.

So that is how the weirdest thing I ever found in a hotel room almost got me arrested."

Think About Your Wife
Think About Your Wife

"I had traveled to Kansas City for training for my job. The company paid for my hotel room.

When I checked in, the hotel did not have my name on the list along with my classmates. They weren’t expecting me. I made a few calls and the company called the hotel and confirmed I needed a room. Turns out that the hotel had dropped the ball and forgot about me.

Usually people double up on rooms, but because I had been forgotten, I ended up with a room to myself. And because of my inconvenience, they upgraded to a nicer room.

The next day after class, all I wanted to do was get out of my suit and into some comfy clothes, get something to eat, and relax in my room. I unlocked my door and went in. My suitcase was still on the dresser, and my clothes were hanging nicely. I took off my suit coat and turned to the bed.

There was a woman sitting on it, looking at me with wide eyes.

I asked, 'What are you doing in my room?'

She said, 'Actually, it’s MY room.' She then proceeded to explain her and her friends had checked in a couple of hours before and this was the room she was given.

'Didn’t you question WHY there is a suitcase here, and clothes in the closet?'

'I guess we didn’t notice them.'

By now, I was going through my stuff to make sure nothing had been stolen or missing. It was all there.

Another girl came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but two towels, one around her, and the other worn like a turban. She stopped dead, then asked what was going on. I filled her in.

I called the front desk and said, 'I know your hotel comes with wonderful amenities, but I didn’t realize you provided women with your rooms.'

Turns out, that they had only put me down for one night in the room instead of three.

A third woman entered while we were sorting out the snafu. The front desk asked if I was willing to move. I informed them that the company was paying for the bungalows, not the regular rooms, and I refused to be an afterthought. I was here first, and the ladies would have to move, as they hadn’t even unpacked yet. The one got dressed, and they grabbed up their stuff to leave.

I told them they should tell the front desk how they were inconvenienced and see what the hotel would do for them, so they did. They were refunded half of their money, and given a suite.

As they left, the girl from the shower said, 'You know, we could have ALL shared your room. It would have been fun.' She winked at me and left.

'Yeah, it would have.' I thought. But then again, my wife wouldn’t have been happy if she found out."

He Could Have Hit The Jackpot
He Could Have Hit The Jackpot

"I was checking into a large Las Vegas hotel on The Strip whose name begins with 'P.' I was there for a trade show, and my room was paid for as part of my agreement to attend the trade show with the company responsible for it. Rooms were apparently in short supply, and the check-in process, although pleasant, was quite a bit longer than usual.

After perhaps 20 minutes, I was given a key to my room, and I walked to the elevator bank that corresponded to my floor. I got off at my floor, walked to the assigned room, used my key, and entered. It was late, and I planned to crash until the following morning. I was just starting to open my suitcase when I saw the suitcase on the floor, and several pieces of expensive jewelry on the pass-through between the area where the bed was and a small living-room-type area. This wasn’t just any jewelry, but two genuine Rolex watches, and several diamond rings and gold chains. There was somewhere between $30k and $100K there at wholesale values. And yes, I know what I’m looking at…let’s just say that’s part of my business.

I grabbed my suitcase and left, being sure to close the door behind me, and went back to the front desk, to the person who checked me in (with glares from several people waiting in line), and once she was done with the guest she was checking in, I explained my situation.

'That’s just not possible!' I was told. Was I sure I’d gone to the right room? I countered with, 'Do your keys open any room on the floor, or what?'

Well, she couldn’t give me another room until security was called, so I’d have to wait. Again.

A casino security officer arrived after maybe 15 minutes. He listened to my story, and also told me that it was impossible. I handed him my key, and suggested he use it in the room indicated on my check-in portfolio. He left in a bit of a huff. He had more important work to do, but he’d check it out!

Twenty minutes later, he was back, wide-eyed, and thanked me for my honesty. Sure enough, no people, but lots of clothes hung in the closets, and yes, quite a bit of jewelry left out in the room.

I was finally given a room of my own, and it was a slightly upgraded suite, which was nice.

And this is yet another example of why you never leave anything of serious value in your hotel room when you’re not there. And if you’re taking a bath or a shower, take it into the bathroom with you."

Just A Couple Vincent Van-NOs
Just A Couple Vincent Van-NOs

"A couple arrived at the hotel (fancy beach resort) for just one night. They looked like hippies and weren’t exactly clean, so they attracted everyone’s attention. Still, they got treated with great service, as any other guest would.

The next morning they asked for the general manager to go up to their room. They insisted upon it and said they wanted to show him something. Worried that it was a complaint, the on-duty manager went straight up and knocked on the door and was invited in.

He was surprised when he came in and saw the wall against the bed completely painted in graffiti! It was a big disaster of color and shapes of body parts.

The guests proceeded to explain that they were artists and wanted to offer their service to paint all rooms in the hotel! They said this one was a courtesy and for free.

The general manager had to go up and explain that their services were not required and that the guests would have to pay for the costs of getting the room returned to exactly how it was before, since they hadn’t received permission to alter the room in the first place.

The guests got upset and yelled. They just couldn’t understand why the hotel didn’t want to keep the mural. They ended up paying just part (as they didn’t have enough money) and left pretty upset.

It is considered a myth in the hotel, but I have seen the pictures. It was horrifying!"

Mystery Solved
Mystery Solved

"My mom worked at the front desk of a nice hotel for a few years and she was allowed to get a discount on rooms through that hotel chain. Since her boss really liked her and it was their slow season, my boyfriend and I were able to get a room for half price.

The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was an odd smell. It wasn't overpowering or even awful, but it lingered on the room and was noticeable. It was weird since it was a reputable hotel, but I shrugged it off.

Later that afternoon my boyfriend and I were watching T.V when I noticed the sun hitting the wall behind us. I noticed how it looked like it was staining the wall, but it looked weird. I stood up on the bed to get a closer look and realized the wall was off colored in some areas behind the bed.

We joked about it being funny because they probably had to paint over something and laughed about what would have stained a wall in a hotel room by the headboard. Intimacy related perhaps?

We decided to order delivery before going down to the pool. Pizza and salads, yum.

I don't remember what I dropped — I think it was a paper plate — but I scooted down to retrieve it off the floor. It had fallen just under the bed and when I reached for it my fingers touched something cold and metal. I grabbed the item and looked at it.

A bullet casing …

We started to put everything together; the bullet casing, the stain behind the bed and the odd smell. I called my mom and asked her if anything weird had ever happened in the rooms and explain our thoughts. She got quiet and finally admitted that a woman had shot herself in a room while she worked there but she didn't remember which one.

Apparently, this is not uncommon. In the few years my mom worked at the hotel they had over a dozen people kill themselves, but only one had shot herself. People worry about their loved one's having to be the one to find them or clean the mess so they rent a room instead of doing it at home.

We asked to switch rooms but didn't tell them why because I didn't want to get my mom in trouble. I never did find out if that was the room but all signs pointed to it.

That was a weird discovery but finding out how common that was even weirder. Imagine how many hotel rooms you stay in over your life and how big the odds are that you have stayed in one where something terrible has happened.

It's creepy and really sad."

Not The Best Idea
Not The Best Idea

"I took my son on a business trip. We checked into a hotel room. When we got to our room and went in. I told him that before we leave, we need to check in every drawer, under the bed, and everywhere else to make certain we don’t leave anything.

His first thought was: I wonder whether the last people did that.

So, he went on a hunt to see whether he could find anything. Indeed, he found a black lacy bra.

I said, put that into your dirty clothes bag. When we get home, just drop the bag into the laundry room and don’t do or say anything unusual. Just forget about it.

So, he did. We arrived back home in the middle of the day and left our dirty clothes in the laundry room.

Later that night after the kids had gone to bed, my wife brings me this black lacy bra and wants to know where it came from. She was very upset.

I could hardly stop laughing. We eventually got it all straightened out. Now, understand, she was the queen for pranks and practical jokes. She had no room to hold any grudge. She still didn’t think it was funny.

And that’s the only thing I’ve ever found in a hotel room."

I Wonder What Happened In Here
I Wonder What Happened In Here

"So, last month I was cleaning one of our big, sea view family rooms. Upon opening the door, I smell the most vile, vomit inducing smell imaginable. Bad smells are fairly common in my job, so after a brief recovery period, I grab a bottle of odor neutralizer, and another of fabric perfume type stuff they make us use. Feeling, as usual, like a warrior god, I hold my breath and walk into the room, dual action spraying my odor destroying ammunition as fast as I possibly can, gradually making it over to the windows, thanking my lucky stars that there’s a strong wind pushing at our doors on this particular morning.

While standing by the windows, occasionally spraying to ward off evil scents, I take in the battle scene that the room had become. There are three beds in this room, two single, fold-up beds for the ‘extra’ guests, and one big king size. The smaller beds are covered in towels which are stained various shades of brown and yellow- aka the source of the smell.

The big bed, however, was spotted with a relatively large amount of blood. I followed this trail to the bathroom, as there were blood stains on the carpet, and an additional towel with blood on it as well. Upon making it to the bathroom, there’s not the exact scene you would imagine.

At this point I’m thinking that somebody’s hand fell off or something. What I find is a tiny bit of blood on the floor, and a pen. The entire bathroom is covered in freaking INK. Blue ink. On the toilet, sink, in the bathtub, on the floor, on the walls, the mirror. This pen is just one of the standard little things that your bank might have in pots for you to sign documents with, not one of your normal Biros. Yet this ink is everywhere. I still have no idea what the story was behind this room, but some scenarios that come to mind have me either giggling or feeling queasy!"

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