In theory, winning a lifetime supply of pizza or cookies sounds amazing, but getting 500 of anything delivered to your door once a month isn't all it's cracked up to be. Check out all the ridiculous things these 19 people have had to deal with since becoming "lifetime supply" contest winners.

Burger trading cards
1. Burger trading cards

"I won a years worth of burgers from jack in the box in college. They gave us 156 cards that would literally work for any burger or sandwich on their menu. I gained about 15 pounds and then I started to use them as trading tools to get my stoner friends to do stuff. It started with 'If you run down to 711 and get me a Gatorade I'll give you 1 burger card,' then turned more into things like 'you drink that bong water I'll give you 3 burger cards'... it was glorious. The cards definitely didn't last me a year."


"I went to school with a kid who's mom won a lifetime supply of aluminum foil. They wrap EVERYTHING in foil. His whole lunch every day was wrapped in foil: sandwich, fruit, ect...and then they make one of those baking pouches, and that's his lunch bag. When we had like desert potluck his cookies came wrapped in in foil. I asked him about it once and he said they even wrap all their Christmas presents in it, and they still get too many boxes of it. They give it away to friends and family."

Now I call that a win-win
3. Now I call that a win-win

"When I was in college a guy in my fraternity was featured in a Nike running commercial. He was paid a fixed amount and they would randomly send him shoes throughout the 2 years I knew him. After he graduated shoes still showed up at the house every quarter until I graduated. The funny part of the story is that he was on the university cross country team (D1) and when he signed the paperwork it voided his scholarship. The coach calls him in his office and berates him for a half hour on how he 'f_cked up his scholarship.' His response was priceless: 'I have 4 more semesters and Nike paid me enough to cover in-State tuition for that time. Also, I hate running, but am good enough to have gotten a scholarship. Now I have school paid for and will never run again. Good luck to you all though.'"

4. A "lifetime" supply of knives...

"Won a lifetime supply of knives. I guessed correctly how many sheets of paper the knife could stab through. After I broke the first two, I was told my third knife was my last one. Apparently the knives were supposed to last a lifetime."

A barrel of apples
5. A barrel of apples

"When I was little, I won a lifetime supply of apples by correctly guessing how many were in a barrel. There were 110 and I guessed 109. The prize was 110 apples at a time each month. It was insane. After the first delivery, my parents begged them to stop. It's impossible for a family of three to go through 110 apples before they rot and our neighbors stopped answering the door when they saw my parents standing there with bags of apples."

Stolen chicken
6. Stolen chicken

"My friend won free chicken from Raising Cane's for life (chicken finger chain). In order to claim his chicken, he had to present the card given to him. After a few months of free chicken, his wallet was stolen, putting an end to his free chicken. Somebody was VERY happy when they saw that card in his wallet."

The prize of friendliness
7. The prize of friendliness

"In college I frequented a specific Jack in the Box that was walking distance from campus. I'd occasionally talk with the manager, who was a pretty cool guy and one of only a few people I knew who were into the world cup. One day he says, 'you want a lifetime supply of milkshakes?' I thought he was joking so I was like 'sure.' And he handed me a huge stack of free milkshake coupons. Not so much a contest, but i guess I won the prize for friendliness."

A dedicated Tropicana Faucet
8. A dedicated Tropicana Faucet

"I once won a year's supply of the Tropicana juice drink. Was awesome but you could only buy 4 cartons a month with dated vouchers so it never really felt as magical as I was hoping. Nine-year-old me wanted like a dedicated Tropicana faucet in the kitchen."

Spreading the love...and Reader's Digest
9. Spreading the love...and Reader's Digest

"This was in the 90s. My granddad won a lifetime supply of Readers Digest. He was the only doctor in a small village in India (population < 1000). He started stacking them up in his clinic, and the village kids would randomly browse through them. As long as there wasn't a rush or they weren't being loud, my granddad would let them sit there for as long as they wanted. I spent my summer vacations in the village with my grandparents and so every summer I'd come to the village to find my rural friends speak better English than anyone else in the village--and in some cases better than my English-school educated city friends--and sharing jokes from the 'Life's like that' and 'Laughter is the best medicine' sections. Every time I think back on it, I feel happy and proud of my granddad."

Party time
10. Party time

"My friend and I were in a competition at an arena football game to win 'free pizza and beer for a year.' The first person to kick a field goal from like 15-20 yards would win. Apparently their definition of a years worth of pizza and beer is twelve 24 packs of beer and a large Rocky Rococos pizza per month for 12 months. We had to pick up all 12 cases of the beer from a distributor at one time so we had a party."

When cat food pays the bills...
11. When cat food pays the bills...

"My wife won a 'lifetime supply' of pet food for our cat. They didn't even bother sending product, they just tacked another few thousand dollars onto the $10k cash prize. That was a nice little windfall. The only weird thing was that it was paid as a stack of maxed out Visa gift cards. You can't really pay things like mortgages and credit card bills with what amounts to a credit card, so we ended up using the gift cards for things like groceries. It's pretty amazing how far your paycheck goes when your bill for food and incidentals is effectively zero."

Pricey pizza
12. Pricey pizza

"A friend of mine won a lifetime supply of pizza from pizza hut. They calculated his age, the average pizzas a person consumes per year, did some mathemagical calculation and fed ex'd him a check for $37,000. In my book he won."

A lifetime of cheese
13. A lifetime of cheese

"I'm really into competitions, and although I've never won a lifetime supply of anything I've won a years worth of cheese. Twice. The first time was 12 vouchers but for the second one they actually send me two massive f_ck-off cheese wheels, they were like 25lb each. I cut them up and filled my fridge and freezer (and the fridge and freezers of my friends) with cheese. It actually froze/defrosted really well, I'll be eating that cheese for ages."

Snickers overdose
14. Snickers overdose

"Our elderly neighbors won a lifetime supply of Snickers. We have a very large family (parents plus 10 kids) and the summer I was 7 my father was injured at work. While waiting on workers comp to be paid, our electric, water, and gas was all shut off. Our neighbors ran a hose to our backyard for water, an extension cord for a microwave, and gave us dozens of cases of Snickers. We lived the entire summer on candy bars and ramen. I can't stand the stuff now."

Sharing the wealth
15. Sharing the wealth

"A friend of mine won a lifetime of Sonic on a radio contest. Every month he gets a Sonic gift card for $200 and he takes everyone up there for a free meal and spends the rest buying random peoples' meals."

The Donut Queen
16. The Donut Queen

"Not myself, but my aunt won a lifetime supply of donuts from Krispy Kreme; in reality they just gave her a shit ton of vouchers for free dozen of donut boxes (I don't remember how many, but I know she got a box a week for at least a couple years last I checked.) She won it by being first in line at a new store opening--why she went I don't know since she wasn't like the donut queen or something, haha."

Twitter condoms
17. Twitter condoms

"Won a years supply of trojan condoms (480 total) in September of last year. Only ones that I haven't been able to use were given to friends. At least I have until 2020. I won them from a Twitter contest for the VMAs. The question was something along the lines of 'which artist has the best style' and my answer was Van Gogh."

Mrs. Rice-a-roni
18. Mrs. Rice-a-roni

"My aunt won a lifetime supply of rice-a-roni from 'The Price is Right'. She used to get them faster than she can use them, but now (understandably) she is sick of it so she just stockpiles them in her rice-a-roni closet and donates hundreds of boxes of them at a time. Yes. She has a full closet of rice-a-roni. The neighborhood kids love her."

When your lifetime supply is cut short...
19. When your lifetime supply is cut short...

"When I was a kid I won 2 free Blockbuster rentals a month for life. Was awesome for a it's not going so well...."

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