Work isn't fun, but it can at least be bearable when you have the right perks. These 19 companies take that to the next level, by going above and beyond to give their employees amazing experiences.

1. Tagged

Tagged is a San Francisco social media company that offers its employees a ton of awesome perks. If a free gym membership, unlimited sick and vacation days, and regular massages weren't enough, the company also pays for monthly wine tastings!

2. Threadless

As a hip T-shirt design company, it only seems natural that Threadless would have some really cool and unique perks for its employees. Indeed it does. The Threadless kitchen always has a full keg of the company's very own brand of beer, Threadless IPA.

3. Birchbox

Birchbox is a popular mailing service that sends samples of various beauty products to whoever signs up. While subscribers have to pay for the beauty samples, the employees get to use the stuff for free!

4. Omnigon

Based in New York City, Omnigon works to design and develop digital content for media and sports brands. The big perk about working for Omnigon is that Fridays always come early. Every Thursday ends with a happy hour at the company bar, which also includes a DJ booth that allows anyone to pick out their favorite songs.

5. Microsoft

We all know about Microsoft, the computer giant worth almost $300 billion. Of course, Microsoft keeps its employees very happy. They even have a giant, private shopping mall on their work site! The Commons is available for all employees to eat at one of the multiple restaurants, shop at the stores, mail letters at the post office, or even play a game of soccer on the indoor field.

S.C. Johnson
6. S.C. Johnson

You may not have heard of S.C. Johnson, but you've definitely heard of the cleaning products that it manufactures, like Windex, Pledge, and Glade. The company also knows how to take care of its employees, giving them full access to an on-site concierge that will deliver groceries to your house or get the oil changed in your car while you work, among other errands.

The Nerdery
7. The Nerdery

Are you a coder or software designer who loves dogs? Well, The Nerdery in Minneapolis has your dream job. The company encourages employees to bring their dogs to work, and even hires groomers. In addition, each Thursday is Puppy Fight Club, where one of the rooms is open for all the dogs to play freely throughout the day.

8. Akraya

Akraya is an IT staffing and consulting firm located in Santa Clara, it's also the perfect place to work if you hate cleaning. The company pays for professional cleaners to visit each employee's house every 2 weeks.

9. ThousandEyes

This San Francisco IT company works to identify network infrastructure issues and fix them. If IT maintenance isn't enough fun, they also get all of their lunches catered, and dinners are comped if anyone needs to work late. They also have a magnificent espresso machine and can take free classes in latte art.

An alternative to YouTube, allows users to create and upload their own video content. Employees get some pretty awesome perks, like biweekly massages, paid lunches and dinners, and best of all, every Friday the company lets its employees spend $300 on whatever fine liquor they are in the mood for!

Clif Bar
11. Clif Bar

As one of the leading producers of fitness snacks, you know Clif Bar is going to have an office that reflects its adherence to a fir and healthy lifestyle. The huge building has a huge rock climbing wall, massage rooms, and a fitness center that offers dozens of classes.

12. RockYou

The social gaming and advertising company RockYou has a unique way of rewarding its more enterprising employees. Every six weeks, the company hosts the YouRock Awards, where the employees nominate each other for awards that include cash, concert tickets, gadgets, and days off.

Freeborn and Peters
13. Freeborn and Peters

Law firms have to work hard, but Freeborn and Peters knows how to play hard too. Each year, the company throws a party where every employee shows up with a packed bag. Then, four names are drawn, and they're taken away for an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas.

14. iCracked

iCracked specializes in offering cheap repair and protection for smartphones and tablets. The Redwood Shores, California offices are located next to a dock, and the company owns a yacht that it offers to all employees to use freely.

15. Burton

Burton makes snowboarding gear, and the office environment is just as fun as the sport that they provide for. Every Burton employee gets a free pass to the slopes, and work is called off so everyone can snowboard if it snows more than 2 feet. The office also has a skate park, and hosts annual parties.

16. Google

Well, you knew this was coming. Google is known for its amazing perks, so of course we had to include it on this list. Free food everywhere along with yoga classes, massages, and car washes make the office an incredible place, but what really takes Google to the next level is the on-site medical professionals.

17. Facebook

Not to be outdone by Google, Facebook's offices are decked out in all kinds of comforts for its employees. Probably the most unique is the vending machines filled with free computer accessories. Employees only need to swipe their badge and they can get headphones, USB cords, keyboards, and more.

18. Pinterest

Almost as big as Facebook, the folks at Pinterest also know how to pamper their employees. The company holds regular hackathons to get the creativity out, and the founders take the employees out to eat every Friday. Also, employees get to take regular trips to the Apple store to pick out whatever gadget they like!

JibJab Media
19. JibJab Media

The media company in Venice, California knows what its employees really want: to not do laundry. Employees who get to the office before 10 a.m. on Mondays get a laundry bag that they can fill, and their clothes will be returned to them clean and folded the next day.

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