It's not unheard of for a student to develop a crush on their teacher. Those feelings are nothing to frown upon. It is merely an innocent infatuation... until it is not.

Some students have taken their infatuation with their teachers way too far and the teacher reciprocated, agreeing to a few 'private lessons.' From that point on, neither the instructor nor the student, would ever be the same.

These stories, found on Reddit and edited for clarity, come from people who looked back on the affair they had with their teacher.

"I Was Shocked, Confused, But Also Flattered"

"I was 14 and a freshman in high school. He was around 34 and married with two kids. His class (drama) was my favorite. He always seemed very interested in me and I could tell I was his favorite student. Other people could, too. The favoritism was blatant and my costumes for shows were always revealing. Rumors were flying way before we actually did anything! Then, he started getting more forward, saying things like how it would be nice to kiss me, how great my body was, how he wanted to go on a date...

I was shocked, confused, but also flattered. I mean, I was 14 and this smart, handsome, grown man was interested in me! How cool, right? It progressed even more when I decided to come in early for one of our performances. I totally plotted it out, like some little harlot. I remember thinking to myself, Okay, show up two hours early. Do your makeup and sit waiting on the couch. He'll come an hour and half before the show, and nobody else will be there until an hour beforehand. That leaves you thirty minutes alone with him... Super cringe-y.

I also feel bad for his wife, although, he always made sure to tell me that his wife was OK with it all. Really? Your wife is okay with you diddling a 14-year-old? Hmmm, OK.

Well, I'm an adult now. I'm not mad about it. I was definitely a willing participant (well, as willing as a child can be), but it was a big burden to carry. He left the school after that year, although we are still Facebook friends. His life seems to be pretty good. His kids are super cute. Overall, it's something weird from my past that I try to avoid. A pretty big thing, actually, but in the grand scheme of things, it's becoming less and less important."

"I Returned To Class, Red-Faced And Sweaty"

"I was 18 and she was mid-30s. I had essays to write, but no motivation, so I began flirting with her in class instead to pass the time. After a while, we started texting each other and it just escalated. One day during college, we arranged to meet up for fun, so I got out of my current class by saying I had a dentist appointment, picked her up (she was working a half-day), and drove somewhere quiet which, thankfully, wasn't far since I lived in the country.

Good times. In fact, it was one of the only times I've ever felt completely comfortable around a woman despite her being almost double my age and what we were doing. I felt like the luckiest guy alive to have lived the stereotypical 'every guy's dream.' I returned to class, red-faced and sweaty, much to the suspicion of my friends who asked me if it had been raining on the way to the dentist.

We met up a few more times after that and it was a lot of fun. Fast forward a few months and it turned out she was married with children, something she kept very quiet about. Her husband found out and started texting me, saying how he was going to find me, break my legs, knew what I looked like, etc.

It has been years now and he hasn't found me yet. I don't talk to my teacher anymore, but we still poke each other on Facebook sometimes. She still has her marriage and I still have my legs, so I look back on it with enjoyment, even if it makes me feel guilty in doing so. It was the craziest few months of my life and I can't recall another time where I've felt more alive."

"...That's When I Knew I Had Him"

"When I started in high school, I immediately fell in love with the band director. He was smart, snarky, older, and didn't take any of my bull. He was married.

I was 13 when I started high school and I obsessed over him for four years. Went to practice on the weekends (I played marimba and obviously couldn't bring that home), stayed after school all the time, and sat next to him on the bus because I was 'teacher's pet' when we rode to and from events like football games.

I was obsessed. SO obsessed. Any and every opportunity I had to hang out with him or impress him, I went for it. Senior year rolled around. I graduated at 17. We texted and hung out playing board games (with other people, students, and adults) all the time.

I turned 18. He was 40. We were texting. 'What's your favorite curse word?' he asked. I said something involving a woman's chest and the things a man might like to do them. He replied, 'I'm very into that,' and that's when I knew I had him.

We met up and made out a couple times, fooled around twice. I didn't want to go further. I preferred the chase. When I had him... I just felt bad? He had a wife who was amazing. He was so well respected by everyone, including myself, so when the cheating started, I just didn't respect him as much, which was part of why I liked him.

Eventually, his wife found out, about the texting, not the actual acts, so we had to break it off. I was kinda glad. He invited me over plenty of times when we could have been alone and actually done the deed, but I was so young and so scared. I wanted him to be MY perfect husband - devoted, loving, whatever. So, when he actually began to cheat, I lost respect. I liked the fantasy, I didn't want it to actually happen.

I will say, it was a HUGE confidence boost because all the girls thought he was hot and all the guys thought his wife was hot. So, that was cool. But I wish I still had that pedestal view of him: the perfect man."

"Friends Jokingly Brought 'Protection' With Them In Hopes Something Would Happen"

"I went to a college where all the professors were very close with the students. They would eat in our dining hall, had offices in our dorm buildings, and would have many events to promote relationship building between faculty and students. We also had a mandatory 'boot camp' style class that was capped at 20 students, so naturally we got to know many of our professors well.

I had that class with a lot of girls on my hall and we were all OBSESSED with our professor. He was attractive, but mostly he was hot because of his voice, how he spoke to people, and how intelligent he was. Naturally, he was just a smooth guy. We would go to office hours all the time and I had friends jokingly bring 'protection' with them some times in hopes that something would happen. Nothing ever did.

I stayed in touch with him throughout undergrad and saw him around campus often. Then, one day, post graduation, I was feeling particularly brave and I sent him a message on Facebook to meet up for a drink and that I needed to 'pick his brain about something.' I fully intended to make a move, but wimped out.

When I got home, I continued messaging him and started flirting hard. We basically came to the consensus that we both wanted to go further, but that we needed to keep it quiet - our school had just had a huge scandal of professors sleeping with students. The next night, I went to his place and basically jumped him.

We are still in touch, but it only happened the one time. I've kept my end of the bargain by not talking about it, but it's incredibly hard not to brag to undergrad girlfriends who also all wanted to bang him."

"She Wanted To Make Sure I Knew I Would Get In Trouble If I Said Anything"

"I kept getting detention. My teacher thought she could 'mentor' me. She invited me to a one-on-one study hall to get my grades up. It started totes normal. She got a bit flirty, so I thought, Oh, cool, she sees me as an adult - we can joke around and stuff. She was getting thirstier as it went on, though, and eventually invited me to her place because, as she said, 'By 13, you should've at least tried a brewsky.'

I said, 'No, I need to get all this late homework done,' and she insisted by marking it complete. So, I felt a little obligated. I had hormones (and one drink) and she went down on me. This happened a few more times until I told her I was sick of just coming over to do it. She called me a tease and, though I'm not sure if she realized it in the moment, took advantage of me by force.

At home, she called to make sure I knew that, basically, I would get in trouble if I said anything. Of course, I reassured her that she had nothing to worry about and acted like I wasn't feeling used and intimidated. I didn't talk to her in private for a week. When she invited me to her house, she was 'overcome with desire' and 'couldn't help herself.'

Being the dumb kid that I was, I went back over without plans and banged on the door. She didn't answer but I wanted to give her what-for. I knew she was home so I came in the back door and saw her with another dude. I didn't recognize him, but he looked my age, maybe older, and I lost my mind and beat the life outta him.

So, then, we had some weird competitive threesome because she manipulated us. Then, for the next few months, I had the pleasure of sitting in her class. She wasn't there next year. I didn't ask. Until I found out how easily teachers are moved around, I assumed she got fired or arrested."

"She Was Never Looked At The Same"

"When I was a senior in high school, it suddenly came out that our band teacher was having an affair with one of his students. Everyone knew exactly who it was. They were getting physical in the band room at school, in closets, on the theater stage. My mom works for the police department and I found out that she had to swab the piano because they banged on it, also.

Anyway, they were caught because she had left her cellphone in the lunchroom and another student found it. Her screensaver on her phone was a photo of our band teacher and she had several texts from that man on her phone. The student turned it into the office and they were quickly caught. Said teacher was married and, through talking about it with my mom, we found out that the wife was completely aware of the relationship as well, and may have been involved.

The point is, I felt so horrible for the student. She was madly in love with him and he just seemed as though he used her. Even after the whole school found out, her parents made her go to school the next day. She was never looked at the same. Not to mention that people LOVED that band teacher, so she was blamed for 'ruining his life' and had several death threats. I remember she even had to fight a couple people. It was super intense. As of right now, I think he's in prison and she's living her life. I seriously commend her on how brave she was."

"I Think Y'all Like It With Me"

"I was a sophomore in high school when this started. I was 15, turning 16 in the few weeks. She was my English teacher. For the first half of the year, it was business as usual. Going to class, yada yada yada. Fast forward to knowing each other for a few months and having a pretty good friendship.

One day, she sent me an instant message on AIM. Before I continue, I actually had no idea how she got my screen name. To this day, I still don't know. Anyway, it was casual talking for a few minutes. Then, she told me she had a date with my baseball coach. My only response was, 'Use protection!' She gave me a winky face emoji.

The next night, she IM'd me again, telling me about her date, complaining that my baseball coach was a tool. Then she asked me if I thought she was hot. 'Of course,' I told her yes. She was the type of woman whom I loved to look at - she was super curvy everywhere. So of course, I told her yes. She asked what was hot about her. I told her how much I liked her butt. Her next question was, 'How big r u?' I thought the most clever response I could give was, 'You'll have to find out for yourself ;).' She asked if I had ever 'done it.' I told her no, and she responded, 'I think you'll like it with me.'

Fast forward past the daily conversations, the passing notes in class, and the dirty texts. We met up twice in her car. The first time, we just made out and I got to touch her chest. A few weeks later, we decided to go farther and she picked me up after her Saturday tutoring and we drove to her place to do the deed. Now, keep in mind, at this point I was still totally inexperienced. She eased me into it, gave me a drink to relax and whatnot.

Our relationship lasted a few months consistently. I want to say from March of sophomore year to September of junior year. And then I made the worst mistake ever. I got a girlfriend and stupid me preferred the inexperienced girl to the experienced gorgeous woman who wanted nothing more than bang my brains out.

My girlfriend would break up with me frequently and, when we did, my teacher was there to make me feel better. Whether it was fooling around in her office or driving to her place or a motel after school, it was great. Sometimes, she would send me pictures when she knew I was away from my then girlfriend. My then-girlfriend did find out about the relationship because she happened to see a text from said teacher and put two and two together, but she never told.

A few years later, my teacher did eventually end up getting caught with another student. It was all over the news and stuff. I think she avoided jail time, but I'm not sure. I tried searching for her on the offender's registry, but no luck."

"Midway Through The Film, He Put His Hand On My Thigh"

"In high school, we had an Italian teacher who was honestly stunning. He was from Italy, had married an American woman, and moved to the US. He also had that cool, distinguished Italian man thing down flat. None of us girls could get over it and we all had massive crushes on him.

I did well in school and was a very quiet, studious type. I spoke fluent Spanish, so learning Italian in a school setting was easy for me and I would often times finish my work in a few minutes and be bored. He started giving me books to read and then we'd discuss them together. We ended up spending lunches together more often than not because none of my small friend group had the same lunch and I'd rather spend time with this gorgeous guy who seemed to get me rather than eating alone.

Our city had one indie theater that was showing an Italian language film he knew I'd love, and insisted I needed to see it. My parents refused to let me learn how to drive, so I said I have no way to go and he just gave the basic, 'Don't worry, you can come along with me.'

We went on a Friday. Midway through the film, he put his hand on my thigh and then started creeping up my skirt. I ended up saying I couldn't do it because he was married, and he told me they were mid-divorce.

We ended up fooling around in the theater, and then we ended up back at his place that night. I called up my parents and told them I was going to spend the weekend with a friend, and they didn't care to ask questions. I spent the weekend with him. It continued for the two months we had left of the year. I'm still shocked we never got caught, but I was a good kid and not clingy or weird about it since I knew it was mostly just about the physical relationship. We continued seeing each other through the summer, a few times during my winter break my first year of college, and then again at spring break. The next summer, he went back to Italy to take care of his mother and decided to stay there, and I haven't talked to him since."

"Talking Led To Us Making Out In His Car"

"First off, I'm from a really small town. PLUS, I went to a private school in said small town. Like, my graduating class had 28 people in it, small.

So, a week or so before my first day of senior year, I was at the local grocery store grabbing a few things my mom told me to get. I was in the canned beans aisle and made eye contact with this really hot guy, but it was weird because it's a small town and I knew everyone my age. I said hello and commented on how I'd never seen him around before. He was really shy and said that his family just moved there. We talked for a bit and talking led to us making out in his car and him feeling me up. Well, I gave him my number and told him to text me sometime.

When I got home, I asked my stepsister (same grade as me) if we had any new kids in our grade this year. She said she didn't think so, but she knew there was a new kid in the 10th grade. I thought that must be him. He texted me the next day, just saying that he was the guy from the store the day before and asked how things were going. He asked if we could meet up the next day and I said, 'Sure, let's meet up tomorrow night in the park.' We met up in the park and ended up fooling around again.

We texted constantly the next few days. Then, right before I went to bed the night before school started, I texted him, 'Ready for school tomorrow?' He didn't reply, but it was kind of late so I just assumed he was already asleep. The next day, I was searching for him down the hall and in my electives. I asked my stepbrother (a ninth grader at the time) between classes if he'd met the new guy. He said, 'Not yet.'

Then, it was break time, where all of the high school gathered into a large room for 15 minutes to just talk and hang out. I thought this was definitely the time I'd see him. Sure enough, I did. He was standing with all of the teachers. Panicked, I texted him, 'Seriously???' then stared him down. A few seconds after I sent him the text, he checked his phone. I texted him again, 'You're a teacher?' He checked his phone again. 'Meet me in the history classroom,' he replied.

We met up in the history classroom, his new classroom, and I was angry, demanding to know why he never told me he was a teacher. He was angry, too, and demanded to know why I never told him I was a student. He told me he just graduated from the university in the city and there weren't a lot of openings for history teachers, so this was the only job he could get. If someone were to find out what happened between us, his career would be shattered before it even began. I felt bad for him and assured him I wouldn't tell on him, so long as he promised to delete my number and never contact me again. Then, we went our separate ways.

It was awkward every time I saw him, but I kept my word and didn't turn him in. He was a good guy, so I didn't want anything bad to happen to him. As far as I know, he still works there and hasn't had any scandalous relationships with students."

"My Friends Were Telling Me To Move On Her When I Got The Chance"

"I'm 24 now, but when I was 16 in 10th grade, my history teacher and I had a short 'affair.' She was pretty, constantly flirted with me, and a lot of my friends told me that she was hitting on me.

I'm from California originally, but I was in a very traditional part of Alabama during that year because of family problems. Latinos like myself were pretty rare around there. I got a lot of bull from other kids and in a lot of fights because I was in mixed-race relationships with girls and just for no reason because there were a lot of racists there.

At first, she was really rude to me for no reason and treated me like I was slow at first and said a lot of racist things trying to make me feel bad (e.g. when talking about immigration, 'Why do those things have to come here and ruin our country?') but I just ignored it since I was getting that from a lot of classmates and even adults in that city.

When she found out that I was very 'Americanized,' she started flirting by touching me too often when I needed help (which made me uncomfortable), getting me water bottles from her fridge for no reason, and laughing a lot at little jokes I made. She said she didn't see 'a lot of Mexicans around.' She was surprised I was bilingual in English and German (I taught myself German) and thought that I wasn't 'typical' because I was a conservative even though I came from the West Coast and because I was 'tall' (5'10") and 'took care of myself.'

Fast forward to the second semester. She asked me to help her during lunch to mark damaged books for the library since they were replacing them. I made the first move because my friends were telling me to move on her when I got the chance, since it was super obvious she was hitting on me. It happened that day and we went on and off during the rest of the year. We would do it in the classroom or in a storage room she had a key to that had a couch. The first time was decent and it got a lot better over time. It was about a three times a week thing, with the code phrase being, 'Want to help me mark books during lunch?' since she was my last period before lunch.

She moved schools for the next year and nobody but close friends at the time knew about it. I don't regret it, but it's disappointing that I was used because of what I'm pretty sure was her interest in my ethnicity because she brought it up all the time for no reason and even during the act sometimes. I think she may have just been trying to fit in by being racist because she was a very sweet and pretty person and thought she had to play that part or possibly have liked the taboo part of a older-young relationship or a mixed relationship. The relationship made me feel uncomfortable, but the hormones kicked in and what happened happened. I never told my parents because they were extremely religious and I was always a little worried that someone would find out.

I learned a lot about life with her. When she left on the last day of school, we said goodbye like nothing ever happened. I figured it was because she was trying to make the relationship neutral again since she knew she was leaving the school, but I always wondered if she was worried she'd get caught and why she took such a huge risk."

"I Knew What I Wanted, So Did She"

"Senior year of high school, we had a substitute teacher for one class, as the regular teacher had a serious health issue. When she started, as often happens, she was treated with a great deal of disrespect and did a pretty good job of getting past it and trying to do her best. She was also a 9.5/10 and 25 years old, so I had a great deal of respect for her ability to teach under those circumstances.

Early on, I approached her and apologized for the class being so terrible and offered any help that she might need in terms of controlling the class as well as the work (it was my favorite subject at the time). She appreciated my effort and kindness and we hit it off very well due to our mutual interest in the academic subject as well as my unusual maturity at that time.

Over the next month or so, we started seeing each other more and more around school and the mutual attraction was very clear to both of us. We found time to be together at school more and more during our free time and even took it a step further by spending time together outside of school hours as well as off campus. We'd play frisbee, walk around parks, see movies, and, one day, it happened. My parents actually knew about it, but never told me to stop, for which I had great respect for them. Plus, I had a good relationship with them and they knew I was a mature and responsible person.

I knew what I was doing and what I wanted. So did she. We spent most of my senior year practically inseparable and, while people in school were talking about us, we tried our best to not make it too obvious, though all my friends knew we were hooking up. The school never tried to intervene - due to willful ignorance, I do not know, but nevertheless, it was a spectacular year for me and I always did well academically, so there was no reason for anyone to call me out. Plus, she was absolutely gorgeous, so I didn't want to ruin a good thing. We both understood that she could get in trouble, but we figured that as long as we didn't make it too obvious, it would be OK.

It ended up playing itself out by the end of the year as I was going off to college and kind of knew that while I was, in fact, mature for my age, the next four years were going to be very different and the relationship likely could not continue. The summer was kind of sad, but I knew that we needed to end it. She understood too, though we were both sad about it, and when I went off to college, we kept in touch for a while still, but we both moved on.

I never felt taken advantage of and was more than happy to have that relationship. Nothing bad happened and I reflect back on those days with happiness. I kind of wish we'd stayed in touch longer as I'm curious to know what she's up to now and how she is doing, but I'm not going to try. But as she was 25 and I was 17, I really appreciated her maturity relative to high school women who seemed like kids to me at the time, and she was very different, and it was great. I think it was good for me that it happened and I'm happy she never got in trouble for it as she was a good person and wasn't trying to take advantage of me. I honestly believe that."

"Without Me, She Kind Of Went Crazy..."

"I started sleeping with my professor of the same gender. It turned into an actual relationship, but we didn't want to label it as one because we thought nothing could ever come of it because she was my superior.

Anyway, she was a lesbian and in her mid 30s and decided to get pregnant via a donor. When she told me about her decision, she decided it would probably be best that we ended our 'relationship' once she was pregnant. Well, she got pregnant and we ended it, but she became really depressed without me so she kind of went crazy.

I took her to therapy and tried my best to ensure she was in the right state of mind to carry a child, but it was just too much. She showed up to my apartment a few times in the middle of the night and once she assaulted me. That's when I lost my mind. I filed a TPO against her and never heard from her again.

I've moved on. A few months after it all happened, she was still teaching at my university and I saw her in passing. She was visibly pregnant and I assume she delivered her baby. She's left me alone for a while now."

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